5th Anniversary Event! Share your fondest memories!

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Hey Everyone!

Thank you so very much for sticking with us for all these years! Now that the celebration is in full swing, we'd like to give everyone the opportunity to share some of their memories... Their thoughts, and just talk to us!

Frankly, if you ask me I am so very eXcited that you guys are here. You guYs make this job all the worth while... I'll shut up now so you guys may have the floor. :)

As a bonus, 10 lucky winners who participate in this forum event will win 30 Luna Spirit Orbs!

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of rewards.

Somewhere in this post are the next two parts in the scavenger hunt code.


  • shadowmist85
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    The Game is awesome i love the game,i had alot fun and stil haveing fun,but the sad part of my memory is that there are not enough with GM's that online in the game,and that they let people get away with bully others and curse at people,and wrong people get permanet banned or chat banned becuse of just GM see what GM want to see and dont care for the 2side story,even when u give proof,any how i meet alot haters and lovers and friends.but wish fw took back the freedom harbour wich everyone love and miss alot,becuse that where all the lovers friend haters meet for the first time.
    this is
    NemytAkaia from Lionheart server Lv100
  • thenamesdomino
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    We know that these things happen at times. There will be fights because after all we are a large and diverse group of people! It's my aim at least to make sure that everyone is having a safe and good time I wish there were more of me to go around, but I have to make do with the me that I have. Excellent comment my friend.

    Golly you guys, I cant wait until we deploy the anniversary packs... and other surprises... THEY'RE COMING!!!
  • isfolket80
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    i always gonna be thankful for this game rest of my life <3 its where i found love of my life we met in april 2012 the day i met him my life changed forever after 3 months we became a real couple now we are engaged and gonna get married <3

    and thank you all in Fairytail all the fun we had and have :):p

    <3 Happy 5th anniversary everyone <3

    P.S and thank you Domino that is so social with us
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  • mako#5718
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    i love the game even more sometimes it sets back sometimes it picks up but fw provides me with what i need most, relaxation after work, forgettin all the stress with some gaming ... thanks fw team
  • thenamesdomino
    thenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
    Anytime! Wedo our best to keep everyone engaged and for better or worse, YOU GUYS AINT GETTIN RID OF ME THAT EASY! <3
  • maku1
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    my best memories are from the beginning of game, when there was always something new to learn and many things were challenging, leveling was fun and much harder, and i liked it that way, even tho iv been playing on and off since the release of game, i still enjoy it to this day
  • tedd507
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    Y derrepente comentario salvaje en espanol aparece. Love the game been playing FW for like 4 years and i only have to say 1 thing, no more roll back :trollface: lots of friends quit after it.
  • thenamesdomino
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    Nope! No roll backs! No thank you! #NovaPack
  • maku1
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    Nope! No roll backs! No thank you! #NovaPack

    yeah dom give us nova code back xP
  • djkorn
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    Ill share a few different things here:

    - The days of TOK and GOS actually being hard. And by hard i mean people rage quitting parties, liberal uses of the F word and literally begging people to run GOS. OH, and having to do said GOS to break the soul gate :)

    - Getting happy to buy level 3 gems at less than 1D when you spent 2-3 days farming mats to earn the 1D to have that shiny new gem in your gear.

    - GT1 and the massive amounts of mentor points you could get from it. There was never a shortage of players to run mentored.

    - Farming FF once a week for the 100 Wargod points to get the 75 gear to have a standing chance in FF.

    - the Nova Pack and the forum wildfire that ensued from players that were furious. One would have thought the world itself was burning down.
  • becko#9615
    becko#9615 Posts: 1 Arc User
    My best experience way back Freedom harbor was around. I use to have a love partner that time and we are like dating in forsaken world. There was a nice spot at Lunagrant that we use to fish and picnic. Mentors and Apprentice was also fun cause we make new friends. Also before the instance thing that needs cooperation of high level players which gives them benefit it was really a good thing cause lowbie was recognize hope that will be back..

    Too be continue...
  • dennenappel
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    Hey everyone!

    I love to watch old screenies, I kept all of them since 2011 and took this opportunity to look through them again. Here a few highlights of what I loved most in this game.

    One of my first times in Arena of Souls. It was still really difficult and we didn't manage to finish it. But I loved to go explore instances together with my guild, it was just a lot of fun. Fashion is also a major highlight for me, here I already got my first fashion dress! This was in July 2011.

    On the city square in Freedom Harbor were always people around. People were just chatting or duelling, it was a great place to get together! This was in September 2012.

    And also on the square, random party's regularly! For the most part the people on Forsaken World (Nyos server) were a fun community. I do miss this crowded square and random get-together's. This was in July 2013.

    And dang it's already July 2016 now! Time flies by so fast. Unfortunately the game got a lot less crowded, on the Nyos server at least. But I do have a loooot of great memories (and friends) from this game. Thanks for that!


