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    this game has brought me thru alot..it has given me a place to come be with friends and find REAL support from some....i lost my 14 year old daughter Alice to suicide, due to bullying on 4/10/14 and i truely am greatful for the many friends i had on this game that encourged me to keep playing and get my mind off all the horrible crapp that was happening in the REAL world...thank you to all of storm for your support and fun throughout the years...

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I truly know that pain all too well as Ive lost several people closest to me due to suicide. It's one of the reasons why I support Out of the Darkness. For those of you curious www.theovernight.org , I'm very glad you were able to find solace and relief here. With the way everything in irl has been going sometimes a fantastical place makes us feel anything if at the very least, safe.Thank you for sharing that with us.

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    Hi there.

    I started playing this game for the very very first time when my best friend told me "Sofia I've found an online game where you can play with a vampire"! - Since I love vampires wasn't hard to convince me to start playing- my first toon was (and still exist)a vampire mage. Started playing having no idea how as it was my first online game, and Freedom Harbor was so cool, all the views, the quest, I used to love this vampire walking in the wereabouts of Freedom Harbor right outside the stairs and the gate, that I always would try to attack him and run away since he would kill me =P

    Stopped playing for a while, and then I did my first "real toon" and played and played a lot. Still in Freedom Harbor. There I joined a guild named Darling, and there I met the love of my life. We started just talking, then in Skype, then everyday we would talk and see each other, laugh, talk about music, about our lifes, and this was on December 2013, then in January (close by my Bday) he came visit me in barcelona, where I come from, and well, was the most sweet, awesome week I've ever had. I cried when he left by the airport, and we holded our hands in the taxi, not wanting to let go.

    He lives in the Netherlands so afterwards I spent some time there with him, then again visit in Barcelona... familly meeting and friends, and we are together since then now. We both are living here in the Netherlands.

    I belong with him, he is my love, my sweetheart and my home. And I keep many memories about me and him playing together everyday before we got to meet each other in real life. How he used to embrace me hehehe, and walk me through the city square, to secret places, to duel with each other, we called our respective pets by our real life names, he used to help me a lot since he started playing before me, I have never enjoyed playing with someone more like I did with him. So smooth, so comfortable.

    Now he uses a tormentor, but he used to play a vampire as well, and still keeoing it.

    We never did marry in the game but we intend to do so, with the original toons we met each other with and with the new ones.

    Iam so glad that my best friend encouraged me to taste and try this game back then.

    Without it I wouldn't have met mi amor. ^^

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    My best day in Forsaken World: TODAY, when I uninstalled the game after being killed over and over in FF!
    Goodluck everyone :smiley:
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    skypea88 said:

    My best day in Forsaken World: TODAY, when I uninstalled the game after being killed over and over in FF!
    Goodluck everyone :smiley:

    LOL, then dont go FF, this game has many other things to do...
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  • skypea88
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    sedativex said:

    skypea88 said:

    My best day in Forsaken World: TODAY, when I uninstalled the game after being killed over and over in FF!
    Goodluck everyone :smiley:

    LOL, then dont go FF, this game has many other things to do...
    LOL, if you wanna improve your character you have to do FF for the accessories...
    And more LOL at those that stand in red base spawn killing people and making this game even worst than it is!
    Well, whatever, now I dont care anymore.. YAY!
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    skypea88 said:

    sedativex said:

    skypea88 said:

    My best day in Forsaken World: TODAY, when I uninstalled the game after being killed over and over in FF!
    Goodluck everyone :smiley:

    LOL, then dont go FF, this game has many other things to do...
    LOL, if you wanna improve your character you have to do FF for the accessories...
    And more LOL at those that stand in red base spawn killing people and making this game even worst than it is!
    Well, whatever, now I dont care anymore.. YAY!
    People leaving everyday with that same problems with FF, too much afk, too much cs op that are so fat to leave enemy spawn that cant move from there to get their awesome top kill 0 deaths.

    skypea88 i hope u find something better, u deserve better than this p2w garbage, game shouldnt be a frustration but lot of people are getting frustrated, game not rewarding enoughfor ur efforts, too much bugs, and community getting even more rotten everyday, autoclickers, spawn abusers, the list goes long. I just decided to pretend cross server doesnt exist in this game.

