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  • The color selector box on the device tray is HORRIBLE. As a handicapped person with limited hand mobility, I have enough trouble selecting buttons, adding a sand-trap next to the green isn't making it any easier, slowing my reactions as I ensure I don't accidently bring up a palette instead of using that device I was…
  • The unlock 5x 'Electrical Storm Costume Transformation' perk STORM SUMMONER is a hot mess. 1. The perk appears on the LOCKBOX perk list, but the transformation is not in a lockbox, it's in the Q store. 2. Unlocking the 'Electrical Storm Transformation' does not register on the count for the perk. 3. The perk description…
  • Thanks for fixing the currency and vendor issues, it's a shame it was just in time to be too late (to make any difference).
  • Are you going to fix the snake bucks and vendor issues with the reprint event?
  • Come to think of it, I am pretty sure my current 'main' had a few hundred snake bucks heading into this event, but I haven't had a chance to spend any of them, and he is zeroed out on snake bucks.
  • Follow up: I finally got a notification that I got a Snake Buck. but received no currency in my wallet. This strongly suggests that a previous year's version of Snake Bucks are dropping.
  • Reed Richards developed fabric for the FF that would respond to their powers (stretching, allowing flame to pass thru without burning, turn invisible) called something like unstable molecular fabric... he later started distributing the fabric/suits to other heroes.
  • BUG: SNAKE BUCKS ARE NOT DROPPING PROPERLY A currency drops, but when you go over it, you get no currency, and the item vanishes. I suspect those are Snake Bucks, but you either cannot get them, or they are dropping a previous year's version of the currency, so they are not showing in your wallet. Either way, that and the…
  • Psionic Echoes are now vanishing without being defeated within moments of being summoned.
  • The tool-tip images on all these auras and devices are really pointless. Static images of dynamic effects fail to capture the essence of the thing. On devices it's especially annoying because the tool-tips constantly pop up blocking screen real-estate. Adding a 'preview' arena for auras and device visuals would make more…
  • Context menu on new forums isn't working, so I can't edit my post. Upon further experimentation, Anvil of Dawn is not applying damage either. Only the Plasma Burn effect appears to be proc'ing. But the beam does still chase foes around, even though it does nothing.
  • Orbital Cannon with Anvil of Dawn is not applying baseline damage effect. Making it worthless.
  • This is really unfortunate. It caters to those who grind alerts relentlessly on just one or two characters, while cutting out casual players who only do the custom alerts when they happen to log into a character and see the current alert is one they need for the 'old' vigilance. I am certainly in the latter category.…
  • The partially completed perk for hitting 1000 people with the Rolled-up Newspaper is not showing in the perk list.
  • Heavy Weapon attacks continue to fail to ignore out-of-range target in favor of nearby melee range targets And some Single Blade attacks continue to have this problem as well. It seems whenever y'all mess about with these powers, you are removing that behavior from melee powers. Is the goal to make the game unenjoyable or…
  • and while I am at it, per my previous email... Some Single Blade melee attacks stopped ignoring out of range targets to strike nearby targets a long time ago. We all love standing around pointing at a guy who stepped back out of range while the mob of mobs destroys us.
  • HEAVY WEAPON melee attacks no longer ignore out of range targets to strike nearby targets. imagine that is red text. don't expect people to jump thru hoops to color the text according to your pedantic color coding wants and whims if you don't provide basic tools to do it.
  • Reaper's Caress (et al) ignore option to ignore active target if out of range and hit nearest valid target. This started with the single blade tweaks you made some time back, but it bears mentioning. On a couple of characters mostly heavy-weapon, I have also had a glitch where all active 'buffs' (including travel powers,…
  • The Lighting options on the Tailor are great. I hate coming out of the tailor and discovering that the subtle color blends and combos I did in the tailor clash badly in zone-lighting. Suggestions: Add Power House (main and theater) lighting options. Include the zone specular settings (if you haven't already) in the light…
  • CHEST & ARMS > Skin > Skin & Tights > Diamond The purple region inside the red diamond on female characters uses the skin channel. On male characters this area uses the #3 channel. Please add extra sub options to both males and females to allow either option to be selected.
