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Valentine's Day Love Letters



  • sabbaticussabbaticus Posts: 10 Arc User
    My love for my spouse in and out of game started many many years ago. We have always loved mmo's and gaming together. We started playing FW together but my work schedule caused me to be left behind and I got bored and went back to other games.

    A few months ago my love Kaliskajo asked me if I would return to FW. I sensed my love was lonely in love and distracted by the fact that she couldn't share her love in game as others were doing. Yes I decided that I could make this game work around my work to be with my love in game again. We married and I feel awesome with the fact that we have shared this with the whole community. We also have been married in real life 30 years and have 5 children and have 6 wonderful grandchildren as well.

    In short Kali I love you and would do anything for you in and out of this game. May we always be happy and prosperous in love together.
    Murtage ...Proud warrior of Nemesis and bangin Kaliskajo.
  • shreyash12shreyash12 Posts: 7 Arc User
    Dear My love Sam,

    I don't know where to even start from. Its been more than 3 years now and we are still together in this wonderful journey of our life. I still remember the day how we first meet in different game and how i fell for u the minute we talked for the 1st time. You were new and didn't know much. You got my attention. There was something special about u that lit a spark in me. I was all alone sad and recovering from my past but then u came in my life and made me feel alive. All the misery sorrows pain everything started fading everything was gone i started feeling better again and this was just because i found a reason to live for wake up for and sleep getting exited to be with u another day. You became the reason for my world to be better place and to love you was my only reason to live for. At 1st there was nothing. We came close and became really close friends and got into bonding. We started to talk day and night. I was very shy to admit my feelings for u but i knew i was making it obvious that i love u. Time passed by and it was few months we were together. I couldn't admit how much i loved u and had fallen for u. I was too scared at first and u know what i had to to make me feel that i was with you. There was a day i couldn't stop myself but by telling u how much i love u. It was the day i proposed u with all my love and affection and not to forget i was still bit shy and had to do it with flowers being nervous what would u reply. But Yes was the reply! It was the best day of my life something i will cherish and remember all my life. We've been married and been together for so long and got to know each other very well and know that we belong with each other together for eternity.

    Our journey in lllyfue started and we got married on 22-12-2015. I was happy to get married to my love once again. It was one of the best feeling
    i ever felt and its only with u. We played together , moved to grims together and did everything together from A to Z. You were the only reason i used to log in daily and was exited to spend the rest of the day doing things with. We flew maps together did instances together took pictures and also made beautiful memories at some part of the maps. I cherish they daily and still looking at them makes me feel very happy. I still remember how noob i was when i came to lllyfue and how u helped me with all your love , affection and care. We both grew together got better and stronger in game and also irl with our relation.

    There was a time when i was not me yet u stood by side when i was having bad time and when i gave u hard time. Even though i failed to treat u the way u deserved to be you stood by my side holding my hand and cheering me out. U lacked the attention and love that u deserved but u never failed to make me feel loved and safe. There are few more things which i dont want to bring in between happy moment. I just want u to know that the hard time i gave to u that i cant take it back from u but rather i can promise i can make it out to you by giving what u deserve and treating u like my princess. You mean the world to me and without u i am incomplete. I wouldnt be able to imagine a single second without you without your love , care and affection for you.
    You are the love of my life and will always be by your side no matter what happens. I have always loved u and always will.

    I would probably go on writing e.e but id limit myself to this much atm xD
    I have written something on my own for u which describes our journey , expresses my feelings and much more pretty much everything...
    This one is dedicated for you hun

    Yes, you are the one who makes my heart fly
    yes you are the one who can make me go free 'n' wild
    yes you are the one i see when i close my eyes
    coz you are the one with whom i wanna touch the skies
    yes, you are the one who can read my little mind
    coz you are the one i will love all my life
    My heart beats fast when i see you
    yes, you are the one i will love all my life

    The first time we meet there sure was nothing
    but we became friends and started bonding
    as the time passed by we got into loving
    my heart skips a beat when u call me your life
    coz you are the one i will love all my life

    you mean more than the words to me
    life is just another reason the world for us is eternity
    fighting, lying and hurting is a part of all this
    the best part is when we make up and kiss

    you may not need me to be happy but you are the reason that makes me happy
    i hope i can be a good part of your life a reason to be happy
    but i beg u please do not leave me or else my life would be crappy
    i know i have treated you badly at some points
    but life without u is completely disjoint

    i regret that i cant take it back
    but i promise they will never come back
    i wish i can keep moving on by your side
    coz there is no place in this universe to go and hide
    you are my only living reason my only pride
    i dont wanna stop making u happy even if u had rough times
    but i am never gonna stop until i bring back the good times

    my feelings r still true and will always be
    and there is nothing better than u nor can ever be
    there was a time where our relation was weak
    i promise to make everything better even if it once started to seem bleak
    there were things u said went unheard
    sometimes i never listened but i am not a coward

    i will bring the world down to your feet
    coz you my only cute little baby
    my heart is locked with millions of things to share and say
    it would probably not stop once it starts
    so bring yourself close coz the key to it is in your heart <3

    I hope u get what i wanna say
    ive tried every possible option but there is no other option to convey

    You are my true love sam I love you <3 . You are special , You are the world to me.

