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Help with MM Gear

maurahanmaurahan Posts: 1 Arc User
I have a level 90 Soul MM and I keep getting wrecked in 12s and any other PvP that I do. I have seen other Soul MMs go in and destroy entire teams in minutes, while I can barely put a dent in their health with redhand. What are the best IDs for my gear to help me to achieve both hits and more survival? And if it's not just gear IDs but runes, a list of those would be great as well. Because I am at a total loss. Thanks!


  • unusualsuspect1unusualsuspect1 Posts: 693 Arc User
    PvP is a little whacked at the moment 'cos there's no true PvP gear any more (ie. arena gear) until they fix that. Then again, it's been a year since they broke it, and they've done jack to fix it since then, so everyone is just making do.

    Gear-wise, the biggest issue an MM (or any class really) has is survivability. Max out your fusion gems, and get your resistances up high (like level 60 at a minimum, preferably 80). With the last patch, everyone got access to better mastery scores with gear improvements, but nothing was done to combat that with better resistance gear.

    The 3 most important stats to work on for PvP survivability, are your crit-defence, resistance, and crit-dodge, in that order (in my noob **** opinion). With that in mind, Blue 85 gear with accuracy over crit-defense base ID's, with crit-def IDs on Rings, necks, off hands, will help a lot. Find crit-dodge IDs on fashion, and get at least level 4 Twilights and Crystalline gems in all available slots.

    Again, with the recent patch, some characters are running around with 500-600 crit-damage scores. If all you have is <200 crit-defence, these guys are doing anywhere from 3-4x base damage against you on a crit. Also, some classes (ie. sins and warriors) can run about with >100% crit-chances for periods of time, again due to the gear upgrades with the recent patches. This is why crit-def and resistances are your primary survival stats.

    You cannot get crit-def IDs on PvE gear (ie. champ 88 set, blue 85 set, etc, etc) but you can get crit-def base IDs on the Blue 85 set. If you can get a crit-def score of over 350 (doable with full 12% crit-def base IDs on all 8 x Blue 85 gear), with level 80 resists, maxed fusion gems, and a crit-dodge of 35-40% with fashion, soul power tree, and light dancer title, then you'll be quite difficult to take down for all but the craziest OP characters.

    Oh, and in order to do more damage, as you probably guessed, high attack scores (reforge all your gear), high masteries (ie. look towards >1200 total mastery score), and high crit-damage (ie. 500%-ish or better), and for transmutes max out your primary elemental attack (eg. either fire or earth, but not attack).

    There are still some characters who are ridiculously tanky, but generally such characters have sacrificed damage output to get that way. Your general goal there is to survive them long enough to control and whittle them down.
  • jespervestman12jespervestman12 Posts: 93 Arc User
    1. get arena gear 5x , Golden neck rings , golden boots hands. and full attack on relic

    3. go mastery and attack on all gears even fashion ID

    3. get 100 vice energy its very importent. or aleast 90 to be able to get stronger bubbel and faster resit thanks to the lower cd on spare ammo

    4. soul is the only way to deal and tank in both pve and pvp unless u want to beat HR then its Burst all the way, u can Always have burst as 2 end tree for HR AND BOT only , and soul as main tree for pve raid and pvp.

    5. marksman dont need so much tank ID stuff thanks to the bubbel so u can go all in mastery and attack stuff and be able to tank better then poeple with full tank build.

    6.marksman is not easy to play u need to read each singel skill and understand them, how /when/ and what order to use.

    7. elemental fire attack on all gear as transmutes

    8. this build is only for pvp,____ for pve u need pve gear with crítdamge and critchans ID

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