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MM Encourage Buff broken ?

Has anyone else noticed the encourage buff randomly dropping then re appearing upto 4 seconds later.
the glow under you dosent go its the extra attack it gives go's back to what it would be it u turned it off.
it does this quite frequently and the attack does drop from the final result.
i notice my skills were getting greatly varied results with the same curcumstances and wondered why.
apon opening the charecter screen and watching the attack while i botted i saw it dropping by around 900 and upto 4 seconds later it would go back to normal. the encourage buff also dissapears from the buff area.
i was wondering if its only me having this problem or if others just havent noticed.
you have to watch it for a bit while attacking constantly to see if its happening.
any replys on this problem would be appreciated.


  • gazze1969pegazze1969pe Posts: 7 Arc User
    Yeah Full mana , cost 108 mana per tick , i can run this all day due to low cost and soulforce return at lvl 4.
    maybe its just me , idk why tho , just sux to have that skill being intermitant loosing 900 attack when it happens , and it happens often. :'(
  • gazze1969pegazze1969pe Posts: 7 Arc User
    i also noticd the mana cost still applied when the buff drops
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,055 Arc User
    edited September 2015
    if you have encourage in your bot like "auto cast when not buffed" then your bot will randomly turn it on and off for no reason, was really annoying happening while botting HR. i find it best to remove enc from your bot entirely and just manually toggle it when you go to bot or w/e.

    on the other hand a nice thing about encourage is that if you have it toggled on and use talent swap to go burst/soul encourage will remain on you and even give to your party until you realm hop/change zones.
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  • drunkbastarddrunkbastard Posts: 77 Arc User
    He's right, encourage is turning on and off on its own, while its activate by bot or manual. Its annoying in HR. As is, I have 2 True encourage runes.

    And it does affect my score, alittle.
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,055 Arc User
    you think 800-900 atk doesnt affect score at all?
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,055 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    lol i think you are misunderstanding, it only toggles on/off if you leave it in your bot, if you remove it from your bot and just have it manually activated it does not turn on or off to affect your attack, so mms who are smart enough to remove it from their bot as suggested and have it working 100% of the time are going to have a better score than an mm who stupidly leaves it in their bot to toggle on/off and change attack value (assume equal chars)...thats like telling someone not to use their brute force pet buffing in hr lol

    and at this point in the game 800+ is not high for mm o.O especially when its so easy to buff acc via other class buffs/food/pots/pets/etc....shylia tear anyone?
  • drunkbastarddrunkbastard Posts: 77 Arc User
    Crack Shot Time is affecting the encourage buff.
    Btw, im burst. This all started with the newest patch.
    Not surposed to acted this way. Its bad enough Burst got nerfed along time ago.
    And they tooked away my cigar!
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,055 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    natsss said:

    amarantos i think that you are misunderstanding it aswell...
    try somthing : activate it : start atk something ( like a dummy ) you'll see that your encourage will toggle off each2-3skill

    like i said earlier it should be because it's recalculating the attack buff ( because you're using soul bullet = -1acc )

    now try the same thing but toggle off crack shot time ( so you'll not use bullet ) the encourage buff isnot gonna switch off

    i did as you suggested and watched my stats while botting and realized what we have been arguing about is actually two different things, similar, but different enough.

    yes, if you have CST + encourage your attack will briefly fluctuate as your acc changes due to the loss/gain of soul bullets, happening very quickly which is hardly noticable with the mm skill longer cast times. but if you notice, the encourage buff remains active on your char for the entire time.

    HOWEVER, what i was speaking of when answering OP's question, is that if you have encourage set into your bot like i said, the bot will turn encourage off, which you can see visually by the white glow at your char's feet disappearing as well as the skill itself going onto cd and disappearing buff from the buff bar, and then the bot turns its back on. this process takes several seconds longer due to the brief cd of the encourage skill itself, which is where it can affect damage output more noticeably. this is what i was referring to, hence my suggestion to remove encourage from your bot settings and toggle it manually.
  • drunkbastarddrunkbastard Posts: 77 Arc User
    HVS silence not sure if it works now. I don't pvp much.
    RoF was 120 degrees now 90. And they tone down the bonus damage and burn effect.
    Well atleast they fixed hunter mark. inwhich im pretty happy with.
    Burst depends on this effect to survive.
    As for Burning Rage, I don't used that skill. I see as useless when a assassin sneaks up on u.
    Your dead in 2 seconds.

    Atm, im tring to make a pvp build as prec. Still working on my dyos side.
    Besides the runes.

    My attack as burst is 14.5k (w/o buffs) compaired to yours of 20k as soul.
    You can have over 700% Crit Damage and still get killed by others. My Crit def is like 302%.
    No one parties with a common burst anymore.

    Unless your me as MoogDog. Only good for pve.
    I will, make a good prec build and killed those bloody warriors, sins, vamp, reapers, and demons!
    Oh and those dirty water bards too.
    If anyone has crit defense over 450% their pretty much hard to kill.
    Don't care how op you are.
  • gazze1969pegazze1969pe Posts: 7 Arc User
    Yeah its cst that is bugging encourage just if u use 1 bullet , it should have a 20 acc varience to stop this from happening , i dont have it in my bot and never have , i can fire several shota b4 it comes back up and it needs to be fixed as it is nerfing my attack, its like do i leave cst off and loose 20 % attack and extra skills cst adds to attacks , or do i leave encourage off and loose 900 attack and have the extra skills. compared to other classes mm's already are lower on attack and this is just broken and needs to be fixed , just another broken skill we have to put up with .
  • stew6757stew6757 Posts: 69 Arc User
    The Encourage buff will fluctuate on/off in terms of the attack boost effect (even though the buff itself is still active) even when Encourage is activated manually.

    You can especially see this when botting. You can see your attack score drop, and you can see that you will do less damage with your attacks while your attack score is at the base line (ie. without the accuracy attack boost).

    Again, this is done WITHOUT have encourage set to be activated in the bot. Encourage is being activated once, manually.

    It's a bug that's been around for at least 18 months that I'm aware of.
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