    At last i wanna quote something for u
    "The future for me is already a thing of the past -
    You were my first love and you will be my last"

  • ultearhimex3ultearhimex3 Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    <3 To XxChain_Smoker <3 ,

    ~ A day without sun is like a day without light. ~
    ~ A night a without moon is like a night without a sight. ~
    ~ A day and night without you is like a day and night without my heart. ~
    ~ You are my light who has appeared in my life. Me as your girl I will keep fighting for our love. ~

    ღ I really feel Shy to express my feelings towards you in public but I want to let the world know how much you mean to me. ^^ ღ

    ღ I have known you since childhood and you have became a very close friend to me. I have always admired you so much and I still do. We started to spend so much time together as a child with our crazy talks,funny jokes and lovely chats which gave me one of my beautiful childhood memory which I will never forget.ღ

    ღ During the past few years, we have spend so much time together, that our interest has became very similar , such as gaming and chilling. We even have found a game called forsaken world which we wanted to play together. We were very excited to play that game together aswell. We both started to enjoy the game. ღ

    ღ Slowly, the time we have spend so much made me realise how important you have become in my life and gradually I started to have feelings for you too. You were always there for me during good and bad times. We have also argued a lot but also we had a lot of laughter moments where you made me laugh so much with your silly and crazy jokes. You have always made me smile and feel happy. I still remember the day, where you have proposed me, that day become my most precious moment in my life and I will never forget that moment in my life. I still remember when you asked me to marry you in forsaken world and to become your wife also in the game and spend so much time as married couples. ღ

    ღ Furthermore, I want to thank to Forsaken World Game, Staff, Guildies and Friends for supporting our love and giving my Bf/Hubby and me the opportunity to spend time together doing the quest and Marriage Quests.
    In addition, I also want to thank my Loving dearest Bf/Hubby (XxChain_Smoker) for making me his girl, for making me feel very special to him and for being in my life. I feel very lucky and blessed.

    Lastly, I want my Special Person (XxChain_Smoker) to know that I love him so much and want to continue making beautiful and memorable memories, spend exciting times together and that he means a lot to me.

    I Love you Jaanu (XxChain_Smoker) <3 x(>^-^)> <3 <(^-^<)x

    ps: ღ Always stay happy, funny, cheeky and cute like a little mouse ღ

    Lots of Love

    BeautyAnqeL </b>

    ~ <3 ~ ☆ ~ <3 ~ ☆~ <3 ~ ☆~ <3 ~ ☆~ <3 ~ ☆~ <3 ~ ☆~ <3 ~ ☆~ <3 ~ ☆~ <3 ~ ☆~ <3 ~ ☆~ <3 ~ ☆~ <3 ~☆~
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  • To my beloved Dark,

    It's hard to believe how happy I've become since I've really got to know you. I still laugh to myself as I remember my first words to you. They were silly but I was being honest. “I love your fashion. Finally a male that knows how to dress. This doesn't happen often. :P” Strange how these few sentences started a entire conversation where we basically continued on talking all night. Since then we've had many chats and fun conversations. We've vented to each-other about hopes, fears, and things that could come in the future.

    In life there are so many things I feel uncertain about. Where I'm going in life, and what I really want to do with my life are but just a few of these things that concern me. However there is one constant; every time I see you come online, my heart fills with joy and I can't help the huge smile that spreads across my face. Every moment I spend with you fills me with complete happiness. A joy I have not felt in many years. It's so easy to forget about the things that plague my life when we are together. You have such a gentle way of reassuring me that no matter what we go through, we will be fine as long as we have each-other. Your gentle words and loving heart are so precious to me.

