Sea of Oblivion bug #2

Yes, we know that the bosses aren't spawning but this bug has another affect which is kinda upsetting. Due to the bosses being unable to spawn, the quest for the Sea of Oblivion ranks is now not available to pick up.

What we know? The Devs were on Holidays and we couldn't get a fix for it. That was over a month ago. How soon can we now expect a fix for this because frankly, I want to be able to work on Sea of Oblivion rep without being so restricted to quests only. Sea of Oblivion takes a lot longer to get up than Eclipse Hollow. I feel like I won't be able to reach Rank 11 before the 100 patch due to this bug.


  • sadbnmasdbmas
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    Before you say anything to counter this, I have tested this on a toon who already has the Sea of Oblivion quest, that I picked up on that toon before this bug, and dropped the quest. He was able to pick it up again. However, I then logged a Lv75 toon that had not grabbed the quest before the bug and it's not available to him.
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    Do you mean the quests that the Vengeance Promoter gives for reaching certain ranks of SoO quests? In that case, you have to talk to one of the NPCs in SoO (where you spawn in) before the Promoter will show you those quests. The NPC inside SoO will also give you a title. I think it's the Medic or something like that.

    If you didn't mean those quests, then I'm not sure what you're talking about.
  • sadbnmasdbmas
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    Oh is that how you get that quest for SoO? Well damn, I got the Eclipse Hollow rank quest from the Vengence Promoter and I thought it was the same way with SoO. Nevermind about this thread then :/