TopGun feat EU server . PVP video

we have now one uploader. It s a priest that will make one day his name famous; Still in progress at the moment; Yes we have pvp going on on EU server at the moment, here is a preview

and i will update this thread every time we get a new video from Imortal ! (haters gonna hate, that s all they can do :) ) enjoy
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  • negemaa
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    Awesome Video! watching it made me in the mood to pvp, but overall good luck to the priest and his goal.
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  • develichious2
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    When does this pvp happen? I tried solo queue on Sat morning-evenings, as its only time I have free to try and pvp. Yet to actually get a queue o.o

    Is solo ques for 3s dead?

    lately me and a few others have tried to make some fairly equal 6v6 teams to have some fun pvp, times have been pretty random so far (no set times), as we just contact each other and ask if someone wants to make it happen. if one party is way stronger than the other, we of course change around who's in each party.
    I hope more people will be interested in it so we can get more teams going.. would be way more fun that way.

    as for your 3v3 question, i dont know how to feel honestly. in 3v3s i've got 2.1k ish score atm, and last week i stood for over an hour afking solo applied without getting queue. the week before that i solo applied and got queue near instantly (against a way stronger party, so my pt disbanded after but well).
    either way, chances of getting queues increases drastically if you do it with a team, so you might want to do that instead of staying solo applied ^^
  • jespervestman12
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    Cool. We should set up some date and time to make some cool arenas, so we can get fair matches, im not even bothering mostly as it's 9/10 times an hour of queue for possibly one two match which isn't really that exciting.. //guns

    edit: if you want ofc ;d
  • galadhwen23
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    lets make mass arena tomorrow ;) saturday from 4pm ish til gvg starts, calling every op team out there, lets have sum fun :d
  • raven009x
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    nice :) ,i can't join to arena because of my low resistances :( ...... but still i love to watch at your videos :*
  • demon776977
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    Hello !

    A new Video :

    ( It's first video test for me. I saw a lot of problem for do better after and i will do don't worry )
  • demon776977
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    Nice video :)

    Shows how unbalanced Demons are tho xD 37k dots

    Yes i know demon need more damage :( We do only 37k damage for 3 seconds with one spell ! ( 12k/s ) Warrior can do 3 x 50k crit in one spell in 1 second ! Ho Wait Dots in the beginning is 4k per 3 seconds ... Don't let a Demon play and he do nothings :) ( he need reds hand and stack debuff for big dots ). Demon is not unbalanced in damage ( for defensif skill he is ) just more you let play a demon and more strength he have ^^ ( It's an advice )