    I have to say our recent journey to 100 has to be one of the funnest things I've gotten to experience in some time. I remember it being almost two in the morning and freaking out because I was so close and terrified I was going to be passed. But you completely paused your own leveling and was there with me every step of the way. You didn't complain or protest, you were simply just there for me. We did every quest we could possibly find. You heard me screaming and freaking out as I had the tiniest bit to go. Then suddenly I was there. The first on Edyra to hit it. And much of that was thanks to you. We put in so much endless time, and long hours. Yet here we are, I was the first Priest, and you the first Reaper <3

    I can't thank Forsaken World enough for leading me to you. For letting me have this chance to meet a man so kind and gentle he makes me tear up with his words of pure kindness. My beloved Dark, I hope we get to make more memories together. Because every day with you brings us closer together in our hearts, minds and soul.

    Forever yours,
  • gilrayne2015gilrayne2015 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Dearest HunnyDewla,
    I first saw you at Rachel's, the pet dealer. You made some comment about "What idiot built a pillar to just stand in the way?"
    Later I noticed you at Nicolas's, one of the blacksmiths. You asked if I had to stand in front of the window. "Awfully inconvenient to those wishing to see the weapons in good light," as you put it.
    We faced off with the Bloodpact Ruffians and Butchers in the Polar Borderlands. You didn't say anything but there's not much to say when the rest of your party gets slaughtered.
    I finally joined a guild after I learned you were part of UrGameUrWay. It was an unexpected bonus that you are one of the guild leaders.
    You did eventually start talking to me in the Toxen Forest. You explained, in great detail, how the flowers I was picking couldn't go back to town because they were poisonous. Even as the giant spiders began their attack. Did you know the flowers were for you? At least you gained respect for my hammer that day.
    It wasn't until you blasted that Zeke Warrior sneaking up on my in the Sleeping Jungle that I knew you felt the same way that I do. That all your remarks and comments were just cover for your true feelings towards me.
    And one day when the good King Aepelio repeals the ban on marriage between Dwarf and Stoneman we can share our true feelings and you can ride on my shoulder into the sunset.
    Yours Truly,
  • moonlight04moonlight04 Posts: 33 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    To my love LeNexia,

    We met one day that I will never forget.
    A magical day, and fall in love with you immediately.
    Your way of being made me fall in love.
    I love your wonderful smile, your magical eyes, the sound of your voice.
    I love the delicate of your touch and warmth that I feel when you're with me.
    You are the person with the best soul, the noblest character, the most beautiful personality.
    You have all the qualities that can be endowed with a girl,
    and my admiration for you is constantly increasing and unbounded love.
    You're the only love I knew her really.
    You're the only girl who made me to want to get married.
    The only person for whom I would do anything in this life and I'd give you everything you wish real or unreal.
    I found you when I wanted to love, as if you were the girl i was looking for.
    I love you and we are the definition of eternal bliss.
    I love you for every moment you show me that you care for me,
    I love you because you smile to me,
    I love you because you complete me,
    I love you because you touch me,
    I love you becose you hug me.
    I love you because your kiss makes me feel like living without regrets,
    I love you because the nights are wonderful with you,
    I love that I live my total fulfillment.
    I love you so much! .. You are the best thing in my life.
    You're the best poem ever written the most beautiful song composed the most beautiful painting.
    I never thought I would be so lucky and that I will have with me the most beautiful woman.
    You have given me and gives me moments of happiness all the time since we met.
    You made and continue to make me the happiest husband on earth.

    Always and forever yours SkyEyes!
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  • darkdark650darkdark650 Posts: 14 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    To my beloved Aelestia:

    You have no idea how hard it is for me to express my feelings, but I’ll do it because I want you to know how much I love you and how grateful I am with you for making me see the game and life from a different and more positive point of view.

    Meeting you in Forsaken World is the best thing that ever happened to me. I was in a non-so stable situation and then you arrived to change my world.

    We have had so many conversations and we’ve experienced so many things that have made me fall in love with you day after day. You are the kindest and best-thinking person I’ve ever met and the one who I want to be with always.

    You are more than a gaming partner, you are my best friend, my wife and the one that makes me feel complete and happy. And thank you for that <3

    The past weeks with you since the last Forsaken World expansion have been oh so intense! We worked really hard to reach one goal, be the first of our classes reaching level 100 and we succeeded.

    With that as an example I’ve to say that I’m really happy because we still have a long list of goals to share and succeed on to bring us happiness and peace.

    I‘m willing to be here with you and love you until the end as long as that makes you happy <3

    With love,
  • jonasjenny2bbjonasjenny2bb Posts: 10 Arc User
    My love Mudora

    This Love letter is to express my affection for you
    and say how happy I am to be at your side.
    I still remember as if was today, the first time that
    I talk to you ...do you remember how was it?

    World Chat (03/07/2015)

    [World] MissyMaggie: Alguem Brasileiro online?
    (Some Brazilian online?)

