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  • Personally, I'd like to see R&D back. Sure, it wasn't good, but at least it was something. I haven't been back that long but I'm already tired of Fusion and Mods, which feels even more like a pointless grind thing than the old crafting (where some of the things we could work toward at least felt cool - not that I ever got…
  • I've done some extra browsing thorugh the forums and it looks like almost every melee build uses INT or REC. Can I really go DEX/CON/STR and pets on top of that without wasting myself on energy issues? I'm starting to suspect DEX/CON/INT an gearing for some STR and REC might be wisest. On a completely different note, I saw…
  • hey, thanks for the suggestion! I thought Arctic Beast used a bear skin for default, but it's another wolf, this is great :) What I'm wondering now is whether Fury of the Dragon is actually any good, or whether I'd be better off going with something that might help control the battlefield a little (Rising Knee or…
  • So you don't think I have to go with REC or INT to make the character playable? (I just noticed I forgot to mention, it's meant for PvE, if that makes a difference. I don't like PvP much in general and hear it's particularly badly balanced in CO.) Another thing I was thinking is whether maybe martial arts claws would be a…
  • What? People have no control over who they get queued with, so you can't actually go punish them for fails. I queued the Mind I'm running atm for an Alert yesterday, and at level 8, she was the third-highest character in the group. You can imagine how that went - but that wasn't the fault of the two level 20-somethings,…
  • I would very much like that. It would let me reactive my old toon, which would be nice considering my new idea doesn't seem to work under a Silver freeform slot, anyways.