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  • I think players often forget that, as far as I am aware, CO currently has exactly ONE developer: Kaiserin. As a former player, they have always done their best to give the other players as much as is possible for one developer can manage. Powerset revamps are, I'm presuming, are far more complicated than costume sets, and…
  • I think we had a Defender Training Program twice this year. I recall that the most recent one was immediately following a Witchcraft double-XP week.
  • There's also Circus Malvanum (With the Moon arena and the ring-race over the city). That seems to be a space-filler. And don't forget Nighthawk Week. Another filler, really, as I don't think it has a set time of year either.
  • This happens to me pretty much every month of so. The forums will forget who I am, and when I sign in, it insists that I have a new computer. I mean, damn, I WISH I could afford to upgrade every month, but no, this is the same computer I've had for at least a year, now.
  • I like it! That whole reluctant-hero schtick isn't always well introduced, but this has a great premise.
  • That definitely sounds like a keyboard problem. If it's a fancy gaming keyboard, like something from Razer, perhaps you need to make sure you're running up-to-date drivers? I'm running a Razer Ornata Chroma and it pretty much bugs me for downloading updates at least once every couple of weeks.
  • I've been playing since 2013, and one of my first toons used Acrobatics, and it never auto-jumped when holding down space for as long as I've been playing.
  • One of my alts, Unbreakable Girl, is a TV journalist that secures action footage from up close during super-fights. She has basically off the charts, but she's naturally also very durable and super-strong. While WCOC gets footage from a helicopter, her small company, Freedom News Network, is down on the ground, her…
  • Where the heck did you get that case, the Incredible Hulk? It's ENORMOUS! My little Fractal case is getting notions of inadequacy now.
  • cough — keyboard and mouse masterrace — cough But seriously, yeah, controller support inside CO is a bit janky, but it does work. I've even played the game a little bit just to see what it's like, and I CAN SEE why some people might prefer it. It's just… my brain looks at all the buttons and key combinations, and I try to…
  • Clarification: How exactly does this event start? In the past, you talked to Defender and he'd let you know what to do. Is this no longer the case? I don't want to be leveling a toon for three hours only to find out it was all wasted work because the event was delayed because of a glitch...
  • My friends are here. Hell, I MADE new friends, some very close, within this game. Oh, and I like the setting, the costumes, and the people. =)
  • ALL THE THIS! =)
  • Welcome to the family! =) *gives the secret LTS handshake* B)
  • Oh, hey, it's almost like someone should make a pen-and-paper game based on Champions Onli— …oooooh. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE! ;)
  • I know this might sound a little simple and patronizing, but have you tried turning it off and on again? By this, I mean have you completely exited the game and restarted? I helped a friend install CO on their brand new PC a few weeks back, and the first couple of times it just refused to do anything. But after another…
  • You could also use Aesica's Bio Writer: https://aesica.net/co/bio-writer/
  • As of now, the old address redirects to a page that tries to get you to download a 'security extension' to your browser. With more and more browsers being based on Chrome and Chromium, this is going to get worse, as all the old browsers are basically rehashes of Chrome/Chromium now. Remember when Viridi and Maxton and…
  • I think Ambassador Kael is still suffering from shock after having their new costume designed by the community. That or he headbutts the keyboard (quite possibly in frustration).
  • (My emphasis added) Will people STOP blaming the developers for decisions that the bean-counters that pay their salaries make? I'm quite certain that the devs did not want to make such changes, but Bind on Pick Up IS a change that has been made, and is unlikely ever to be reversed. Jaazaniah IS correct about reading the…
  • News on the main website has the following for the Mecha Claws box: "…Starting September 24th at 10am PT until September 24th at 10am PT…" I know you guys are busy, but perhaps Ambassador Kael could correct that to show next Monday's date for the second half of that? As for posting, I do indeed see how the posting box…
  • Doesn't having a secret identity violate the ASPRA registration and make him a vigilante? Does this mean that as Kinetik, he cannot give testimony in a court, because of it?
  • Any taller rooftop in Vibora will do, as long as you clear both it and the immediate surroundings of mobs first.