    [World] MudoraBr: NÃO hahaha...
    (NOT hahaha...)

    and it all started with a simple joke answer,
    we start "PM's" since then we start to know each other,
    our remember when you were offline for almost one week
    because you don't feel good, "My God," I almost get crazy
    I talked to your friends to know news about you,
    I sent you emails ingame left messages on chatbox, and
    nothing of you answer me back, I started to get very worried and
    upset, I even thought I did not want to talk to me :'(
    and then you came back "uff" I felt so relieved
    hahaha ...
    Then we started exchanging words of affection and friendship
    not it lasted too, and this wasn't just friendship and
    became more than that <3 as soon as it all happened,
    you officiated this in the "World Chat"

    World Chat (03/19/2015)

    [World] MudoraBr: Jennifer meu amor ... quer namorar comigo? <3
    (Jennifer my love ... wants to date me?)

    [World] MissyMaggie: É claro meu amor!! <3
    (Of course I accept my love!!)

    I do remember every detail, when you hugged me
    and gave me a soft and sweet kiss that my world seemed another!!
    I remember after how hard we fought to buy the rings of marriage
    to get married ... and a old friend in sponsored and gave us
    as a wedding present <3
    It was all so beautiful we were both just gorgeous
    Me.. wonderfully delicate all in white with that beautiful dress
    You .. wonderful and elegant looked like a heartthrob movie hahaha ...
    I still have the pictures of our wedding ...

    My well is how you call me and I love it!
    All those times we spent together all instances that we face,
    Bosses that we face, we geting strong ever together, one helping the other,
    sometimes we fail hehehe, sometimes we win, we strengthen ourselves together,
    when we take wing level 1 and level 2, we are almost level 3 :D
    always together as it was done the votes on the "Larry White"

    The victories and the defeats, with HP Full or half of HP, until that a PK us apart ....

    (More not for long) hehehe Stay together Forever!

    This was just to remind you of all those moments that made us happy and comes
    making us happy, just as I remember them always and brings me great joy to know that,
    this wondrous person is always by my side giving love, affection, and caring of me
    and show to you how much I love you baby. <3

    Today we are married in real life, thanks the forsaken World!! <3

    You are making me very happy my love I Love You <3

    By your adorable wife MissyMaggie

    Happy Valentine's Day
  • airuxulairuxul Posts: 8 Arc User

    I love that you’re so understanding; looking for all sides of a story; unwavering in your morality, seeking justice. You don’t hesitate to help others; always willing to support decisions, straying from judgment and giving seemingly unlimited patience. You offer your shoulder to cry on, a pair of arms to feel welcome; you open your heart to those in need, even at the risk of getting hurt.

    That’s the kind of love I’d kill for.

    I love that you are not afraid to show disapproval but still manage to come to terms of agreement; your sincerity is faultless. Your addictions betray the darkness of your warm heart; you are human, after all, though your desires are those of a beast, eternally hungry and possessive; violent yet bloodless; fervent and all consuming.

    That’s the kind of love I’d die for.

    Then there are days when I wake up before you do and I have a few minutes to myself to enjoy the sight of you in your most vulnerable. I long for you to wake and smile; to hold me dearest and protect me; press my ear to your heart so I can hear the sound of you, alive. Laugh; let me hear your beautiful sounds of pleasure and joy; let me be part of you one more day. Hold my hand, kiss me and let me return it; know I belong to you, that nothing can touch me or ruin my day when I’m just beside you.

    Darlin’… this is the kind of love I live for.


    The Story: My beloved and I are, in fact, married in game and we are dating in real life. I started playing February of 2012, and because I was new to everything, I got lost somewhere in Sea of Oblivion (Everything looks the same there!! D: ) and we bumped into each other as we quested. I asked for help to get back to the harbor and this wonderful, beautiful human being not only taught me how to use the map and auto-route, but was my first friend in the game and was always there for me when I needed help running instances. We died so many times, but we always had fun in live-chats with other people and eventually had a real life meeting along with these friends to have lunch and coffee. After that, on some nights when we couldn’t sleep, we’d reach out to the other and talk well into the early hours of the next day morning. The more we knew about each other, the more I realized I’d fallen in love and I confessed a week before New Years of 2012. The feeling was, thankfully, mutual; we started dating and, after careful planning, formalized the relationship and moved into our new home where we currently still live; we are not a perfect couple, but we sure as hell are happy with each other. :D
  • xbeltanexxbeltanex Posts: 4 Arc User
    My Dearest Ref,

    When you claimed me in Guild Chat I was honored to have been chosen by you. As the concubine to you and Nahta's marriage, I am part of a closeness not many are allowed to experience. But when you both truly accepted me for my love of carnage and metal I knew I was where I belonged.

