Merry Wings Fashion

tezzyboy Posts: 15 Arc User
Has anyone tried to dye it? I want to but wondering what it looks like colored :neutral: post pics please
photo aae3a220-6b6c-4114-9028-caaff945efdf_zpsfjfutt3u.png


  • faybaby
    faybaby Posts: 17 Arc User
    Guess this fashion is so rare that only a few of players have it... And spending 10 dyes to have a coloured version of it that might ruin it's cute looks, no way xD Plus mine is in the garderobe, so yet no function for it.
  • matrye
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    btw - should edit your signature maybe x.X Is huge wallpaper... zoom in on characters or cut in photoshop.
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  • binaryqueen#4116
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    I wish you could remove or trash items in garderobe :/
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  • faybaby
    faybaby Posts: 17 Arc User
    time to remove it somehow from garderobe... or waiting for function to dye in there...
    hell it looks so cool in black <3
  • dennenappel
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    can someone repost that screenshot it's not working anymore, or is that just me *-*
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