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  • Wait a moment.... It also says 9.1% cost increase instead of 10% on all of the forms and IDF
  • One more question, is Unbreakable layered under or above PFF? If it's layered above PFF then with the recent change on Unbreakable, it might be usefull way to regen your shield for a little and unbreakable seems to fit on my theme that i am still designing
  • I haven't made a PFF toon myself, but does fluidity count as blocking for the increased shield regen?
  • And have you tried that without justice gear and R7 mods? I still seriously doubt that the majority of the people will own it on live, unless the LR toon is their "primary main character"
  • No, i was thinking that the dodge boost that you get from not dodging attacks was hardly relevant as you can just as easily lose it as you obtain it(with dodge tanks, you will lose it even faster but w/e) . DoT's were already made nearly useless in PvP with Invul or other powers that reduces damage by a flat amount. Also i…
  • The very same buff that gets removed when you do dodge an attack
  • I don't recall Regeneration actually needing Resurgence as some of my builds don't need that AD. Also taking fluidity will make you lose out dps and fluidity itself does not have all the damage reduction benefits of a regular block and you need to hold it for a few seconds for it to take effect before you can attack with…
  • Probably his main complaint is that it's less lucrative to "farm" alerts for exp, because the old grab alerts which are now the smash alerts take more time to complete (but they are less easily failed) The only "upside" was that they boosted the bonus exp buff to 20%, but it's now back to 15%
  • Except that i feel slightly gipped to get only 1% dodge from the dex spec tree, compared to the other spec trees that give out something defensives like a large amount of defence from the Str/Ego/Pre or health from End/Str (and sometimes Int as well if your secondary SS is con)
  • So now that the stat bug has been fixed, justice gear does seem pretty inferior to legion gear
  • You could use some force powers if you are using thematically a pure "telekinetic" character without the whole mind blade/ bolt thing
  • That wasn't the point of my post. The point was that back then, people didn't have to leave MC to get to lvl 40 instead of going to other places doing content. Eventhough you had to be level 11 to do resistance, instead of now when you can start doing smash alerts if you skip the tutorial.
  • Not to be rude , but is there a reason why you don't want ranged melee hybrids benefit from the shared crit severity? Not that it matters greatly, because you can still get atleast 25% crit severity from other specs, aside from ego and str specs or dex mastery
  • When Shadow Collossi still gave exp in resistance, i technically never had to leave MC to level up to 40 (i mentioned technically, since you did leave and at the same time you didn't leave MC in an odd way)
  • Don't bother testing unless you have a decently equiped level 40 character
  • I have done it countless of times and because of my decent connection i have never been locked out of it at the very beginning. Now you are blaming on the lag or the horrible loading times because having a slow computer >_>
  • People who get locked out during the mission will still get the rewards after the team manages to win, just like the alert against Warlord. The lockout is nothing more than a barrier that prevents you from rejoining the battle because if you press on the recover button after being defeated you will spawn behind the barrier.
  • That's because the recover button is the same as always. Like i said earlier it's probably too much hassle to do this for just 1 mission. Seriously, they haven't done anything with or removed the useless "call for help", so why do you even think that they are going to remove the recover button for this mission? Also if you…
  • And you really think that we are getting that button disabled for 1 mission for people who accidently click on a button despite that the dev's doesn't even seem able to fix more important bugs or more urgent issues? Seriously if people would have done content, then you would have noticed that there are actually missions…
  • Oh you mean like ego damage from ego blade skills or particle damage from laser sword skills? edit: possibly the fire or dimension damage from certain MA skills as well
  • Crushing damage from munitions and force, piercing from archery are also considered physical damage (eventhough they are ranged) . So that's why quarry is so usefull to them
  • If you don't like dying, then don't que in for that rampage mission as a squishy. Otherwise expect to die often and have a healer ressurecting you once in a while. Eventhough some of her telegraphed attacks can easily be avoided if you are not lagging.
