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Valentine's Day Love Letters



  • mahoooeeemahoooeee Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    To my dearly beloved Mytsi,
    We fell in love what can I say?
    you are my ray of light during the worst storms,
    you calm the raging tides within my tainted soul,
    you gave my heart its very first beat to dance too
    but it's a shame my feet can't keep up!
    And now you are my keeper, the tamer of the beast that resides within me,
    You see within my eyes, where it all lies, the rose within my twisted thorns.
    the true me that only you can see,
    the true me that only belongs to you
    When I am without you my heart howls to the moon,
    to hear yours calling mine too,
    the moon glimmers more brightly with excitement
    as two lovers souls become one.
    I truly love you

    P.S. we actually meet in game back in 2014 started of friends but we started to get close then unseparatable. we both live in completely different parts of the world which made it hard (I'm in England, she's in Brazil) but I took a leap of faith and flew to Brazil (longest flight ever)in December and we both fell in love all over again. we got married in game on Christmas day and I asked her to marry me in real life too! and 1 year later she came to England for Christmas too :D now this year is the year! we are going to get married around august!

    And to all the in game couples it can become real you just have to have faith in each other!
  • pyr0jack85pyr0jack85 Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    Dear Velvet Black,

    Hair touched by darkness,
    Skin kissed by moonlight,
    Lips shaded with crimson droplets,
    Inside a smoldering inferno,
    Ready to be unleashed.

    Our journeys as Kindred started not that far apart, though we couldn’t have known. By chance, I ended up in Tainted. A random request for a guild in a random party I joined. Sometimes that’s how the best decisions are made.
    As immortal mages, we’re a touch different from many around us. Important to any Kindred, nearly as much as the sustenance of blood, is a companion through the ages. Someone that you can stand by even at your most antisocial moments. Someone whose presence you can enjoy in silence or while speaking every thought. A person you can connect to regardless of distance or time. Our similarities and differences pulled us together, shaping a journey taking a variety of turns. Years have passed in a seeming eye blink. Guilds have came and gone, worlds have risen only to fade again. Even the seemingly undying Freedom Harbor was swept away. The sky could fall and we'd stand tall, facing it all together.
    Here’s to the days that have passed, and those yet to come.

    R'wyn caru ti Velvet
    Happy 3rd Anniversary,

    A link to the Imahydin-Velvet Wedding video on Youtube. Many thanks to Pretty Precious for getting that video together and to all the friends that turned up that day.

    One of the original wedding invites:

  • aamaya2015aamaya2015 Posts: 29 Arc User
    <3 I Love You, <3
    Every time we talk,
    I get this feeling that overwhelming me,
    Every time I am with you,
    I feel like I am superman cuz I can be who I am,
    Every time I see you,
    My heart skips a beat,
    Every time we are together,
    Makes it hard to say goodnight cuz i don't want to let you go,
    Every time I hear you laugh,
    Puts a smile on my face and inside my heart,
    Everyday that passes,
    I need you in my life and in my heart...
    You make me feel happy
    When before all i felt was pain
    You light up my world
    And make it all a new
    When I say I love you
    Better believe it's true
    When i say forever
    Know I'll never leave you
    As I lay here and think of you,
    While you dance in my head and butterflies in my tummy,
    You make me feel so happy so i couldnt express,
    Or even began to say how much,
    You are the light of my world,
    Everybeat of my heart is because of you,
    I could never replace you,
    Or even began to think that!
    Remember I am there with you always,
    Even if i am far away,
    I am right there protecting you,
    Loving you as a best friend should!! <3

    Goes to the love of my life on game and in real life Red!!
  • kaliflowerkaliflower Posts: 53 Arc User
    My oh so pretty little arsonist
    Your flame tendrils wandered so close to me
    You began to see
    Encased in this tomb of ice
    this ice began to melt
    Let this sweet heat devour me