  • CATURDAY is still broken, I just got prompted with this again:
  • The PERK "CATURDAY" is not completing, and instead, the message "Mission Dropped: Caturday" is popping up as a system message when the perk's requirements are met. I submitted a ticket, but the potatoes you call GMs only informed me that they couldn't reset missions, and told me to share it on the forums.
  • No, the event is over, per schedule.
  • I was looking forward to the Defender's Training Program at the tail-end of the Foxbatcon, as it has been for the last 2 years... is that still a thing you intend to do, or has that been dropped entirely?
  • They fixed the Foxbat Photo mission offered by Defender to give proper currency, and they added the Wrecker AT to the event store... either of which may explain why they extended the event.
  • There is no currency reward message when completing the mission.
  • The Foxbat Photo mission from Defender is NOT giving the 11 Foxbat Cred it is supposed to award.
  • Please adjust the follow distance of Ladyhawke and Dr Ka to 7 to 10 feet (in this and every other mission). I am often frustrated getting boxed into a spot by these 'helpers' jammed up against me and pinning me into corners or cutting off my combat mobility, especially while blocking and/or stuck in AoEs.
  • Imagine this text is red: BUG. Twice now, I have used the convo-skip in the hospital, and then Ladyhawke does not say anything, the mission credit for checking on Ka does not tick off. Reentering the mission does not reset this. Dropping the mission and retaking it does not reset it. Cycling characters does not reset the…
  • There is a Snapping emote that already came with the Snappy title
  • At the very least, the OM should be tuned to a 3-man difficulty level. Also, the massively overpowered trap, lock, and kill combos need to be neutered a bit... Most ATs and many FFs are simply not up to the that, and with the spurious time restriction on the final phase and a boss with killer combos, a self-heal, all while…
  • Are you going to fix the over-clocked damage mechanics of the MOBs while you are at it?
  • [Mission] Your mission "Darkness Unleashed" is out-of-date and will be automatically restarted. We apologize for the inconvenience.
[Mission] Dropped mission "Darkness Unleashed". What mission was that?
  • It is likely healing as intended, for 1.5% -- a more realistic number based on similar healing advantages on attack powers. Typos are rampant in the tool-tips of this game.
  • I do wish there had been some head/face costume bits for the new lockbox set. None of the pieces are 'statement' pieces, and most seem to be iterations of existing designs. Not bad overall, but the better sets usually have 1 or 2 'must-have' pieces set to lower drop rates to push key buying.
  • Missions showing twice isn't a bug. One is the first mission, the second one is the repeatable version of the same mission. Also, 'daily' missions that use a global reset time (at a particular time every 'x' days) instead of a fixed length reset timer (20 hours after accepting the mission) do not show a timer, because they…
  • In the future, it would be nice if the reprint vendors remain active in the back of the Recog building until the end of the year, even if the Reprint Event daily mission ends in the first week of the winter event.
  • The loyal sidekicks are level 1 when summoned.
  • Have you 'repaired' your perk at the Fixer in the Recognition Building? I don't expect it will help, but enquiring minds want to know.
  • A full review of the partial and robotic arms geometry and color channel mapping at the shoulder join would be advisable.
  • 500 drifter salvage will buy a throne, easy-peasy
  • .Weren't they going to add the third and final series to the serial adventure during the Anni Event? I saw the news blurb for it, but I don't recall seeing any new content.
  • After checking, the incorrect transformation is not being awarded, nor is the correct one, from the 'unlock 10' perks for transformations, in addition to the incorrect title/transform message being displayed.
  • Good Evening Perk is also awarding the incorrect title and transformation, account wide, and not retroactively awarding the 'lesser included' perk.
  • You can always buy the temp versions on characters later, from the UNTIL store.
  • After using the Murder of Crows Transformation on a 10th character: Perk Complete: There's Been a Murder You have been granted the title "Back From the Dead" Used Item. You have been granted 1 of Zombie Transformation. And not surprisingly... after zoning several times, it appears to have granted me NEITHER the Murder of…
  • Is the plague mask on the vendor different than the plague mask that was previously unlocked with the Horror Mask Pack from the Zen Store? It is showing as un-learned in the store, but I have the mask from the Horror Mask Pack unlocked already.
  • Also, I am needing to do the undead hero OMs several times to get the perks for completing them. I don't know exactly what you've done to the perks (I suspect you have moved them off to a sub-server) but it's made the perks laggy and problematic.