Envoy Spirit and Polystone orbs gone from cash shop.

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Like tittle said, they are gone despite the news post clearly saying they would be up till the 22nd here : http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/forsaken-world/news/detail/9524693-polystone-orb-and-envoy's-spirit-sale!

and since in the cash shop it said they would be gone in a week time, someone made a thread about it, and Domino cleary said that they will be up will the 22.

The later date. The sale will end 9/22


But they are gone... whats up with that.


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    locked since you could have just posted in the other thread instead of making a new one, and I did leave a note with Dom about this
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    I just checked all the servers. theyre still there.
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