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Edge sin HR depths record

To start, we all know that edge sins can't be compared to venom sins in HR depths, simply bc edge sins lack aoe. Some venom sins can even beat HR depths (yea, i'm looking at you, VS).
Now, I'm curious about some stuff. What's the furthest any edge sin has ever gotten in there and how much acclaim did any edge sin ever get?
would be nice if i knew how far other edge sins get, even though like 80% of all sins are prob venom.

My personal record is floor 11, which i've been stuck on for months, and i get about 7750 acclaim now. (note: i use the royal blessing buff)

Daroelos - lv90 edge sin
Bon Viveur - Infernal Majesty - Hell Exarch - Dragonbane - Trust No One

Illyfue Immortal


  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,046 Arc User
    isnt VS edge main but swaps to venom depending on room type?
  • bleaghghbleaghgh Posts: 102 Arc User
    I believe thats how a lot of the stronger sins do it, use venom on any rooms with multiple mobs that don't have the "unaffected by control effect" buff, then floors with bosses or mobs that have the buff switch to edge.

    This depends on how much work you have done with runes/second SP tree as to how effective it is i guess.
  • nickvvnickvv Posts: 340 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    I use venom untill 46 (because lazy to switch) and edge for 46, 49 and 50. Venom would be your only way, especially in later rooms. You won't need a dedicated rune build for it but you'd need dual tree + dark mastery ofcourse.
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