    While others may cringe, I embrace our pact; Nahta with his deadly winds gets the kills, you use your fangs to feast upon the souls, and I am allowed the corpses of our enemies to sculpt into warnings for those that might oppose us. I will always be there with the two of you for healing and resurrections, and to help rain down vengeance.

    People may scoff at two Kindred with a Lycan, but we are a whirlwind of fur, fangs, and claws. And at night when we go to lay upon the bed crafted from the bones of those who stood against us, I shall bathe every drop of blood that remains from you both before curling up at your feet to drift off in the cuddle pile with the sounds of Disturbed pulsing in the background.

  • animalsloveranimalslover Posts: 1 Arc User
    To TokyoGoul

    The little screen thats in front of me hides few tiny sweet secrets that I wanna share with someone. You might know me, maybe not but I sure do know you.
    We met in 12s…if you can call that meeting , lets just say I saw you there for the first time
    Didnt know nothing about you, but in my eyes I saw you as a cute boy that I would like to know better.
    I never really had any chances to talk to you but truly I really wanted that, atleast just to be friends and to share few things about each other.
    Yes im a pretty shy person but I still can pull some tricks out of my sleeves and make a friend, who knows, maybe even something more than that.
    I feel like being with you, hanging around you would kind of be the way I wanna feel, maybe im wrong but I might be right aswell .
    I really hope we can talk sometimes if not like something more than friends atleast just as friends or will the little secret that I have been hiding, still stay hidden on the screen, so that no one can hear it except the little curious me.
  • tearer#9299 tearer Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    Dear, Someone

    I don't have anyone but i would like to meet someone to look into their glistening and tell her I love her. i want to laugh and be happy with. i want to share good and bad moments I want to be there when she is sad mad and funny and happy. I want to support her and be supported by. I want to be her everything, and be her everything.

    -Come my love

  • vitserai2vitserai2 Posts: 4 Arc User
    A love letter , a letter of desire, for you my beautiful princess Tinaloba . This letter is a dream and a desire because every moment with you is like being in heaven. fire in my soul cries your name , next to the desert crave your kisses your my beloved Angel you light up my life from the first moment you hear your curls my love and tell you everything I feel if every moment I love you more and more, I give my heart screaming that you're mine for you to know that I will always be your self for life.

    I love you my princess Tina <3

    Atte : Schweigen
  • massacre2012massacre2012 Posts: 7 Arc User

    was the name that stuck to me when i first met you on your alt as Tombstone. There is so much I would like to say to you, to tell you what you mean to me... but the words don't ever come. Even now, I’m finding it difficult to write down everything you have given me. How can I begin to write down the love I have known? You are my everything. Thank you for loving me the way no one can. You understand me and you know just how to make things right. Every time you showed up you would always make me laugh with your silly ways and vice versa. You would disappear from time to time due to work and i feel like a part of me is missing whenever you are gone. Cheesy? ok maybeh. You always came back to look for me and that made me feel even more special. My greatest achievement in this game was the day i became your princess <3 your wife. You are my knight in shining armor. 1 year down and plenty more to go.

    My heart will always be yours Aden

    Love Tomoe <333
  • deathspixideathspixi Posts: 1 Arc User
    From NyxBlade to my beloved Sorrow

    When we met… More years ago than I will tell
    Marriage date in game 12-16-2012

