Kindred vs Lycan (transformation)

hits4hire Posts: 183 Arc User
Looking at all talent trees of the different classes that lycans can spec into that utilize their wolf transformation versus the Kindred race talent trees who only utilize one class for their vamp form i'm left wondering why kindreds only have one class that can fully utilize vamp form. It doesn't really make much sense to me since Kindreds are really just vampires anyways. Will we ever see the day that other Kindred classes, aside from vamps, can be on par with Lycans and utilize a form of vamp mode of some type. Of course, the actual vamp class should be able to make the best use of the vamp form, but I don't think it should be limited to just vampires. Any thoughts on this?


  • darkseed
    darkseed Posts: 119 Arc User
    I've always thought it should be the opposite. Lycans should have had a specialized "werewolf" class which would be the only one to access the transformation. Like Kindred have 2 regular classes and 1 specialized class with a transformation. It's always seemed unfair to give that transformation to lycans who have all other abilities of another class PLUS the transformation which other races do not get.
  • sadbnmasdbmas
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    I think you guys forget that Vampires are a constant state where as Werewolves transform into the beast. What do you think the Kindred should transform into? A big bat? A super vampire? No... Lycan transform is just a attack speed buff of 15% and dispells slow effects upon casting, nothing major really.