  • kaliflowerkaliflower Posts: 53 Arc User
    "I value and treasure your friendship. -NukeLaLoosh" To all my friends out there. Thank you for always being there no matter what. You can't even imagine how much of a rock you have been for me in troubled times. <3 to you all.
  • ivoryolivia69ivoryolivia69 Posts: 12 Arc User
    Dearest ***** (shhh it's a secret)
    Ceaselessly flowing in time days, weeks and months pass,
    with each moment you share with me you captivate my heart.
    Every word, sentiment, joke and laugh, even shared anguish and tears,
    you continue to engross my life answering my lonely soul's prayers.
    Undeniably confused, yet happily accepting at how my love so strong, persists to grow,
    for how much more can accumulate in my heart how much for one person, without any woe's.
    A once in a lifetime deal came my way the great honor of knowing and loving you,
    sharing your life as a friend then a love giving me the chance of my life to construe.
    Blithely I sit and bask in your lambent life hoping that a portion of your light glows for me,
    because of your friendship, your time, your words my spirit and mortality now surpass normality.
    A greater person in heart nor more genius in mind ever enthralled as much of my soul,
    leaving me open to new and desirable dreams of a greater life as a whole.

    Forever dreaming of you, of us
    **** (Anon)
  • leigh70leigh70 Posts: 80 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    Dear Sweetheart,

    You are my very best friend and I can't imagine a day without you in it. If you are wondering how much I love you, wonder no more. You are the sun in my sky, the river that runs through my soul, and the very air I breathe. Before I met you, I didn't believe it was possible to love someone so deeply and completely, but you have given me faith that true love really does exist because I share it with you. Thank you for always being there for me, even when I'm feeling grumpy. <3

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Love always,
    Your sillyone o:) </b>

  • anneboooannebooo Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    Dear TurTure <3

    My love, you're that sweet morning song that plays in my head every morning when i wake up. You're that dream that came true and i can't begin to express in words how lucky I feel to have found you and have you in my life. You have always been there for me no matter what, and at the end of each and every tiring day, it is you whom i want to come back home to, it is you who make me feel complete, and it is you who fills my heart with all the wonders and joys. You're already part of my life who bring me all of fun and smiles. My perfect partner ever!, Without you it would be so bore and because of you that made me rush to came home everydays to be with you again. Thank you for everythings that you had done for me and always be here for me even sometimes i was evil >:):p

    Love, xSHILAx <3
  • acchanmikuacchanmiku Posts: 76 Arc User
    It is not easy for me to pick up a pen and write a letter, especially if I have to dedicate it to you.
    Not because I don't know what to write, but because I don't know how to express it.
    You know me, I am a very reserved girl on intimate things and although I know to be very sociable with everyone, never speak of the really important things.
    I take up the ball, a little game to challenge myself to tell you again what I feel.

    We've known for four years now, even though we are a couple only by one.
    You were my best friend for a long long time and I was heartbroken when, because of some of my stupid mistakes, we had to turn away.
    You always had a crush on me, but laughing and joking but I've always been close as a friend.
    Yes, we have strayed for a time, but I often think of you and our friendship, and I had a regret.
    What then ... In retrospect, it was all because of a stupid guy ... I was so stupid to lose time with him.
    But then with this guy is over. And we we have approached.
    I missed you so much and I was just happy to be back to be your friend.

    But ... But I was no longer able to see you as a friend.
    And you've never seen me as just a friend. Even after three years, you were there, waiting for me because you really wanted to make me happy.
    I have been undecided, also fought by the distance that separated us.
    Però sai cosa? Si vive una volta sola. E io la mia vita la vorrei vivere con te.

    You didn't know Forsaken World, I had to drag you in. I did it because i missed my game and the people I met through that.
    We aren't still married in game because you had that fabulous idea to create you character woman, hahaha!
    But it doesn't matter. Sooner or later I will put that ring on your finger, just as you have done with me in real life.

    I love EvilKurian, thank you very much to be my most important person and be near me.

    Yours forever, Karimm.
  • mieortjyhngmieortjyhng Posts: 12 Arc User
    Dear SparkyHealer,

    We met close to 2 years ago in-game, you told me that you got giddy when you saw me log on and were scared to talk to me. Little did you know that I did the same...oh how we've grown since. We took it beyond an in-game marriage and begun to date in real life. We dreamed about meeting and actually pursuing what we started in this silly game. We booked the flight and the hotel, you're coming to visit me in 14 days now...it feels so surreal, but it's actually happening.
    I know you wont see this, but I cannot wait to start a new chapter in our life and can't wait to see things through and see where in this crazy world we end up! Going from marriage quests in game to possibly moving together in the real world. Super glad we both play this game and glad it got us where we are.

    I love you to the moon and back Lexi, thanks for poking me when I joined Paradise <3

    Forever yours, Spouse <3
  • realmofthedutchrealmofthedutch Posts: 8 Arc User
    Dear BlueOysterCult

    That one dark night i was wandering the streets of Nightfall
    I looked to the many stars upon the sky
    The brightest light from the moon sparkled on my demon horns
    Searching for that one shining star that made my heart bounce like it never bounced before
    Its the moment i decided to make it my only destiny to find out why it took my breath away

    Cruising on my Sedna
    Looking in every corner, every roof , every bassement
    There you stood
    Shining in all its glory and heroic beauty
    I could not believe what happened to me
    Reaping my breath and stole my heart
    The most awesome female reaper crossed my road

    That moment i realized its the moment i can end my lonseome quest
    This is the answer to all my prays
    Future told me to follow my desire and the calling of my heart
    My love was stolen for a purpose that made my life much better for years to come
    A simple question rolled from my lips
    "Will you marry me ? "

    You answer broke the silence
    I will never forget that sweates word i ever heard
    "YES" it was
    Now that i looked back at that dreamfull day
    I never regret that one question that changed my life
    Still today it will remain the same

    I will always love you with the bottom of my heart
    You are the sunshine that brighten my life
    The reaper that stole my heart
    The woman i always adore
    I bow before offering my eternal love for the rest of our game life

    You demon of luck


  • silentblowzsilentblowz Posts: 37 Arc User
    Ever since i saw ya butt, I totally fell in love with you and have ever since.
    Happy Valentine's Day to my love :P
  • Hello my dear husband happy valentines day. I love you with all my heart on game and off game. Always your Wiffy.
  • siraelchansiraelchan Posts: 33 Arc User
    To my dear prince Orgelmir,

    I met you by randomest of chances during one of the darkest times of my life. I had never talked with you yet when I PM'ed you about having dyed your Silverjoy fashion into black and matched with my Chromafate one you began to talk with me every single day. You began to send me flowers and saying that you hope I won't mind having stranger talking to me. I found myself getting more and more curious every day and you began to make me smile. Suddenly I had no tears anymore but smile and laughter.

    You asked to get my Skype and we began to talk outside of game. Before I realized I found out myself smiling at my phone at work when all stress was piling on me with moving of ward to new hospital. We eventually began to spend all free time on Skype while calling. I love these moments. Moments when we're silent, listening to each other breathe. I love it when you begin to hum a song. I feel so safe near you. I adore being silly with you and laughing at silly things. I love how you are able to handle all my complaining and nagging.

    You are my one and only treasure. You are my sun. You are the reason I can go and help people in need at my work, because I know someone is also waiting for me to return home.I truly hope we will meet one day in real life. At least I now have reason to renew my passport <3

    Yours forever,
    Cieriel <3

    <| Light Bard | Illyfue | The right side of wrong |>
  • vitalbkavitalbka Posts: 2 Arc User
    To my dear little Princess,

    Love you with all my heart <3

    Your big Prince :p
  • maniccitymaniccity Posts: 4 Arc User
    My dearest _Changeup_,

    You came to this world just to be with me. You had no idea what you were doing, how you were supposed to do things. Basically, you were a lost sheep on the battlefield for a while. You grew and practiced, stumbled and fell, picked yourself up to brush off the dust and keep fighting on. Even when I had to take a break, get away from the fighting to find a little peace and a reason to keep going, you stuck around, growing even stronger, knowing that I would come back and wanting to be here when I decided to return to the fighting. You have been the wall between all my enemies, even when I would bite off more than I could chew with a badly timed aoe. You're my best friend and my love and you have given me a reason to continue on. To become stronger. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. Thank you for being my light in the dark, my blade against evil and my shoulder to lean on. I love you.

    With all my love,
  • babyjayyybabyjayyy Posts: 21 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    To my dearest CrazyBltchh,

    Spamming Flowers for fun
    A time so daunting
    Until we met,
    Much heartache that would haunt me
    Now Is that, of a veil lifted
    In a world so forsaken, we have been gifted
    Decent mastery and resistance
    To save freedom harbor, make a new start!
    First TOD, Molten, ESNM, skip RCE hard
    Then together we quest,
    Crush anyone in our way!
    Since pvp came back
    we get so carried away
    Shylia knows our love passes for fate
    Oh but 12s is down, what can I say?
    Will you be my crucible pvp partner,
    for Valentines Day?

    Your's Truly,
  • santanasqueensantanasqueen Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    <3 Dearest KingFyah,

    Took me awhile to find the words to show you how much you mean to me.
    Since the moment I met you I knew were something special that I couldn't let slip away.
    And although we have not been together long it already feels we have know each other forever.
    From the long nights of leveling up to the all the silly jokes we tell each other to keep each other awake I am grateful for having you there. King you are the one I can't wait talk to when I wake up, You are the one that makes me smile when I am sad :) . It is you I choose to stand next to when we have to fight against the world. You fill my heart with so much joy every time I see you log on. You are my King and I am your Princess and I can't wait to spend more and more time with you each and everyday. Happy Valentines Day my love <3

    With all my <3 Love ,
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  • luckyclover94yluckyclover94y Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    So, I wasn't planning to write much, but it kinda just appeared on my screen. This is about how I met the love of my life, through this game. I know it's not a normal way of meeting people, but I don't care. So yeah thanks Forsaken World, and here's my story:

    So... It all really started with me being down in the dumps in life. I was currently studying something on Uni that I really didn't feel like studying, but I had to do something. I was having issues familywise, economically and life didn't seem all that great. Well I guess everyone's been there at some point. So one day, I decided that it all had become too much for me, so I was looking for somewhere to escape, to regain my sanity, so I thought of a game I once played, which happened to be Forsaken World (aka FW).

    I'm one of those people who always plays through games solo before playing together with parties and guilds, I liked it better that way, less stressy and noone to dissapoint. But then at some point I got the invite to join a guild called "NoName". And thanks to some very persuasive talking I finally joined them. Well, I was very unsure of this new guild thing so I tried not too be too glum when talking to people. But the guild had a very nice atmosphere and everyone was friendly and very helpful. This made me log in more often and check out what people were talking about and try to help out as best I could. And at some point I started talking and playing alot with the same person in the guild, in the end she was the one I spent 90% of my time ingame with.

    She used to always PM me as soon as I got online, so if I had a bad day I just went on FW and there she always was to cheer me up. I used to just count the hours until I quit my classes and I could go back on FW, since that used to be the best part of my day. It's kind of scary how depression can affect you like that, that you don't see anything good in life anymore. Oh well, let's not obsess about that.

    Point is, we started talking more and more, we always did dailys and raids together and we even started talking about gettin married in game. We started to skype alot when playing together and in the end it wasn't about the game anymore, I was playing because I could meet her. Being afraid to fall in love without having actually met, I was hesitant as first. But then at some point we decided to meet up in real. She was staying in England at the time and I was in Sweden so it wasn't all that far. It was very much becoming real.

    We used to always chat all night, flirt and skype (I'll spare you the details). But we were still unsure of the other's feelings. But as we met for real for the first time, as we embraced on the airport I knew that this wasn't just a game thing anymore. (Don't judge my logic too hard). Both of us realized the love for eachother and shortly thereafter we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

    After staying with me for 3 weeks, she sadly had to go back to England again. It was after this that we decided to get married in game as well. After this we spent the entire summer of 2015 together! We even counted the date we got married in game as our real life anniversary. Which is situated on the 17:th feb, just 3 days after valentines day. So we're going to celebrate together very soon!