    Write a love letter…
    I could write books, volumes of words that would never come close to a fraction of my love for you. There is love that starts a crush and makes your heart flutter. There is love that starts as an attraction from first sight. Then there is this love. One that more than shook my soul. One that stole my heart. They say that when people were first made, we each had two heads and four arms, but Zeus fearful of their power together shot lightening bolts to split us, So man would always be looking for the other half of themselves.
    Others may look a life time and never find them. Yet I do not know what I did so right in my past to have you find me. The sound of your voice can bring me such peace, calm my worst temper. You've been the voice I crave, the touch I long to feel. You've stood by me, though all the illness. The trips to, and the long stays in the hospital. Not many would not have. It would have been so easy to walk away. Yet you didn't you stayed strong for me.
    The day you ask me to marry you in game, I cried from joy, now over 4 years later I can remember that day and smile through my tears. My heart swells to the point of sweetest pain. When we aren't together, I miss you so much that it hurts deep into my bones. There is nothing I desire more than just be close to you.
    You're not like others, you're so perfect for me. You see beauty, where even I don’t. You even find my silly laugh cute. Love is a pale word used all to often when no emotion to guide it. So I will say I adore your each breath. I need no flowers, nothing that shines, no mountains of treasure…
    Just you.. Always you.. My Most Adored.
  • leathaleatha Posts: 12 Arc User
    This letter is a multi-love letter - I'm not married in game, but there are some people that I do truly feel a lot of affection for, and this letter is for them. First, I would like to express how much I love the corps that I am fortunate enough to be part of - OrucuKus, MistbornVin, LySinKiller and Unim - they have been concerned, they boot me along when I need it, they explain things to me, they take me places - they have been my sounding board and by the way that they treat me, I believe that they care as much about me, as i care about them - if not for them, especially LySinKiller, I would have quit the game long ago - my corps makes me glad that LySin never gave up on me. Then there is Nosgrad/hundredk - the first 'OP' person to speak to me outside of my corps, who has been hauling me around to places that I would otherwise NEVER get to go - he is a very huge part of why I have nice equipment - he's patient when people mess up, he explains things as many times as necessary and I am very grateful for his help. LadyDuquesa, who I have been fortunate enough to get to know recently - an absolutely amazing Lady, I enjoy her company very much every time we get a chance to talk. DarkSiren - who, when I was going through a very rough time ''in real life' was such a great help, and he made me know, that I could talk to him about anything without it going any further, and who was a lot of fun to collect flowers with, and race through seals with. There are several other people in the guild that I belong to, who have gone out of their way to help me with things - answering never-ending streams of questions (although, my corps usually get the brunt of those. One of the most pleasant things about logging into FW, are the greetings that you get from your special people - and to be happy to see that the people that you care about are online as well - that's what I have with the people in my corps - so - a very Happy Valentine's Day, to all the people mentioned in here as well as everyone else that have their special people - in my way, without regard to those who might find it 'ridiculous' and 'silly' right down to 'impossible' I love all my special people, and I enjoy the opportunity to let them know. Thanks for the opportunity to do just that!
    With love (there's that word again)
  • stoneykay6stoneykay6 Posts: 1 Arc User

    <3<3<3 My Dearest Conovar <3<3<3

    Expressing my feelings to you for everyone to see exposes my heart, but it has taken years for this wall of armor to slowly fall away ... and its because of you.

    You and I have always had a connection in some form or fashion, and yet neither one of us saw it or would act upon the impulse because of our friendship. We would weave in and out of each others lives always leaving behind a thread or trace of us only to meet up again usually months later, and pick up where we left off like old friends who were never apart. Little did we know that those threads or traces would became stronger ties and a testament of our bond. I am always amazed at how much you awaken my heart each and every time I hear your voice or receive an instant message in game. Or our late night rendevous on whatsapp...even after all this time you still make my heart pound out of my chest.

    May our laughter and tears bring us through what may lay ahead for us. I definitely look forward to the journey because our path leading up to this moment...was an awesome ride. You are truly the last thought I think of when I fall asleep and the first thought when I wake <3

    I love you now, and will love you forever...bunny feet and all <3.

  • nickvvnickvv Posts: 340 Arc User
    My dearest Divillae,

    I can still remember the days when we got to know eachother, we started talking on skype in a groupcall, first for the back then difficult Ivenia and soon after for every raid we were in together. I always secretly looked forward to the weekly raids so there was a reason to talk. Often we were goofing around with the other people in the groupcalls while they were all serious mode trying to do the instances. Back in those days we both had our ingame relationships but i still felt a form of chemistry with you.

    After not talking to you for over a year you got in touch with me again, needless to say i was shocked you even wanted to. I asked all around to find out if you reached them too but it was only me. People around me were sceptic as we've been sort of enemies the past year, yet i felt the need to be close with you again, it felt right. Talking with you on our guild TS felt like the old days again, like nothing changed at all. I always hoped to see you there, i needed more of you in my life.

    When we finaly decided to meet at your place we found out the chemistry we had ingame was even stronger in the real world. When wemoved in together last november i have never been happier, you are the perfect girl to come home to every day. My only wish is that we would have gotten together sooner, you would have made past years so much better.

