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  • Going up in or on one of the towers around rencen is a good place to open them if you don't want to annoy other players.
  • I would like to try freeform someday to try and reprise a few of my old paper-based Champions characters, (I still only have an F2P level account), so far my first CO character is the only one who really fit any of my tabletop ones reasonably well with the restrictions on power availability for F2P. That intention (though…
  • In my case nostalgia (CO was the first superhero MMORPG I played, back in the first week or so it went FtP) and getting into character with old favorite characters and a few new ones. Not only that, I used to GM the paper-and-dice version of the game for a long time (since the second printing of the first edition back in…
  • Some probably work as some sort of contractor or whatever who is not closely supervised and can secretly use their powers to "cheat" and make the jobs take a fraction of the time they normally would. For instance, in one of my old campaigns one of the PCs could manipulate metal and precisely mill/shape, weld, plate, or…
  • I have never played the card game, but reviewers of the online game who have played the card game usually say it does not capture the feel of the card game at all, so that could be the reason. If the feel is not right it probably would not attract the card fans. That was part of Defiance's problem too btw, the show and the…
  • In theory, when a timeline went low magic it would probably drop out of sight and be impossible to travel to since the gateways are dependent upon that same magic/quantum/whatever and so would cease to function. If so, it would remain isolated from the crosstime-travelling community until it regained enough magic to…
  • > @pwestolemyname said: > xcelsior41 wrote: » > > Not a flame thread or any of that. General question: > I see in one hand it's worth it to the completionist, but noticing the rest of the game, what is the actual point of endgame gear? I suppose a good thing is you can(if you have time that is) grab it in ~a month for a…
  • I have been thinking of coming back too if I can free up enough disk space for it (my big HDD died and I have been making do with the SSD and salvaged ancient drives (most of my non-game stuff is on stick). I played CO quite a bit when it first went FTP and have tried getting back into it several times. Each time I ended…