    So yeah in the end she helped me through my struggles in life, and I helped her with her struggles. Together we helped each other move on in life and Forsaken World had a big part in it. She's now living with me most of the time and life is suddenly looking much brighter. So thanks FW for letting me meet the love of my life. I hope this all wasn't too cheesy.

    // Zeroshira, Illyfue
    Love you always Lakhilea.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Old Pic :3
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  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 694 Arc User
    I see the hint of angel wings in the distance,
    They shimmer with gold and rose,
    On a wild beast she rides, tamed by her soul,
    Together we fell the wild spirits of the woods,
    This radiant beauty by my side,
    A more blessed man there never was,
    Than I, touched by your love.

    My beloved, sadly FW frowns upon same-sex midget/human interracial relations, so while he (my alt) gets to enjoy the titles of privileges of your hand in marriage, he is a broken individual bearing the burden of a sham marriage whilst you're only thinking of my fiery body against yours. One day... one day....

    We first met running invasions, then again in the arena whilst glooping where I found shooting you in the head most enjoyable after you tried to sleep me, the opposing team's nominated killer.

    A couple of months later I mused to the universe it'd be nice to meet someone good in my life, that I was ready for someone kind to my heart. Not 12 hours passed before we accidentally crossed paths again in game, me having never forgotten you, and nor you I as it turned out. This time we exchanged details, tentatively Skyped, and then a nervous beginning turned into an antipodean flirtation with all the issues of timezones, soon followed by a visit in person, into a real life romance that's only gotten stronger with every passing day.

    Worlds have been moved so that we can be together, and whilst it was scary to move country, it's been something I've never regretted. It's now over a year later and every day I wake up happily next to you. We playfully fight, tease, laugh until we cry, enjoy all the nerdy shows together, play hard in the game and out of it. I am never happier than when you're in my arms and melt into me, or even when simply grabbing my hand while we shop with others staring at the couple having altogether too much fun.

    Love you, ya cheeky **** thing!
  • mavip4nmavip4n Posts: 151 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    Dear KenshiraSonata aka my nub husband.

    When we meet in FW while doing sp invasion like 5 months ago.. I said to myself "what an annoying and weird guy, i better stay away from him.." Then i saw you time to time.. again and again.. And one day i joined to our guild.. Every single guildie was kind and lovely. (but you.. wew you still scaring me lol) And all of them was saying you are a nice person but weird a little.. They are right! You keep feeding my innocent mind with weird stuff, but you are also kind and cute.
    I wanna punch your face sometimes cuz you are too careless and keep embrassing me with weird questions,
    but im still glad to meet you. Mom keep saying that your toon looks more girly than mine.. LOL

    Hope you not reading this you lazy weirdooo ~Your meanie wifey MuseSinger
    Tiny wind bard of Ascension and an innocent glacial priest of Starlight in Lionheart.
    Has stopped playing as of summer 2019. Since there are not many good people left (only douchy groups mostly, no offence!) and game is itself grindy more than ever. There is nothing left for a soloer. Good luck to the rest of survivors!
  • lina55lovelina55love Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    Dear ZabinPL,
    l can't explain how much l want to keep loving you. Not even words can carry the love that l have for you.Come to me and hold me.I want to be in your arm . . our body entwine at night. Then our lips sealed until dawn. I can't wait to love waking up right next to you. This love that comes from us is so pure that not even the far way distance can stop me from loving you. You mesmerize me when we talk to each other. l feel so complete when l looked into your pleasing blue eyes.Your imperfection is my everything there is to love I love you my beloving ZabinPL <3 </i>
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  • mizorexkurumumizorexkurumu Posts: 50 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    You were my first and you will be my last until my dying breath do I take. Forever yours, not even in death will we part. ~My beloved Nyosis ~
    Nefaris (Dwarf) lvl 95
    Katsura (Vampire Mage) lvl 96
    VivixVixen (Lycan Priest) lvl 97
    SaphireMyst (Bard) lvl 95
    Kitaras (Lycan Reaper) lvl 95
    Nayalia (Tormenter) lvl 95
    Blitzetta (Assassin) lvl 90
  • fanzapheetfanzapheet Posts: 30 Arc User
    "Every time I wake up, I think of you"

    You actually never said that but it's ok if you actually did.

