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Why are there no soulforce trinket guides

slingerssslingerss Posts: 37 Arc User
With the game upgrading so much. I don't know why the game don't have updated gear guides.
I have looked for a trinket guide with no luck past lvl 60 character. I can only get my soulforce trinket up to lvl 80
But i see people with better trinket lvl 1 that has almost 4k health and other things in it that kills lvl 90 mobs. It would be nice if we could go to the website and find more than just 5 guides for the game or new guides in the forums when needed.
Can someone help out on these matters?


  • jazerkjazerk Posts: 41 Arc User
    Probably because they have planes of taking them out and sell them to you next patch.
  • monarcckmonarcck Posts: 1 Arc User
    Pay them you might get it!
  • x0howlingninja0xx0howlingninja0x Posts: 17 Arc User
    edited August 2015
    The lvl 1 trinket with almost 4k hp is called Heavenly Crystallised Oracle: Light of Revelation and is available at Otis Horkennan for 2,000 token of faiths. Initially when u will buy it, it will have 2k hp and 3% crit def.

    There's also a small chance to get this trinket from the Golden Wheel at the end of instances.

    For upgrading it, u will need an item called Light of Etenrity (available in mall for 60 eyrda leaves). The trinket can be upgraded 3 times so u will need 3 of those items totalling 180 leaves.

    1st upgrade
    2k hp + 3% crit def > 3k hp + 5% crit def

    2nd upgrade
    3k hp + 5% crit def > 3.2k hp + 7% crit def

    3rd upgrade
    3.2k hp + 7% crit def > 3.5k hp + 10% crit def

    U can use Scroll of Sages to identify the trinket and an item called Light of Genesis (available in mall for 200 leaves usually but 160 leaves at the moment at 20% discount till 31st august, 2015) to re-identify the trinket.

    Hope this helps, best of luck. :)
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