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  • > @somerandomkid500 said: > Its going to take more than an "empathetic" no to reassure me that CO isn't going to sunset. He said "emphatically", not empathetically. Not sure if that helps either way, but it is a pretty big difference, for what it's worth.
  • Always on, and seldom ever an issue in the places where it matters. I'd consider myself fairly active and only know of one player that's blatantly disruptive. That's it. I'm guessing I'm either just lucky, or folks just opted out from the start because of a couple of bad runs.
  • Clown hair for Foxbatcon https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.seekpng.com%2Fipng%2Fu2a9o0o0w7e6r5q8_curly-clown-wig-rainbow%2F&psig=AOvVaw2JFr9lbcZzPceQQUK48NPY&ust=1633893844270000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAYQjRxqFwoTCIDc8fiHvvMCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD
  • Look into defense mods such as durable or parkour. They give a little boost to knock resistance. Distinguished gear will help a lot as well once you get down to grinding. I use Unstoppable passive on most of my melee dps for this very reason. It helps quite a bit and you can keep the rest of your build as is.
  • > @spookyspectre said: > It's been a while since I played a Pet build but one trick that seemed to work well was to use a short lived summon like Summon Shadows or Summon Nightmare on the target. They very reliably attack the target you spawn them on and would trigger my always-on pets to aggro on that target as well. When…
  • It's weird though because pet builds are still kind of popular. I'm wondering if maybe something in my settings could be doing it. I did another test and it does look like they'll just stop after the first target. Surely that can't be happening to everyone, right? And so consistently as well?
  • Yeah I have a guardicator dps exclusive version of this build and the overall damage from toxic rifle is almost on par with AR; usually better in longer fights where i can keep poison stacks. I love the damage shield (now that it's fixed), which actually prompted a retcon in the first place. Poked around some and did some…
  • Ah, I forgot to mention the 2 plasma rifle devices will be the ghosthunter and toxic qularr rifle devices. Toxic qularr will provide fine dps without as much risk of grabbing unwanted aggro. Thinking of getting the target computer device as well. I'm very disappointed theres no challenge on lead tempest, but it is what it…
  • Any particular reason for support role? I see you have AoPM, but aside from that and IDF, I'm not seeing too much support. You might get a bit more out of PRE primary rather than CON, kill the advantages on frenzy and grab rank 3 instead, and phlebotomist advantage on devour essence. If you're married to support role,…
  • Concentration seems to be under 'gadgeteer' only, rather than technology as a whole. Not sure when it happened or if it's a bug. This affects the power progression when building outside of the gadgeteer tree (such as munitions). Unsure if it's intentional at this time, though.
  • Good afternoon. I'd like to add my two cents here, and I hope the devs may find some value in it. This is from the perspective of a "casual" player who dabbles plenty in endgame content and gets by just fine. I ran TT as main tank/dps with a healer, ranged dps, melee dps, and off tank/dps. We were geared with…
  • Just folded arms. Kinda like we have on some npcs and flight power. Arms folded. Simple but will be appreciated.
  • Can we make a transformation out of the Unleashed Rage animation?
  • Hmm, the grenade does fit the theme and is super practical, especially since I probably won't be max range at cosmics. I like the dex pss idea; not sure why I didn't look into that. I'll have to give it a whirl as well. Looks very good. Thanks, kamokami.
  • Ok that makes sense. I'm looking forward to adding that and seeing how it plays. Thanks for your insight.
  • Are you saying that power armor slots can be used during normal sustains? Because that changes the game for me if so. I'll have to see how this works when i get home. Thanks for the advice; it works well with my image for this toon. Agreed on BCR and MSA. Fairly certain I will keep Con because I'm a wuss, but I could just…
  • Pestilence should increase slashing and bleed damage. Keeping with your theme, you can use claws and, if you have invisible weapons, it'll look like hand to hand. Should help with dps. Viper fangs have the spitting cobra advantage which applies poison, and taking the phlebotomist advantage on devour essence would make it…
  • Dude, no kidding. Testing out, I was having sliiight energy problems. I'm looking forward to taking your advice. I love the warden/brawler deal..I think that's what Devastator rolls and it's pretty fun. When you say "keeping a Dex focus", do you mean as far as gear? That's part of what I'm trying to determine as well; is…
  • Supposing there is SOME value in dodge tanking..so long as it isn't cosmics? xD
  • Loving the comments and suggestions, I appreciate it. I've been tinkering with the suggested builds. Man, it really sounds unappealing most of the time though. I've seen some tanks that use the force field and have dodge as a supplement. Seemed worth trying. Tested well in PH, but idk. Not sure why anyone would go with…
  • Been tinkering a bit based on your suggestions. Got rid of Spirit reverb and I don't seem to be suffering any (or much) energy loss with Dragon Claws handy. I got rid of Viper Fangs for Demolish with Below the Belt and I'm not seeing a huge difference in my damage, but now I can just tap it for a quick debuff, bust out a…
  • Your replies make a whole lot of sense. I feel silly for not taking those things into consideration at first. The dream is kinda shattered, but it was nice getting feedback from yall.
  • Haha you guys are funny. Really though, thank you for the replies. I didn't know zone worked the way it did. There are, for the most part, really helpful and friendly players in game, but I felt like turning to the forum community for this particular question. I feel pretty enlightened and I have a better idea now of how…
  • Erhem..so here's the part where I get embarrassed.... I was in the middle of the story arc already..it had just been a while since I played the game so.. Sorry for the confusion. If we can go ahead and..i dunno..bury this thread forever..that'd be great. However, without the above post, I wouldn't have found out. So thank…
  • I was face to face with Juryrig and even with Celestar. I did "The Jury is in" quest...I wonder if I need to be "formally" introduced to Celestar..I'll see if that works..though I doubt it.
  • Thank you kind friend. This whole link is awesome. Thanks to everyone else too! You guys should check this out if you haven't already, it's pretty cool!