    Happy valentines day my love,

  • kelemkelemkelemkelem Posts: 32 Arc User
    My dear silly one (JasmineA):
    Since that day we start to farm in Eryda till you tell me pls no more :p , something else start to grown up betwen us, that need for the gold and more farm :p and also my feelings for you, you're my best friend and some1 I can tease all the time :p (and for free), that's something you already know. You are always there with your silliness to make me smile and cheer me up, thats why I have that feeling to make you laugh till you can't hold anymore and you need to take a break hehe, there is alot about you than I can be talking about...but that's for me <3 ... you repair my broken heart and make me believe in love again, for all that my cute and sometimes grumpy silly one, happy "me" day... me wuvs u and miss you <3

    Your Valentín ( Chefi)
  • youdoronronyoudoronron Posts: 4 Arc User
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    To my gorgeous wife Tams,

    I will never forget the moment when I summoned up the courage to speak to you, not a day passes when I know I made the best choice of my life. You made me so excited that I had to wake up especially early to spend time with you and that has not changed. You are the first and last thing on my mind each and every single day. I can not picture my life without you in it, to me you are the most important thing and one I must cherish for all eternity. You can make me smile with the slightest thing, make me laugh with even a tiger smiley, make me sad not having you around but then you appear and I have meaning again. I'm not one to share my feelings well but with you I can and can trust you with any issue I might have knowing you will always be there for me. This could go on so all I really need to say is .....

    I love you <3 and am yours always and forever

    All my heart and Soul (no pun intended)

    SoulHarvesting xx <3 xx
  • lordsatan9675lordsatan9675 Posts: 2 Arc User
    To my cute little noobie (Dark_Reaper)

    We've know each other for quite some time now, and we've had a lot of fun playing Forsaken world.
    I would like to use this occasion to express my adoration for you. <3

    We met a few years ago and have been inseparable ever since.
    Even though we live in a forsaken world, you make me smile everytime we we play.

    I hope to find you the 14th underneath our special tree at our special place.

    <3 sooo many kissessss <3

    Your dirty little vampire (Troathcutter)

  • lakotaaustin101lakotaaustin101 Posts: 4 Arc User
    To the love of my life,

    We met so long ago on Forsaken World. You were a guild leader and I was a true nub. I world chatted for a guild and you were the first to message me about your guild. I interrogated you hardcore on everything about the guild. I wanted to make sure that I would fit into the member base. From the first time you messaged me and came to see me on the realm I was on to help me get started I knew from that moment it was fate and the rest was history. We grew closer and closer as time went by and very soon I was falling head over heels for you. I asked you to marry me on 12-4-2012. We have definitely had our ups and downs but we are stronger then ever! I owe everything to this game in bringing my soulmate to me. You are my everything and i will always love you. Happy Valentines my love!

    Your forever nub hubby.
  • saephalsaephal Posts: 4 Arc User
    To my dearly beloved,

    I still remember the sparkle in your eyes the first day we met. I know that we met outside of game, but I don't regret making you play Forsaken World with me, even if for a few months. I hope life will take us into many journeys and that each one brings us closer together. I know that every moment we spend together only makes me love you more!

    Happy Valentine's Day and Second Anniversary!

    Yours eternally and forever,

  • m1tchikotm1tchikot Posts: 1 Arc User
    Valentines day is also a special day for me (MamaBer) and Kiteton it is also our anniversary. the letter I'll be posting is the letter I have for him :) It took us a year before getting married in game FW is the reason we are together this is where we first met :)

    To my dearest boyfriend,

    2 years ago today, you made me the happiest girl alive. Here we are today, two years later and still going strong. Our journey hasn’t finished just yet but I am delighted I’ve made it this far with you. There isn’t a day that I am not thinking about us, the future holds so many new obstacles but there are always bumpy roads to happiness.

    Today is a very special day as we aren’t just celebrating the day that brought our friendship to the next level but the commitment we have put into our relationship. Throughout our two years together we have been through a lot. At times I have made you upset and angry but I also have made you smile, happy, laugh and hopefully make you feel as if you were the most important person in the world. All of the things that have happened to us have brought us to where we are today and I wouldn’t change a thing. You will always be the most important person in my life, without you I would be lost.

    I know that I am very immature and I keep on praying that God will provide you with more patience, longer than your usual.

    You are my friend, best friend, worst enemy, brother, secret keeper, shock absorber (LOLS), my everything. You are more than I could wish for. I am really, really blessed to have you. You are my saving grace.

    Thank you, to your family and to your friends, for making me feel that I belong. You are always proud of me. You never kept me a secret and from the moment that we had a special kind of relationship, you never denied it.

    You truly are one of a kind, there is no one in the world that acts like you or brings in the kind of warmth you bring into a room. I am lucky to have someone like you, you understand me better than I understand myself. Never did I think I would end up with someone with such a pure heart. You always put everyone’s happiness before your own.

    Thank you for believing in me.
    Thank you for listening to me.
    Thank you for accepting me for who I am.
    Thank you for helping me and pushing me into becoming a better person.
    Thank you for somehow understanding me and seeing what makes me special enough to let me be a part of your life.
    Thank you for everything for the past two years.