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    Also got frustrated on 2014 about the PVP of this game, you know what I did? I farmed and built my toon right, now I do the killing, now I'm the one having fun :)

    Getting frustrated is part of the game, just keep on building your toon, you'll get there.
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    No, no and no again.

    Getting frustrated is NOT part of the game.

    What you're doing is pretty simple: got frustrated a lot in the past, now you are having your revenge. Which, in all honestly, is not good at all. Is all wrong.

    And looking how many ppl left alr, or QQ, I am not alone, so I am pretty sure of what I say.


    If you enjoy spawn killing, stealth ambushing, pulling or epic range dmging, well you must not be proud of it.


    But you seem more a troll with your comment.

    ----- ----- -----

    At this point I have no idea if it's game's fault, players' fault, or both; imba between cs and no cs from game + the nice ppl got tired of that and left, maybe is the deadly mix.

    And I know the poster, he's not a fast backed char, or at least not a naked alt: are you really implying he has to hardcore farm (now that's hard as hell btw not as in 2014, you know?!!) for TWO years to just put his accumulated frustration into a random alt's 1shot?

    Here again, your gaming idea is wrong.


    Here again, you just say the opposite FRUSTRATION --> nerdfarm --> throw MY frustration to someone else who leaves.

    I do not find it funny, just... childish.
  • thenamesdomino
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    Impromptu dance parties will always have a warm place in my heart
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    I don't see the point at coming to talk sht about the game here, if you dont like it just move on, don't flood the forums with your negativity, it's in some part what is affecting the game, all this emoness and exageration.
    Some people are never happy whatever happens and can't see others being happy.
    If you are not happy with your life, don't come to unleash your angry here, go take a walk.
    If you have a constructive critic do it on another post.
    Please?. Thank you.
  • thenamesdomino
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    These are all valid concerns.And we do take these into consideration and are trying to come up with solutions to relieve the pressure.

    As you saw with the poll a while back, though it did not result in the making of certain realms PvP, it did give more people cause to stop and think.

    And believe it or not, we're working really hard to make things better. that ball just takes some time to get rolling.

    But here's a glimmer of hope. I saw a list of fixes the other day.
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    My Journey Began here in Forsaken World when it first was released as a Blood Vamp. I however have retired that character (RIP) and created my wonderful and favorite toon I play today :D


    I was not alone when I started, my brother was there at the beginning with me. In time I had made many friends... some who were to become the dearest to my heart and much more than just friends. Unfortunately as time past and things in life happened... one by one my family, my loved ones began to disappear. Until I am the only one left :( Over the years I made new friends. Over the years made many many memories :) Here are a few That I Love:

    MY dearest love and closest friend:

    Besties :3 :

    More Besties :D :

    Guildies :3

    Some Personal Favorites ^^

    Getting my lv 3 wings :o

    Some of the prizes I won recently:

    I can honestly say that I will continue to play this game until it ceases to exist. I have had so much fun over the years, made many friends. Enjoy time in 12s, 6s, Rift, Cruci :D And yes I dont mind even a little grinding, though those of you who really know me know my views on farming xD I look forward to many more memories.
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    Does anyone rememebr when you have to do 500 vines on ASHM to get 1 of the champ pieces? XD #scar4life lol
  • thenamesdomino
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    *shudders* vine killing was a headache
  • conterkiller
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    Booo!! Well I dont have my Desktop with me so i cant post any old screenshots or anything..
    but one of the funniest memories from old time was the first time the Zodiac bosses were ever spawned (back then they were lv60 zodiacs) when everyone was lv50ish..

    Nobody could actually kill them, so we were just dragging them all over SoO from their spawn zone all the way to the middle of Towerpush Town..

    They spawned this ONE time and never again for a loong time until they were made auto spawn, because we never again managed to complete the event for it with enough people.. :(
    But this ONE time.. there was sooo many people, it was pretty fun!!

    It's been such a long timee playing FW.. So many Anniversaries.. so many Christmas.. So many Halloweens.. Many friends.. many foes.. never really though i'd be playing for so long.. lmao!! good times!!

  • kingwolflove
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    cant wait for the 5th event to come I enjoy playing Forsaken world best game I play
  • leigh70
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    I've really love playing this game, met so many wonderful people in the past 5 years, especially my husband. What I really hate and even think to get a divorce at times is those stupid quest that come up daily when I got to xserver and back. I hate those married quests I have to take everytime, even makes me think of divorcing so I don't have to mess with it anymore. I really wish that would be fixed soon. :(
  • maddog2341
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    I miss the old days in FW, the servers were busy back then, so many old friends gone, even if I still can get in contact with most of them, I miss playing on Eyrda with them. Been playing since 2011. Farming Forgotten prison for fusion gems the other day reminded me of a time doing Forgotten Prison with a full party that couldn't make it through the instance.... we wound up trolling world chat while still sitting in there just because we could. That was probably close to 3 years ago,when world chat was much more entertaining and active. I am to the point I miss stepping out of northgate and getting one shot, or trying to level a new alt and not realizing I was on r2 and running into the pvp (before the guards) outside towerpush. Even though I would get frustrated the game was still fun, now I have trouble motivating myself to play somedays, still like the game, just miss the old times and friends.
  • trovaotropical
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    I made great friends in those years playing Forsaken World. People who end up being part of our everyday lives, sharing joys, sorrows, dreams. Thank FW for those years.
    Happy Birthday !!!
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    I joined the game when open beta launched... 5 years of memories, good ones, bad ones, all in one basket making a unique patchwork. I laughed and i cried, i got loved and got hated, i loved in return (tho i dont hate anyone). I wont lie, i took some short brakes when things got tough, just to realise that FW is the game i can't compare with any other. So i always come back, having fun, relaxing, spending my free time somewhere it really feels like home. I miss the friends that are no longer around and always get a smile on my face when i see online the ones that are still here.

    I'll never forget making my first char, a blood vamp. Totaly clueless about the game, running around trying to do some quests. Leveling up was such a hard work back on these days! So i joined for the very first time a party from wc going to Fort Kohaway! They took me for healer! no priest, team seperated at 2, was running here and there trying to heal and was getting told for not killing too! i felt desperate! oh boy i still get stressed when i think about it!

    One of my happiest moments was my second wedding (first one was just a fiasco so i dont even count it). It was when Nightmare island got live for the very first time and gave us a wonderful chance of getting some nice screenshots with wich i made i video. Still get tears on my eyes when i watch it. I really miss him...

    Just as i miss freedom harbor! i really hope we get it back one day!

    But game goes on! keep up the good work dom, keep the game alive, fun and running! RL dont let be be as active atm as i wish i was but i am here, on my little virtual Sanctuary!
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  • evrenkirkil
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    <3<3<3 Happy 5th anniversary everyone <3<3<3
  • sboli
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    Well I do miss the "old" Forsaken World, when you visited henry in Freedom Harbor and went to the sea of oblivion to pick mines and flowers, when you went to sleeping jungle and killed them witches, I hated those btw xD.
    The old GT and GT2. The way the flowers/herbs was sorted out in the different maps. And oh, All the maps that are now locked. I miss them so much. I don't like the way FW is now honestly. It's hard to find maps for like flowers and things, and yea such. The game feels so small now days. And it's boring to create new toons. cause before every race had its own starting up place. If it wasn't for friends I woudn't be playing this anyomre, I still keep my hope up that everything will turn back to "normal" but yea. It's a really really good game, haven't found one that can beat it
  • joelley
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    Many years in this game, many memories.

    Pic from the first time Xmas fash was implemented :smiley:

    Feeling wistful while I look at screens from times gone by.

    People shown here who have moved on to other things, but I remember them with a smile.

  • deathnightblade
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    This game is just awesome. Although for my Female Vampire, I accidentally picked Virtue instead of Vice, but I almost died laughing when I got my lvl 80 title "Team Edward " so It was a happy coincidence that Virtue fit. Unless "Sparkly Emo " becomes a God path...
  • zyrrah42
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    I've played FW since beta, have chars on multiple servers, and have played a bit of every class to learn the game. The graphics and auto-route were things that initially drew me and my sisters to the game. Meeting and getting to know people from around the world kept my interest. And even though I've taken occaisional breaks from FW, I keep coming back.

    Remember when almost all the mobs were self-agro? back around Freedom Harbor with your baby, figuring a strategy that wouldn't draw all of those ratkin on you with your first aoe? It was slow to progress and level. Dying occurred regularly and you wanted a good healer with you whenever you attempted ANY instance. Now ofc many of us enter and solo with alts what used to be "hard" little instances.

    Progress in armor was getting a full set of Nergal's and fort transferring it to ToK gear and you were set for life! There were no fusion stones, no vengeance areas to get your rings. FF jewelry was the ultimate! Those crafters who produced our jewelry and off-hands were valued and supported. Getting your first set of wings was hard work! Everyone farmed for the jewels, either to sell or store up for your own lvl 3 gem.
    Every Thurs and Sat parties que'd up for NC - needed those tokens to get your next skill! No problem getting parties for Wota; you needed it to get your shelter anima and rank up. Hell Road scared me back then.....

    Life was simpler before all the changes, but we formed strong friendships with our guildmates and got things done!

    In many ways, those were the "good old days" .....
  • splatts
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    I have made some good friends here, have faithfully played this game almost everyday (barring a few away vacations lol) for the past five years. I remember when... it's a shame the new players really don't appreciate this game because the work I put into my toons is what has made me so attached to them and partially why I continue to play even after so many have left. Thanks for all the good times, FW.
  • xaylajada
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    I was out side this game long time... but I like places and what we make here... but I not know play... then I back after long long time ... and jump my personage ... I like how things happen in Forsaken World
  • kiziraxirena
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    I haven't played for nearly as long as everyone else, at most maybe two years off and on. I've enjoyed it for the most part even found a Guild I was happy in, and liked the people within it, met one of my best friends here as well! When I first started playing it was with a group of people, but they left too, and it appears the only friends I had in game left as well. But yes its amazing and probably my best memory and favorite memory was the first day I joined a guild and had a few helpful players help me in my noob-tastic days and loved Freedom Harbor, I like the events and all, but I liked and miss how it was before. Ohhh and I really enjoy playing Nightmare Carnival even though now you don't get trade gold for it anymore, which sucks. But Yea Fun Game, impressed it has been around for 5 years. Which I could have been here in the beginning! :3<3 Happy 5th Anniversary <3

  • luci19816
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    I've been playing since July 2011 and the game got my attention from the start and has really kept it. Having problems with ADHD and depression or other medical problems doesn't make gaming easy, but this one has kept my attention. When I first started out, it was simple to learn and have fun with other players. I have made many friends, some have come and gone among the years. But best of all I have met someone that has become very special to me over the last year. She has changed the way I feel about myself and made me a very happy person. She comes online just to be with me almost everyday she has a chance. When you have made friends like I have here, that will be there for you in the bad or good times and not only there to help you learn something in the game it makes it really special. The only thing that has hurt me in the game was the level 100 patch seemed to make the difficulty jump really high for the healer class.