    Just a few hours ago, we were merely just lonely people but in a moment that all changed.
    Your party request to do activities together, I cannot stop to not remember.
    Every single heals and seed of life you put in me, I regret being so depended on you.
    You always ask for lattes, but deep down you want to get mail from me.
    All the wrong chat pms you sent me are merely petty excuses to start a conversation.
    But you know Cono?
    Eternity, The moments that you will be surrounded by blue lush body of water, will continue to be there for many years.
    Despite the eternal limitless desires that commands your heart, and thus your waves of emotion.
    The Goddess of the Pacific Ocean will guard against all trespasses you might attempt in landing in the mainland.
    You wail at the unforgiving state of nature, but mainland and island must by all love and definitions be separated by a body of water.
    Forsaken World allows us to interact, but I am glad our separation is closely guarded by the encroaching water, facilitated by global warming.

    Words will never be able to express the satisfaction of pushing you away. You will always be my favorite islander.
  • lordfalklordfalk Posts: 10 Arc User
    My first love

    You are light in my darkness ... get confused when you're near me .. all my monster of nature comes up when you move away ... making me a vampire killer in the darkest of nights forsaken world.
  • phantomwestphantomwest Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    A short story for My Dearest Amy (Amlynne)

    I am sitting on the side of our bed very quiet, watching you sleep. You are so beautiful I can't help but kiss your soft warm lips you kiss me back with out opening your eyes you know its me. Oh so nice it is a wonderful kiss so long and tender. But as you awake I am gone only a red rose where I was sitting. You pick up the rose and smell its sweet fragrance and set it on the night table next to your bed. You look on the night table, there's a picture of you and your husband together which is away on a business trip hundreds of miles away. You sigh and close your eyes and fall a sleep knowing that I am close and I love you and will always keep you safe.

    Amlynne And WesConstantine Soulmates Forever <3
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  • laphantomelaphantome Posts: 70 Arc User
    Dear You,

    You know who you are. We must be the derpy couple. I know you say I'm so derpy. Who else jumps in Lava in Magma and gets stuck in the wall in Freedom Harbor Normal Mode? Well.......there was a time you somehow got stuck in the fence of Freedom Harbor. No clue how you managed that one. There was also the time that you thought the raid started hours before it was time. Happy Valentine's Day. Let's continue to derp together. :p

    With love,
    From me

    Signature made by DivineSpirits (Thank you for making it)
  • cmroscoe88cmroscoe88 Posts: 52 Arc User
    To my husband, my love, my friend.

    I never dreamed or imagined we'd ever find eachother. Before you, I'd had multiple others in game I'd hoped I'd get the chance to marry, but only you have been the perfect one for me. You see me for me, and despite all my flaws and my many many mistakes, you've always been there. Countless have walked away, unable to handle my mood swings and my emotional stages. Countless have thought I was just too difficult. One has stayed by my side, proving that there is someone who cares enough to be there. That one is you. I know I'm not easy to deal with. I know I can be a pain and a handful, but you look past all that. You see me for me. Even when I get worked up and upset over the smallest of things, you're so patient and calm and you never let it phase you. Though we've had a few rocky times, and a divorce, I'm so glad to have realized you are the only one in-game for me. You're my husband and you're my friend. You mean so much more to me then you could ever imagine, pixels and all.