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  • tinasloba
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    In my six years with having forsaken the year I was in Chinese. The experience was pleasant. Adelant from 2010, had friends and enemies like everyone else. Having your own guild even a small but faithful to their mission to progress. Make high-risk instances as they were expanding and addressing unique experiences with my friends that I consider almost like my familia.Estando in eryda server already had the first experience of marriage that lasted two years from 2011, after the birth there lionheart in 2012 the pass was hard but satisfying as it would pass a pvE server and would be more relaxed. Turned out to be quite the opposite. The ongoing battle and every day making gold to arm themselves in the case of not being kosher. We helped each other all to progress and become stronger every day. Now being in 2016 almost the goal of all who grew up together and new friends I met progressing on par beside me complete. The kindness of the beyond gms of events that try to make this all right and online. And always naughty they are repeated every year. Because now I find myself married to my real life partner in the game and yet we continue to share experience every day Well I finally earned the 6 years 1 and 5 Chinese international forsaken happened to be a fundamental part of my life

  • galadhwen23
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    Been playing this game since january 2012, made so many memories its kinda hard to name them all. Met so many nice people who made this gaming experience a bit less boring, but if I had to choose one of those moments to keep with me, I think it would be the day I joined my current guild. Been in there for over 3 years now and even though we had some ups and downs, I wouldnt change or swap it for any other.
    Its the only place I can call home whenever I'm playing FW, the people in there are amazing, people I can even talk to in real life, and we all helped each other somehow.
    I just wanna thank you all, Sky, for the amazing memories we all made in all these years. For many more (hopefully) to come.

    Some pictures from our last day in FH; some people are no longer with us, but we still had so much fun back then. You're all amazing ~

  • phoebe0212
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    Well, I am playing Forsaken World since 2012 and I really love the gameplay and the effects of skills and the pets and the mounts and the fashion and being able to meet new ppl that love the game as much as I do. I have a few memorable moments on FW and I wish all of the FW players and community a HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY. And may this continue like this for many years to come
  • castor#1328
    castor#1328 Posts: 3 Arc User
    remember the days everyone thought crit def was **** going back 4 years ago now its like the number one thing to stack if ur a pvp healer
  • chibiwolf6
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    I havnt been in game since the beginning, but I feel like I've made alot of memories with lots of fun people ^.^

    I remember getting my first guild invite, while running around Sea of Oblivion trying to figure things out. I was so excited and so many guildies were willing to help me out. And though some of us have parted ways or left game, I still miss and remember those times with a smile.

    Our noobie mm's chillen together in Nightmare Carnival

    I love looking back at old screenshots, and remembering how tiny and nab my toons used to be, how far they've come, and who helped me along the way.

    My very first rift. I thought the crowd around the manager was huge! I was like "lmao whats going on?" Now I rift every week xD I still appreciate Haven for showing me the ropes

    This one might be my favorite, though maybe a little bittersweet. Everyone gathered to say goodbye to Freedom Harbor and dance and chill. Its funny looking back on this one, seeing all the people and friends who've left and all the friends I now have that used to be strangers. I think my favorite thing about the game may be the people and players more so than the game itself!

  • silentblowz
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    Good Addictive game :)
  • rendiel
    rendiel Posts: 56 Arc User
    wow the time fly 3 year for here , i love game , i*m playing 2013-2014, with mi sister and friends mode op chiken jeje

    bye fh last day fh

  • elisha2
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    I start playing 3/2011. Try - a mistake, because I never learn English. It was difficult for me. When I start playing, know a single word, "hi". Not knowing well even now, but people tolerate me. For such a long time I have a lot of friends here. They not solve it. Who wants to understand. It was a long and hard journey. Every update I have to learn everything, because it is more difficult for someone like me. But I'm still here. My goal was to create awesome healer. I'm online every day and I still have a lot of work. There is still a lot of things I want to improve. Meet good people here, someone to disappoint me, someone to surprise. Cassandra teach me, I can never forget .... if you make me angry, you surely die .... hehe: D Do not forget to BenUng my husband in game, to leave the game and disappoint me. I always appreciate Gini, Gio, Vepigi, CVC, EvilSheep, Woezi, Tyall, vamesul who help me a lot. The game and the people here to help me survive the hard times. When die my parents. I love you all ♥

    my crazy pet :dizzy: (long time ago)

