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Guild Bases?

miciocicciomiciociccio Posts: 642 Arc User
Is the bases system broken aswell?

Past week in Illy 2 guilds lost their bases, from 38 bases we gone to 36, still this week no bases was available for bidding, that's strange to say the least .


Best Answers

  • gio#4911 gio Posts: 789 Arc User
    edited August 2016 Accepted Answer
    According to what i know, at least a guild without base needs to have 2k zeal to unlock a free base, after unlocking it, even a guild without the zeal requirement can bid for it as long there is enough reserve to bid for it.

    (there is none on illyfue atm, so no free bases)
  • miciocicciomiciociccio Posts: 642 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    Oh, i see, well no way am gonna unlock a stupid base to get outbidded by some ancient and forgotten alt guild with 1 char on it (got to 3,5k zeal on my own in the past but no way am gonna do again ).

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