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Valentine's Day Love Letters



  • butterflylou209butterflylou209 Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited February 2016

    Where to begin, honestly I could write a thousand reasons why I love you, a million reasons why my life has been incredible since you came into it, but in truth you should already know how I feel without me having to write it here for the world to see. We've come a long way, a friendship which blossomed in to a little more and then turned in to the strongest love I've ever felt for anyone.

    I know a lot of people say this, but I mean it when I say - I never knew love until I met you. You're everything I ever wanted and needed; the best part is I was blind to my feelings for you, for a very long time and you came along at a time when I wasn't looking for love, you opened up my guarded heart and broke down the walls I'd built to protect myself and for that I will be forever grateful.

    I love you with every beat of my heart, I couldn't imagine my life without you. You aren't just my boyfriend you're my bestfriend, you're the light that brings me out of the darkness even on the darkest days, you always find a way to make me laugh even when I don't feel like smiling and you mean the world to me.

    Much love,
    Your Goof, Isa

    <3 Mewo <3
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