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new player problems

aurelijsaurelijs Posts: 1 Arc User
edited April 2016 in Server Symposium
If I create character one one server can I later move it to another server or I have to create new character to play on different server?
And for example Lionhart is a PvE server. That means there are no PvP on that server?
And witch server might be qurently most popular?


  • banaitjaxbanaitjax Posts: 9 Arc User
    There is no way to transfer your character to another server, therefore you will need a new char.
    PVE servers have no open world pvp, but they can access for Arena (if it gets fixed) or 12v12 still.
    Sigeweard the Moon Eater
    Orgelmir the Elemental/Aegis Warrior
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