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  • The speed boost in the Stone alert will need some getting used to. Makes navigating a bit weird.
  • I'm having trouble unlocking the Roin'esh transformation on PTS. Even after multiple relogs and waiting over an hour it still didn't show up in my list. The Item says it's already unlocked if I try again.
  • Apes meteors are blockable, you just gotta block them in time. They belong to the family of "Ignore the chargeup, block at activation or facetank" powers, similar to dinos stun.
  • Thank you so much for Onslaught Week. It's been forever since we had the last of those and they really ease the drag this system becomes after a while.
  • No, I already found and "fixed" the problem. Cryptic sneak patched the launcher to require Win7 to run. The function it tries to call for doesn't exist in Vista. I know Vista is horribly outdated, but it would still have been the nice, an…
  • I've had the race fail on me a couple of times cause of a missed ring in the past (especially the final ring seems to like doing it for me). I can only say, you don't need to win the race to get your reward. As long as you enter the next ring before…
  • Pink used to be a truely many color in the past. Back when armies thought it was a good idea to wear colors that make them clearly visible to the enemy it was the color elite warriors were using. :p
  • #2 Finally some smart people to talk to :p
  • The Vibora time travel is an odd thing anyway. The VB UNITY missions have you repeat certain VB missions, explaining that "It's required to keep the time line from snapping back" or something weird like that.
    in Time Travel Comment by menesh May 3
  • Did you check if you switched chat tabs by accident?
    in Bueller? Comment by menesh May 1
  • Anyone have the names of the numpad non number keys for use with the /bind command? nwm, figured it out. Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Decimal, NumpadEnter, NumLock
  • It's a really oversized "Follow" button. I see it too, others I asked don't.
  • Just a heads up: The Reprint npc has blue teeth. ;)
  • Bug The reprint "Daily Gift!" mission has some of the names on the currency rewards switched. For example, selecting Turakian Coins rewards Elysium Coins.
  • Where has been stated that currency caps would be reduced?
  • I am glad to see steps done to remove questionite from the game. CO was in desperate need of a Q sink for a long time, as the sad state of the exchange shows. However, I am *not* happy that the Paperback store items are Bind to Account/ Bind on Pick…
  • Nice. Good to see Tenacity and HFC devices returning. New costume pieces looking good, though I wished the dragonfly wings wouldn't float in empty space like that and actually be connected to the back piece.
  • Bug Hacked Orbital Cannon Codes doesn't do any direct damage. Also appears to only apply Plasma Burn to the main target. Edit: The device does damage, but it does it centered around the player instead of the target. Also applies Plasma Burn to targ…
  • Contest was fun, devs had a good laugh at my evil red eyed bunny slippers. I'm happy.
  • Would it be possible for Hacked Orbital Cannon Codes to get the Anvil of Dawn effect? Let's be honest, Orbital Cannon (the power) is not very useful without it. When used as alpha stike in solo play, mobs wander out of range before it hits. In group…
  • (Quote) The Gunslinger AT doesn't show if it's already unlocked.
  • Bug Toymaster doesn't have his usual cowboy action figure exchange options. Instead, he still has the anniversary ones. Also, the High Noon event shop still doesn't show if you already have an item unlocked before you have the required amount of Sn…
  • BUG: Indestructible doesn't have a max number of advantage points set. So you can buy both R3 and Unchained. Regeneration seems to have the same bug, only with no effect since you can only spend 4 points on it anyway.
  • I'm pretty sure all custom alerts that can fail will not count towards Vigilance if they do. Harmon, I know definitely won't. RW I only failed once and I don't remember if it counted, Hi Pan I never failed.
  • Major bug: Save the Earth is currently unwinnable. The countdown for the final phase is set to only 5 secs.
  • Bug: Athletics/ Acrobatics type travel powers no longer do a backflip animation when jumping backwards.
  • (Quote) Eww, no. I don't want to be the target of everyones hate just because they want to hate before even trying the changes. Seen that often enough with the CO community. Anyway, now seing it in action for a bit I still thnk the sorting change …
  • Sorry, but this new character sorting was a bad idea. If you want to make it easier for altaholics, just turn the sorting to creation date newest first would have been a much better alternative. For someone like me, who goes through all their chara…
  • The Radical Shorts on females clip with an awful lot of existing belts, limiting it's ability to be mix-and-matched quite a lot. It's a shame, since it's a very nice costume piece.
  • If those equipment boxes are like the ones from events (I'm sure they are) then they drop equipment up to purple secondaries and blue primaries. So the maximum you can get as random drops from any mob as well, and the best you can get without needin…
  • Flora Plant OT/CC WIP Any / Multiple v3.27:30 Super Stats Level 6: Presence (Primary) Level 10: Constitution (Secondary) Level 15: Intelligence (Secondary) Talents Level 1: The Radiant (Int: 10, Ego: 10, Pre: 10, Rec: 8) Level 6: Enduring (Con: 8)…
  • Since I decided to try to confuse people with theme builds: Silvara - CC/ Ego Blade Any / Multiple v3.27:30 Super Stats Level 6: Presence (Primary) Level 10: Constitution (Secondary) Level 15: Ego (Secondary) Talents Level 1: Mind Over Matter (Eg…
  • Wasn't it planned to turn the AF collection missions into stores last year to adress the issue of all instances of AF parts being deleted when turning them in?
  • Bug: The Icicle AT in the Event store costs Nighthawk Favour instead of Winter Charms.