  • And make gravitar (and warlord) essentially less challenging than they already are?
  • So what keeps you from picking a passive outside of your own power set? Like i don't like gadgeteer's passive : medical nanites, but i am not forced to take it. Brick, force, any MA and the sorcery sets don't have their own energy unlocks, but you have to compromise and "sacrifice" one of your SS if you want to take an…
  • So what is the point of your str aside from knock resistance? Personally i would have invested that in ego or int (because of your previous complaint of not having it's own energy unlock)
  • There are more than enough other power sets that don't have it's own energy unlock, your point is?
  • Poor excuse of not wanting to answer the problem and instead avoiding it by namecalling. Seriously though, if you still get hit by that bubble outside it's effective range then it's a lag issue. Are you implying that you want to breeze through all content with a squishy. Squishies can already beat any other content solo…
  • If it's not your computer, then you have to blame yourself for dying against her yellow bubbles then. Even on my pretty weak laptop (with AMD Athlon II Neo Dual-Core Mobile K325 and just 2 GB RAM) i am succesfully able to avoid those more than 80% of the time.
  • In your eyes any non charged AoE power is overpowered, just because it can kill groups of trash mobs faster than you can. If so, then it is a matter of your build.
  • HAHAHA! Sorry, just had to laugh at your talk about experience. Especially seeing the way how you conducted your tests. Wow just the mobs in the power house. And on what difficulty and how many? So let me see, you want to take into account all 10 stacks of deadly poison (which takes some time) and by the time all 10 stacks…
  • What about the valid argument of NOT doing alerts is not persuasive? It's like that you don't even know how to play this game without them. I sure miss those days when people actually had to play missions to level up. Looks rather like stubborness to me. Also how many people do actually even agree with you? If i want to…
  • I am nearly insulting you for failing to see and acknowledge the opinions of others. So far, you have provided your reasons yet you brush off the counter arguments of others. Lot's of people have made their own reasons clear why they don't agree with you and yet i have seen you not even taken the courtesy of replying to…
  • Darkspeed is a device ^_~ Seriously though, you can have 2 traveling powers at lvl 35. Unless acrobatics/athletics/superspeed/teleport or any of those variations are breaking your concept, i don't see a problem with you being too slow. Also you have been instantly ignoring my previous post So i am repeating monaahiru: if…
  • Either don't take flight, don't be a cheapskate and farm your own darkspeed or buy one if speed is your issue. I assume you are talking about alerts in which this happens. You could just play regular missions if your main complaint is that the people in your team during alerts are not balanced, because they never will be.…
  • There is nothing legimate about your concern. You want some damage nerfs because you apparently are doing horrible with your own build. Of course not every build can dish out the same damage. Radiants, Telepaths and Glacier builds naturally don't do the same damage as Infernals, Elec, dual and ego bladers. That your damage…
  • Water- something that is not too similar to the current Force Daggers- both throwing daggers and dual wielding them , seeing that boomerangs and dual blades won't cut it for me
  • Kind of late, seeing that i forgot about this. It's a common build used by some people, but not everyone might know it. lvl 1-6 infernal bolt, supernatural power, devour essence lvl 8 aopm lvl 11 form of the tempest lvl 14 any lunge (for bosses that likes to knock) or epidemic (incase you want to kill some mobs while…
  • I got locked out in maintenace after i was on the EU proxy, after not using any i got in PTS pretty easily.
  • Unless i am fighting pestilence nemesis alerts, a devour essence leveling build (with aopm at lvl 8) also tend to work starting at level 6. In support mode, my level 8 character can even somewhat "tank" certain alerts.
  • I have seen low levels doing a better job than some 20+ . You probably should call it low levels who don't have a clue what they are doing should not do smashes. Depends, seeing that most bosses except nemesis can't be knocked i don't see the point of this issue. Also when dealing with nemesis bosses, i don't want a…
  • Bumping this thread because i like my neutral glasses more than the other 3 glasses that give me glowing eyes that i don't want.