  • NUUU! The Fun Nullifier is for people that don't like fun! What's the point of even having fun little devices like balloons and tacos if over half the server population carries these things around? The original Device version at LEAST tells you when you target a player that you shouldn't bother wasting a balloon in your…
  • The skills vendors in the Ren Center have tokens you have to pay for in order to unlock each +100 level. As you're already level 200, you have to have done this once. Just go back and unlock it again and farm away. You might need to go to Downtown and farm there just to kick your level from 200-to-201, but from then on you…
  • Windows 10 1903 may well be having issues, but the old suspects should be checked, the most important usually being the GPU drivers (from the manufacturer, not the chipset maker, ideally, just in case the manufacturer fiddled with some settings). Check to see if you are running in Fullscreen or Maximized Window mode. These…
  • Always confuses me when someone can't figure out basic, decimal currency. One Global is 100 Nationals. 1 Nationals is 100 Locals. The names given to the currency denominations ARE rather weird, but it's still just resources. If you look at the pop up whenever you get a reward, it doesn't give it in Gs, Ns and Ls, but in…
  • It used to be $50 for just ONE freeform slot, so the prices have gone down. You missed LTS for $200 by a week, too, sadly. At this late stage, I'd like to see Cryptic and PWI bring the LTS down to $200 all the time, and maybe a sale of $120 perhaps one week every six months. Would certainly bring in some new LTS blood.
  • Considering kernel32.dll is one of the essential dynamic link library files for Windows 85, 98 and ME (and probably Vista too), that would suggest some corrupted on the part of the DLL file. There are no end of reasons why kernel32.dll might be having issues, but they are hard to pin down. This link has some suggestions on…
  • Turns to the officer, "It's an old thread, but it still checks out. I was about to let them through…" ;)
  • #5 But I'd replace Gravitar with Witchcraft (so sick of that wardrobe-dissing floosy!). While I know that would cause some friction between the sisters, it's still an all-girls house, which means pajama parties, spin the bottle, and smoldering WLW tension. Will Mind Slayer and Medusa finally hook up? C'mon, they're both…
  • Exceedingly well explained there, Nextname! =)
  • I personally keep forgetting that I have this mod. Maybe I should take another look at some of my gear and use it? On the surface, it does kinda math out to look a bit lame, but when you compare it to other core mods, they really do make sense as a helpful little boost to the numbers.
  • I approve of this! MAKE IT HAPPEN, CRYPTIC!
  • I have a question: When I got my lifetime subscription, it included some of these costume sets. Not many, mind, but some. If someone buys the lifetime sub now, will they still get all those costumes that were originally included, or are those costume sets no longer going to be unlocked? Also, for those that already have…
  • I sent a help request on this myself. It seems that pets function normally in closed, instanced missions, but in open missions and large world-maps, they stall and stop. Apparently this is NOT a new issue, and has yet to be addressed. As ealford1985 mentioned above, this was originally mentioned waaaay back in 2009, when…
  • I think someone has been stealing some of your hotdogs, Spinny – and SOME hotdogs now come in packs of eight, especially the larger ones.
  • But then I don't have control over the quality of the contributions. I use Affinity Publisher for the layout (all three Affinity products are 50% off for a while, and are excellent alternatives to the subscription model that Adobe requires for their software), with the built-in assets provided through the software license.…
  • We have one just for Wombat: Armor Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash.
  • As promised, after hearing the Mistell-Xpress commercial on Dawn Radio, I was inspired to mock up a card artwork. Mad Vyking is hereby our proud sample-holder of the ASPRA certified MTX Plus Card, secured by Millennium City Bank.
  • The word several, according to dictionary.com, is defined as being more than two but less than many in number or kind. It also has definition of respective; individual; (they went their several ways), and separate; different (several occasions). In law, it is considered a law that is binding two or more persons who may be…
  • ...from ten feet away, of course.
  • I wonder what title will be offered this time? I do like collecting account-wide titles. :grin:
  • I've had similar issues, but... are you really complaining about having to type a couple of dozen characters because your Steam ID doesn't match your CO ID..?
  • When I saw items being displayed from other games, I could see that they were items, but they showed a blank description box when I floated my cursor over the highlighted name. If that was the only reason, I don't see it as being a good one.
  • I am very much against this intended change to the chat system, and would like to know more details as to why it NEEDS to happen.
  • https://youtu.be/9Dh7PwLjEvE