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85 eb or 95 champ?

bboymigobboymigo Posts: 100 Arc User
Always wondered what would be better for lv 82 mastery and 48cc. 2 more cc from 85 eb puts me at 50cc unbuffed but lowers my atk by i think 500-700 but also adds almost 30 cdmg. On the other hand the 95 champ wep gives me way more atk, again around 500-700 putting me at around 13751 atk (i know its low, im workin on it)..so with champ im at 48cc and 510 cdmg. Any thoughts? Im venom dual talented as full edge as well. Thx


  • bakkerlaccerbakkerlaccer Posts: 20 Arc User
    A little bit maths :)

    attack c.dam possible damage
    13751 510% 70130
    13000 540% 70200

    If IDs are better in EB weapon put it on, anyway you not gain much.
    (this is one opinion)
    Hangucsa <- Honfoglalok <- Illyfue
  • bboymigobboymigo Posts: 100 Arc User
    Yeah thx i tinkered with the numbers a bit too dmg calc n all that and atk is at 14.3k now but yeah stiilll working on getting attack up there lol
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