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  • Right after I voted for Therakiel I realized this is who I'd really want to play as, mostly because I'd love to finally be able to play as a Multiple Man type character. The mechanics would be fun as hell too.
  • Same here. I must have been lucky since most of my runs in the past have had people commenting on the character, at least in regards to their appearance. Indeed, though they need to hurry and fix Neverwinter Foundry already. It annoys me that they deleted the lesser known quests. That said, I feel like the main reason why…
  • I'd hate to think this is the case but I can see this happening. There is always the possibility that it was a simple mistake and their minds were elsewhere. I've made that mistake before in regards to particulars about CO. Then again, I play in blocks at a time separated by months or more.
  • This was probably mentioned but a giant health bar for the cosmics akin to what they do in Neverwinter for the open-world dragons would be cool as well. It would let you know how far along the cosmic-killing is and let you make a more educated decision on whether or not it's worth the time/effort.
  • Triggered by gifs. :rolleyes: That is far and it is still considerably different. I'm not going to equate something that shouldn't be equated. And neither would a see through outfit. Come on now. My information is not purely second-hand but believe what you want. Getting hot is not always the case, being weighed down is…
  • No the post was done in a playful manner. It was presenting an opposing opinion but being silly when doing so. And yes I am surprised because I act much like this elsewhere without issue. Hell I've been acting like this here just without using gifs and now people are upset when they never were before. Literally triggered…
  • I do think they should highlight the Unity missions some more. That and the Unity 2 missions. The conditions on unlocking the latter should be altered in case the quest for that breaks.
  • I won't defend her old costume beyond it did it for me and looked nice. It was pretty but I also understand some people are fans of the costume for other reasons and have no issue with that. We'll have to agree to disagree on the comfort issue. Comments in red. TIME FOR THE THUNDERDOME! TWO MEN ENTER ONE MAN LEAVES!
  • There were no exaggerations. Thigh-high boots are not comfortable and are not ideal for acrobatic combat, something Wondy is fond of. Bras are worn rather widely and I'm told constantly those are not comfortable as well. There is a vast difference between shooting people and slow combat and the stuff Wondy does. And while…
  • I never called those people dumb. There is a difference between refuting someone's view of something and calling them stupid. But you will see what you want to see to justify this sudden fit of "righteousness". :rolleyes:
  • Goodness gracious. Way to miss the mark. Your analogy entails my "offense" is on par with another person's offense. Posting a gif of someone laughing is not on par with calling them a bigot, or a troll, or worse which occurs on this board. My point is: When worse **** goes down, none of you guys ever say anything but…
  • There's a reason why those boots fell out of fashion. And even then, they were used mostly by horseback infantrymen. Beyond that, they were used for other things since they provides little comfort unless it was the type that was actually knee-high in height and had the top extend above the knees.
  • I'm not over-reacting though. I'm honestly truly stupefied and confused. Worse stuff goes down and it's no big deal but when a gif posted, some people some people start crying. I mean, what? If I was tearing into people I would understand but really now. :rolleyes:
  • So wait a minute, on a board where people commonly snip at each other or make snarky comments, the minute I post a gif, people lose their **** and cry about the tone of posts and so on? Really? lol okay. :rolleyes: My comments in red. TRIGGER WARNING: GIF INBOUND IN 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 I can't help but laugh. I know I've used…
  • Well that's depressing to hear.
  • That's relative as hell. Honestly, and I'm going to be blunt and maybe a bit harsh, but that's too bad. Ban me if a rule has been broken (I don't frequent this board often enough anyways) but such conduct is standard fare as far as this board is concerned. In any case, I also found the idea that such a outfit is practical…
  • What's the significance of this part of your comment?
  • Definitely this. That said I've always been a fan of cosmics that stray a good distance from their origin location so that would be cool too.
  • *People find pointy metal pelvic pieces, thigh high boots, and 90s aesthetic to be practical and good costume design* All it's missing is pouches and an unnecessary overjacket. Different strokes for different folks I guess (though it amazes and pleases me that people here aren't defending the baraka blades) but I still…
  • Superman is now Conner Kent? And holy crap that Wonder Woman costume is horrible. Because the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Wonder Woman is Baraka from Mortal Kombat doing poor Sif from Thor movie cosplay. I mean really now. :rolleyes: I don't have enough pictures of people laughing to express how silly I…
  • Indeed, that's a very valid point. I keep looking at it simplistically (too much time spent with the Foundry in Neverwinter and Creation Kit will do that) but with scripting tossed into the mix with this engine, I can see that. But I really want mah Force Station Steelhead hideout. :frown:
    in hideouts Comment by lestylo March 2015
  • It's funny how the only thing I found objectionable about this outfit when I was younger was the lack of a proper belt (like many heroes for whatever reason). That and the thigh pouches annoyed me because where's the symmetry?
