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63 star crystals gone.... (Venting is all)

This is down right annoying. I say this for a good reason and here it is. I understand that gears fail when trying to fority. I get that.....but what i just experienced was down right infuriating. I have a lvl 85 waist I needed a 3rd slot open on. 8 stars in bag, bought 27 more with soul leaves. first 2 forts good (I used 6 stars on one and 8 on other) now here's what got to me. I had enough WoG points to get me 8 more THEN i spent $10 on leaves to get the 20pk...... ALL TRY'S ON 3RD forge FAILED. That's 63 STAR CRYSTALS GONE with no slot. This is the reason I hate putting money into a game. Because it's worthless if it pisses you off like this.


  • senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    edited June 2016
    Atm you should buy Anniversary Orb.

    That being said, since I hate gambling, I just buy Orbs, sell to gamblers, buy directly the items I need.

    Only advice I give you is to know better the game before spending on it.
  • wuergmasterwuergmaster Posts: 159 Arc User
    Getting Stars for Soul leaves ? Not for Money ;)

    Btw. if you now feel p.....d what u thought when it came to +12 ? 4% Chance with stars then. My weapon costs me ~1k stars XD to be +12.
  • divineaurorasdivineauroras Posts: 138 Arc User
    The struggle is real.
    DivineSpirits (Fire/Ice Mage), DivineAuror (Divine Priest), SirFanion (Elemental Warrior); Allied with Rhondelyn and DarqueShadow
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