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  • Story was nice, all the assets being reused was a bit sad (Like the ending just being the basic moon hideout, i get why y'all are doing it that way but it's just something to note). Hoping y'all manage to get a bigger budget from the people up above for the next one. Also two things: The moon hideout ending has a lot of…
  • Okay cool, this is legit all the info I was wanting, at least mostly, I know they're not as big as WoW or even as big as they used to be, basically i've just been wondering if anyone had any inside information on if they'll be getting more resources soon to start putting out bigger expansions. (It seems i rambled on and…
  • I wouldn't really call that an expansion or...anything...Every few weeks we get 1 singular mission that just reuses old game models. They used to release grand adventure packs/mission chapters like when they released Whiteout, this is just...barely anything. I know I sound super picky but this really isn't anything…
  • Finally adding SG hideouts to the game would be really awesome! in any way shape or form!
  • Diidn't want to decrypt files, was just curious if there was an easy way to access the files like with league of legends, and the green screen room is garbage for films, mouth animations wouldn't match up and it wouldn't look good for half the things in the movie.
  • Oooh! good idea :) thanks
  • LoL nice, send me a message in game sometime if in RP you need one of our members :)
  • I got rid of the first sentence of my first post, there are lots of situations I've run into in RP where someone is talking about how in RP he needs to take down another hero/villain, and that's where the alliance would fit in the alliance itself does not pay the hunters/mercs/assassins/hit men/hackers, the alliance is…
  • Anything really, here are examples Bounty Hunter: Your character needs to find and capture another character, you contact the alliance, they'd send a bounty hunter Assassin: your character needs someone taken out quietly, you contact the alliance, we send an assassin Hacker: Your character needs to hack encrypted files or…
  • Okay! here's the thing, you have a rich character who has a problem with another hero or villain or whatever in RP, send us a message, in RP we send the best qualified member or group of members of the alliance to take care of it, we don't use coins or nothing as payment it's pure RP, and the alliance itself does not pay…
  • Sorry, didn't know, and it wasn't as much of a recruitment as a asking people if they think the idea will fly of having a craigslist of bounty hunters for their rich characters to pick from (the rich characters who hire the bounty hunters wouldn't be let in the SG, so I ain't recruiting)
  • And finnaly it ends, as Crisendorf leads the rest of the dance party in a dance routine singing to THIS rather well www.youtube.com/embed/wmxUMcqGGTw well this is the final pic...we hope aaand that's all for the week...wait...THE WEEK?! there's gonna be more next week?.....humanity is screwed....aaand the SG who organized…
  • As the dancing continues, they are singing to "Dynamite" like drunk idiots, and wisteria mortame, the granddaughter of Crisendorf mortame, yells "THIS IS F***ING FANTASTICK".......this is some reaaaally weird event here people, it's scary that these people are getting their own movie. *weeps for humanity*
  • The dancing continues, but the head of the mortame institute, CRISENDORF has been spotted on the site wearing a FEZ!, when asked why he was there he told the reporter and I quote "go drunk, your home" and continued dancing
  • This just in! They have began dancing to "What is love" with a dragon!!! oh the horror! what will they dance too next?!
  • Thanks, yeah that's what we where thinking, better safe than sorry. we got a message the other day saying that as long as it is non profit and free on the internet to watch then it should be fine. We're not going to use the music, We just want to use the characters/world/lore of champions online for the movie. All the…
  • Well, the film started screen play writing today, we're going to write it with champions locations in mind and if permission is denied we'll just rewrite it with some original fictional city or something, aaanyway, still no reply from trailturtle yet, but we're keeping our hopes up.
  • LOL nice joke, the movie besides the occasional slang (such as d*ngit, and H*ck) (not sure how strict the forum is about language) it's gonna be pretty fammily friendly, Thanks, we're really hoping the movie gets the okay, and if it doesn't well just use our own fictional city probbably
  • they just did an update to the game, is the full event released yet?:confused: