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  • WOW that 3rd pic, now all i want is a CAPE/coat thats that detailed FUR omg someone make it happen
  • Can we also add a visual change? So having a power colour changing would actually affect it more, as its just physical object that goes by quite fast, why not add a trail that get thicker each rank etc like most ranged attacks do, and if somehow technically possible like a "crossbow, or hand bow style would change…
  • So is it ok to presume that no more weekly events anymore? Next event would be summer something then in July?
  • i know but i got my account back april 23 :D just dont browse forums much
  • this is sad i missed this end by 3 days due to account issues got my account back later :( wish there will be one more opportunity soon
  • well im sure game will continiue to go on, i remember last or 2 years ago we got a free freeform token that was nice gift. But im not super active anymore but still having differnent powers would be nice, guess i have to wait another year :D
  • HOW in the defenders name are we supposed to get 750 annaversary FAVOR? tell me! it's impossible in a week ...i want a powerset but 750...
  • im so mad i just wanted to see if they added anyhting this week for "finale" but nope i saved up 500+ favor and now cant use it
  • SERIOUSLY? and people in Zone chat told me yesterday that VENDOR will be aviaiavle for a week after the event i have 500+ favor i want to use!!! bring it back!
  • I have a whole new problem on my FF character i cant get the free limited steambike, i dont get the mission even. i created a alt and it had instantly the Jo mechanic mission. I checked my invetory on my FF and active slots no bike. how could it be if i cant even start the mission. how is it possible? i had a steambike…