  • Well, it is called click-bait for a reason.
  • My first character took about a year. The other ones were much faster (a month or so). In the the end though it depends on the AT I'm using and how much time I have to play (which often times is none at all). My Inventor was my longest excluding my first toon, taking about 2-3 months mostly because I just hated using it…
  • Now that's just embarrassing. If you're going to do something this silly, at least make the armor look good. Though I'm rather surprised they didn't take their silliness further and add racing stripes. I mean really now. smh
  • Personally, I'd like Force Station Steelhead Force Station Steelhead Force Station Steelhead Force Station Steelhead Force Station Steelhead Force Station Steelhead Force Station Steelhead Force Station Steelhead Force Station Steelhead Force Station Steelhead Force Station Steelhead Force Station Steelhead Force Station…
    in hideouts Comment by lestylo March 2015
  • That needs to happen. Neverwinter will be getting guild(supergroup)-based hideouts soon so I can imagine the demand for those in this game will be getting louder.
    in hideouts Comment by lestylo March 2015
  • I like the idea about moving the cosmics into Rampages (maybe even attaching a small miniquest to them as well). More could be done or tailored to present a harder fight than what we have now in open world missions while keeping some semblance of the original experience. That said, I also do think they should keep the…
  • A changeling AT would be very nice. I've been using devices to simulate such and it's simply not the same. DCUO has something of a changeling powerset which is fun but it's also rather limited.
  • I would love to see Rider hit like a grown **** man on the big screen. :biggrin:
  • Only if it is **** Rider. Anything else is unacceptable. :cool:
  • http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/half-life-3-confirmed :rolleyes:
  • I'm sure it will look better with color so I'm not worried. It's a pleasant start. I'm glad they went with this look, even if I like the clean-cut look better. I feel like this bearded look works better for the movies.
  • It looked like she had been playing around with a paint set quite honestly. I understand the function but more examples of the outfits would be better.
  • Indeed. It never feels like the companies are making an honest change. I'd be more convinced if they made a new character or brought back an old one and gave it new life. DC especially, since they have a whole universe (that they have since assimilated) filled with comic book characters who are diverse in gender, sexual…
  • Did they slap a law degree on her? WTF? It sounds like they are trying to turn her into Daredevil. How soon before she goes blind? Goodness gracious.
  • DC has had gay characters for the longest time now, even had them kiss "on-screen" if you will. The one thing I find deplorable about comic book "journalism" is that it constantly likes to pretend as if Marvel is ahead of the curve when it reality DC has been the one that takes the risks and in many ways, the ones more…
  • I recall that issue. It was horribly drawn. And yeah, Jim Shooter was one of the main people against him coming out. Eventually Scott Lobdell went ahead and did it anyways (which makes the way he has been treated by the media in more recent times all the more sad).
  • I swear most of the people in the media who make a big fuss about this have never read a comic book in their life. This kind of stuff is rather commonplace in comics and is surprising to no one. Then again, I can see why this is news: everything else is "Event X with the fate of the multiverse in the balance where nothing…
  • It honestly amazes me that there are people who think the best way to deal with such an issue is for "oversensitive" people to leave the game entirely. I mean really now. A game with as small a population as it has, and some people think it is a good idea to make the population smaller while leaving a bad taste in their…
  • I don't see how this is the case and it seems like a horribly subjective rule for such a thing. Another person could comment that noticing it in the first place is admitting defeat. It all seems silly to bother tossing about such labels and judgements. And why money? Such is the glory of expendable income. I can't fathom…
  • A-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Because mentally attacking someone while agitating him while he is being attacked from all sides while he is wrangling with the full brunt of the Phoenix Force while he may or may not be wrangling with a shard of The Void is a good idea. That's like beating your dog and wondering why it's not listening…
  • SOMEONE'S WRONG ON THE INTERNET!!!!! Are you trying to imply trouts can't be handsome? Shame on you. SHAAAAAME. Cyclops can't be blamed for making it summertime in the hearts of women everywhere. It's a burden he must bear. #BasedSummers, #StupidSexySummers, #SummersTimeInYourHeart. Sounds like someone needs to git gud.…
  • I do a bit of internal role-playing with my characters, some more than others. Pretending seems like a natural part of this game so I'd be hard-pressed to imagine someone not pretending even a little bit. In the end, yeah I like to pretend.
  • Personally I don't think it is done, just having a bit of fun at the idea but things do not look good for them at all. Last time I checked, they are making money but that may not be enough to keep them afloat. I personally don't want to see DCUO go away but recent news is not that promising.
  • I will die laughing if this occurs. The most delightfully belligerent community you'll ever come across. At least PVP will become interesting but I'll miss having a place I can go to be an insufferable *******. :biggrin:
  • That would be cool. A few more perks and titles would be nice too.