    I may not be the best girlfriend in the world but I promise I will always keep being a better girlfriend. When I think about all the beautiful memories we share; the sad times and happy times, I think about how much we have grown since 2014. You are the most beautiful person I have ever met, inside and out, you may call me a suck but I do truly mean it, you are perfect. The past two years have been the happiest time of my life, even if you are not my first love I promise you will be my last. You will always have a special place in my life, forever in my heart, permanently in my memories. I love you Kiteton, I really do and I will always love you.

    Love Always & Forever to the moon and back,

  • fwooshefwooshe Posts: 72 Arc User
    First of all... I don't like Valentine's day. I think if you really love someone, then you have to show it to them everyday somehow. One holiday isn't enough to portait the whole sense of actually being in love.
    The story of me and my ingame wife really isn't a love story. We are not in love, but we love eachother. I am sure of it. We are friends. We support eachother throughout every single hard moment.
    Sometimes in life you don't really get what you want. It's hard, it beats you down. Makes you feel weird, out of the ordinary. Your family doesn't understand you or accept you. You don't have anyone to talk to, confess to, share your feelings with. And that's really, really scary.
    I am lucky though, cause a few months back I found this amazing person, who is the same mess like me. Who understands me and supports me and I support her back. I think we make an amazing goofy team.
    To be fair, I don't even remember how we became so close. It's a mystery to me. I am very social , but don't really let too many people in my soul, but I guess I did with her. And there's just a few people that managed to crawl their way into it.
    Yes....I know Valentine's day is for people in love, but **** that really. Finding your soulmate and your best friend is far greater and way more precious than being in love with a game pixel.
    I dedicate this grumpy little note to my lovely friend and ingame wife, who I hope to meet very soon and transfer our goofy and idiotic messy shenanigans into real life too. Thank you for being such an amazing presence and support in my life. You have made the past year of my life easier and happier even if I don't say it too much.
    Sooo wanna be my valentine? :D
  • keiji22keiji22 Posts: 30 Arc User
    Something a bit different as usual from me.

    KeijiArashi - Lionheart
  • caalyacaalya Posts: 105 Arc User
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    Dear MajorMax,
    Our story together began 10 years ago when we both woke up with amnesia in the middle of Narootuh, and it was not long before Moonskin and CaptainMax started fighting the Doggebi Lord and giant dragons together.
    We became friends, then a bit more than just that, until you flew across the ocean to become my Christmas present one year. Fast forward and our in game adventures took us to Freedom Harbour, the real life ones took me to another country.
    Life flies by and we will be celebrating our 7 years anniversary in a few months, with a little baby boy to remind us that life is awesome, and even more awesome when filled with love. Through the good and bad, you drive me crazy more than anybody else, but that's how we know it works ! I would not trade it for anything.You are my best friend, my roommate, my husband, my love, the father of our child.
    I love you, and life is great and I owe it to you. <3

    For you, Always. <3
  • kiwi6002kiwi6002 Posts: 5 Arc User
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    My pogi hubby dear,

    When I'm writing this I am half asleep. I am not good at sharing stuff like this. Please don't mind my incorrect spelling and grammatical errors. I woke you up in middle of night because I feel scared. When I hear your angelic sleepy voice I feel safe and warm. I can listen to your snore and sweet breathing forever. I remember the first time I met you in 3v3 a high level sin with lv2 angel wings while I am just a squishy vampy. :( I saw an angel that is so kind and cheerful. That time I was at difficult time in my relationship and family. I was broken, but you were there making me smile and laugh again. We became friends. We spend our time in game, texting and talking on the phone. We struggling with the time gap. Sleepless night staying up late in game. Call you when you on your way to work, then sleep for an hour getting ready for school. Sometimes you too tired and fell asleep in front your laptop. i really appreciate the effort you made hubby. Later both of us got close each day and I fell in love with you. The happiest day in my life when you said you love me too. We got married in game and being a lovers in real life. I'm so thankful to have you, the most wonderful person in my life, you taught me a lot of things. You also helped me to fight my fears, my negative side, and deal with my mood swings. You are my boyfriend, best friend, soul mate, brother, sensei and most importantly my only beloved hubby. We have been through so many trials, sad times, and happy times over these past two years. I'm sorry I made you upset many times. I'm not perfect. But you love me for what I am. I love you so much hubby. Let's ganbatte so we can finally live together in real life forever.

    Happy Valentine's Day hubby kisses you all over face and huggle :*


    "I guess the best part of being a human is to experience love …love that could wait and love that could last." - Oyeth

    Your silly weird wifey dear,

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