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  • tomrhar
    tomrhar Posts: 3 Arc User
    Been with Forsaken World since the closed beta days, I have seen lots of changes through the years good and bad. These 5 years have been full of fun people on Storm server. The guild I am with was created the first day FW went live and we are still here. We have lost some people of the years but we are still around. So from all the people in HELLFIRE Happy 5th Anniversary Fprsaken World and keep up the good work.
  • tadaking
    tadaking Posts: 8 Arc User
    I remember all the people who had played with me in the past, all the people who had gone to better places.
    Hours we spent with people trying to clear forgotten prison when it first came out.
    Times when we fought for Eternal Belief Vexxers every week.
    Those 4 hours we took every week just to try and coordinate a raid team to kill komog, when it first came out.
    There is just too much memories, down the 5 year memory lane.
    Memories from LionHeart
  • ganesh90
    ganesh90 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Enjoying the FW so much.. Lot of stuffs to do always.. like to see Freedom Harbour back on map. love the FH view and color better than Nightfall. Hope i see FH soon.
  • unitakira
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    ahh Beta how sweet u were and the first few months then after that first year things started to side into a bit of a paywall cashgrab. So onward to new things, then the change and the confusion with quest paths etc.
    tried my best to stay interested but paywalls arent my cup of tea. so i log in every few weeks for a few hours for a stroll around.
  • shadrim
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    Everytime you find a random group that gets its act together intuitively without talking or writing much is a great moment in a game. Being undergeared but stubborn enough, noone letting the others down even if the damn monsters take over 2 hours to go down abd you keep on dying trying to bring the group through is another great experience. This keeps happening every now and then and its those unnamed player heroes that take you over every downside, its these great people it is worth playing and striving for.
    Whatever the game does and whatever is done to the game, as long as there still is a chance to meet great people in this virtual world, it will always be worth going on.

    Who is this "general failure" and why is he reading my disc ?[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
  • misshi
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    theres been a lot of ups and downs these past years but there were always things that i enjoyed. i joined a lot of guilds, participated in a lot of activities and saw a lot of great guilds also die after a long time wich often broke my heart.
    i started playing this game in closed beta and my Bard wasnt actually my first choice. (i thought bards are too complicated and i would never remember thoose cords LOL!) so my reason for playing was actually for the vamp class...wich i played for closed beta and maybe 3 weeks after then i got bored and made a warrior...THEN i got bored and finally made my Bard wich is still my main since may 2011 xD

    as i started playing, my real life sister AlexejRomanov decided to join and so we ended up being married till end of 2015 (she quit there, sad enough q.q) so i was stuck alone unable to quit cause im too attached to my toon, wich is mostly the reason im still around since everyone of my close friends quit ages ago *sigh
    nontheless im still in hope to get more active again. ive had many breaks, tried many mmos but i dont know what it is...FW always pulls me back!

    One of the First Nightmare Carnivals after we established our guild Oblivion

    Back then...when LH was still a challenge O_O

    My sister joined the game with my baby bard!

    First pair of lvl 1 wings achieved!

    lvl2 wings achievement unlocked!

    lvl3 winged sister pair achieved!

    the spotlight interviews crabclaw hosted!

    the lycan screenshot contest after the class was released

    lvl4 wings achievement unlocked! (sadly alone without my sis q.q)

    and without further spam...ill end my nostalgia trip :wink:

    ♫Pic by awsome wifey Ryu♫
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  • iloveumagda
    iloveumagda Posts: 2 Arc User
    Well...I dont know what to say First about this game:) Its such a wonderful game that not only entairtains you but its also making you relax when you come back home after a sooo tired working day!Furthermore here are so many people of so many Countries all around the World that you love to talk to:D Most of people here are great persons and help each other more than you could ever imagine!I also love all the login events in this game and other events that are hosted by times!I hate the fact that without csing sometimes it gets so hard to get better and definitely more time:/ Anyway its such a good game that I m sure it can be more developed and get better and better as the time passes by;) Thanks for being awesome people of the FW Community :D (P.S eu te amo Bia<3)
  • deamonicax
    deamonicax Posts: 5 Arc User
    As girl i love costumes,when i first time get into game there was that 7day free costumes,i loved them,.but i somehow didnt read that they was only for 7 days,as beginner of the game i was shocked when they dissapear and i thought someone **** me and stole them :D I remember my embrasing writing on ticket and asking what happened me?! :D and i miss Freedom Harbour,it was kinda hard for me to find everythink there,but when i did know that place,patch went on and closed it! :D And now journey at nighfall started...Changes changes..keep going FW
  • enigmhath
    enigmhath Posts: 2 Arc User
    I was searching for a game to try and a few graphics pushed me to discover Forsaken World and I got acquainted with the game. I also discovered teamwork through the gameplay. This game is awesome, smooth and it's a real pleasure to spend some time on it.

    Thanks for the nice game.
  • tottiie
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    Forsaken world is maybe not one of the best games but to me it is a great game; I have met some amazing people throughout my time here and i have made life time friends here. - I have had many fantastic moments here which i will cherish. I have achieved so much what i thought i would never do; but i thank that for my amazing friends and guild

    BoobiePandieButts! :D

    The Strippers of GrimReapers :*

    The Forsaken World team does a great job for keeping events active like the one what is currently on now; but the only bad thing i would say about this game is that it doesnt respond to bug fixes fast enough if ever but nevermind ay; Still love this game.

    Happy 5th Anniversary
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