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Rift Rewards Missing

mrspadaleckimrspadalecki Posts: 22 Arc User
I am a guild leader of Up In Smoke in East Eyrda server. We placed a bid on a rift land attacking Paradise for 30Diamonds. We went and we lost..However at 2310 (game time of course) We did not recieve our funds or divinity, nor could I open up any kind of rewards.. I spoke with a few other Guild Leads and found we were not the only one to be left out..I also found out a few guilds that did not even rift recieved rewards. I am very displeased as this cheated my guildie's out of their reward... I wasnt sure what kind of screen shots to send in.. So here are some I figured would be worthy.



  • mrspadaleckimrspadalecki Posts: 22 Arc User
    It finally seemed like it would let me open today and we got awarded our divinity, but im still getting nothing. It said "Guild Activity Failed to activate." When I tried opening it..
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