    All my pixel love and kisses,
    Your Wife, MissAckles.
  • spykesbabyspykesbaby Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    To my Friend and constant companion of 14 years,NorthernLights,
    When we met you were with your then girlfriend, and we used to say hi in the game we were playing, we'd run parties and we would help each other out as we were both leaders of large-ish guilds. Your quiet and respectful way of talking with people and sorting out game issues was always a shining light to me and I had never met anyone else in a game who was a nice a person as you are. We were good friends and would chat while we were helping our guild mates and others level out in the maps.
    You came and approached me one day about merging your guild into mine as we had both lost people , as you do in these games, and so we merged and you found you had become a Templar of Destruction and one of my most trusted officers and friend. It wasn't long after that that you threw a grenade at me, which I fielded , and we have been together ever since.After 8 years in that game we decided there was really no more we could do , so we began to look for a new place to spend our days and nights in. We both had beta invites for FW, so in we came and we've been here ever since. We're on Storm server and most people recognize there as the "cute couple " or Bunny couple. We're both MM's and you wear the Bunny suit just because you know how much I love it. This time, you are the guild leader, and I have taken my place at your side as an officer and the guild we are in is a lovely place to while away the days. You are an awesome, guild leader and an amazing man and we have been married in game since December the 23rd, 2011 and also on our alts 14th Feb 2012.
    You have been there for me through some very dark times , as the result of an assault I suffered, and your quiet assurance has got me out of the dark and into the light again. You have also had some hard times and a throat surgery was one of the longest days of my life, waiting to hear from your brother that you were out the other side and doing well.
    You are the other half that completes me my love and I am looking forward to see what other adventures our lives together hold in store for us. Thank you for being my best friend, my love and my constant companion through this wonderful walk we call life , I love you Bunches of Honeyness , my honey of Bunnyness
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    To Drakgron.

    This April will be our 4th year anniversary for our ingame marriage. Remember over 3 years ago when we first met ingame. We become friends and then we got married. You have been calling 'A master of divorce' because you have so many ingame ex-wifes lol.

    At first I thought, yeah this is just in game. I give it top 6 months and I probably quit the game soon then we probably grew apart. We talked and talked everyday and then we met in real. We've been together ever since. And one day you decided to propose. I kinda knew it that you bought the ring and when I visited you. I really want to sneak a peak. So I sent you out to store then I can search apartment for the ring but you were hiding it too well. I couldn't find it because you were hiding it in the red bed sheet , the one i hate.(Well done by the way) and we have been engaged ever since.

    I am an oldest sister in my entire generation. So I always take care of everyone and be their rock. Remeber when we went to thailand together to meet my family? my grandfather pass away when we arrived at the airport. He was my whole world. My dad was driving us to see him. he said 'don't cry you have to be their rock' So I didn't cry. You were there when I saw my grandfather's body. You were there holding my hand. your first time in thailand you had to spent it with me in funeral for 7 days (Thai's tradition). You had know idea what was going on but you were there, sitting in the corner of the room and look at me while I was taking care of everything else. while everyone were crying. There was a lot of time, I thought I can't do this anymore. I want to cry and then I looked at you and you were looking at me and gave me so much strength so I could keep going. That was when I realised I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

    I didn't had time to grief because I had to go back to work right away and I started to getting very sick. I was throwing all my anger at you. Screaming, yelling and crying but you were still there for me for over 6 months. Though I almost lose you because of it. We were struggling learn how to live with each other again after we led our demons out to each other. I never thought we would make it. I thought we really not gonna make it.

    But now I quited my job in Finland and move to Sweden to live with you. It was scary. i had to start all over again with job hunting and language but it has been 2 years now since we live together. I can't say that it was easy. Because It wasn't. We are still fighting, arguing and mad at each other but the end of the day. We alway find the way back to each other.

    I am not perfect. I am far away from perfect but perfection is a hard thing to get your hands on. life is meant to be a little messy, and when it comes to love, sometime it make us so mad and want to kill one another but then you couldn't because you couldn't live without him If he die. I can not imagin how my life would be without you.

    So thank you , Both for the good part and the bad part. For the good part that make me so happy and for the bad part that make me realised how much I love you. I am loud and whinny. So please bear with me and hopefully we can buy our first house together soon. I love you millions and see you in 2 hours (I am still at work) :D


    P.S. Deadpool for valentine's day, yeah? :D
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