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  • I think there's buzz in the air that SOMETHING is coming. It definitely feels to me that the game is getting more content than it was when I started playing around 08/12. I can't quite imagine what would be considered major content if both a new zone and the Foundry are off the table, though. Maybe a new Adventure Pack?
  • If CO could ever get a version of the Foundry, I'd be very happy indeed. :biggrin: (Though to be fair the Neverwinter Foundry set such a high bar that the version they could do with CO's engine as it is would probably be a bit of a disappointment if we expected an equivalent version.) I've been playing CO since 08/12, and…
  • Yes, I know that Viper were the ones who really programmed the Snake Gulch robots but it made a better story to have Mechannon do it. :D
  • I really feel like Cryptic North has been doing a lot for Champions Online given the resources they are probably given. I really got into CO when I found out that COH was going to close, and there's a lot in the game that I enjoy. I wish that it'd get more content ... Dev generated or something Foundry-lite because there's…
  • My undead characters prefer the term "Differently Animated." :D
  • Yes. This. Or at least when you sell a vehicle offer different color versions so people can buy one that more closely matches their color scheme. Champions Customization options are still probably the best available in a game these days. Why make something that doesn't take advantage of your customer base's interests?
  • I'm hoping for a version of the sleigh to come to the C Store or Drifter store because I have horrible luck winning vehicles when I really want them. :D
  • Hey, maybe we could have a sleigh this year before Christmas? :D
  • The problem I have with the Walking Dead zombies is that I find it hard to believe that they could swarm so quickly that the various governments of the world would be unable to figure out how infection is transmitted or how to take them down. One of these days I'd like to see a zombie movie with the zombies actually being…
  • Woot! Moar costumes! Thanks for that. Of course I had to buy all four because I have every other purchasable costume piece unlocked. :D Keep up the good work!
  • Congrats on the promotion, Trailturtle. :D I got a Dark Aura Device as a drop tonight, and I hope the other auras we get look as good as that one. :biggrin:
  • Since I have been wanting a jet for a concept character I will be buying one of those. :D I do wish we could have one that resembles the Champions Jet someday. :D
  • Shadow Destroyer took him out without too much trouble. In fact the only reason he's still alive is because Citizen Harmon was keeping him around for his tech. (Of course, Harmon also beat "Dr Defender" as well and KILLED him so maybe the Big D is a bit tougher than his Multifarian counterpart.)
  • Hm. So maybe we'll be seeing a VTOL craft in the C Store soon?
  • Hi, Radio! Thanks for posting. I know a lot of people here were really wanting to see an official presence from Cryptic North on the forums. I saw one of the Cars in CO actually climb a hill once. It was like watching a slow motion wheelie! :D :D :D Hoping to hear more from you guys in the future.
  • Trailturle, I think that months ago there an interview where it was said that CO was looking at the possibility of wheeled vehicles. Is that something that's still being looked at? And if not, any chance we might get some bladed vehicles in the future-- helicopters, ospreys, biplanes? (Guy can dream.) :D
  • New costume pieces are always nice. :D At one point I read an article this year saying they were looking at wheeled vehicles which I also would like. For the anniversary itself, I hope Witchcraft is there giving out Double Xp goodness while Sapphire sings her heart out. (What, I'm a traditionalist...) :D
  • Glad you had a good time. I did it about four times. The first and last times were a success. The second two we weren't able to get past the walls. The last time was pretty fun because I had a team that was having fun and was doing their best. (We also had two people with a rez power on the team ... one of which was pretty…
  • Yeah. I died and didn't know about logging back so I've been off too long to get the reward, and it's honestly not worth it to do it again. The lockout mechanism should be removed, IMO as you can spend a lot of the mission locked out from doing anything.
  • I hope you're wrong. I honestly don't see this game being something that could be sold because the Cryptic Engine would have be a bear for anyone who hadn't been trained in its use.
  • Hard for me to limit to just one thing. It's a tossup between the customization (people can be VERY creative here) and freeform. I love being able to take pretty much any power I want and being able to retcon a character to a completely different powerset if I find out I don't like the one I'm using without having to…
  • Color me confused. So is there a blue one? I have a red one. Two actually. I suppose I should put my spare on the market at some point. :D
  • I knew about the screen but I couldn't remmber what Dr. Defender's status was. It was kind of a nice twist to learn that the "Old Man" wasn't Dr. Defender when we rescued him as I was expecting to be fighting besides a heroic counterpart to Dr. Destroyer. :biggrin: I only got to see the end of Resistance last night, so I…
  • Got my Flag Speed. Yay! :biggrin: I do think that there should be some sort of incentive to encourage people to do it again once they have Flag Speed for themselves in order to help other people get it as well, though. A holiday event should give you a reason to do it again and again in order to maximize the use of the…
  • I sure hope it's more than on that day 'cause I'm going to be away from my computer that day.... :D
  • What? That's a NPC Nemesis? Was wondering why it kept showing up so often.
  • Maybe this time I'll get the story behind Nighthawk as I missed it last time ....
  • Okay, what do we mean by "immortal"? I mean, I thought Therakiel has been on Earth since the Fall ... isn't he already immortal?
  • I just did this Adventure Pack on Sunday, and it was pretty much a breeze for my Level 40 Electric Blast guy (I have the Regeneration Passive) until I got to Luther Black. I actually did manage to kill him ... and he got better. After that I tried to kill the 'Hands as he spawned them, and for the most part succeeded, but…
  • Made a short cut from the .exe and it brings the Explorer Window up which never loads. Other thing I tried was going into the Live Folder and clicking on the client. Brings up the login screen and it never connects.
  • TY! I will definitely try that! :D
  • In COH terms, Sunday Blaze gained her powers after dating a Hellion. :D So her powers should be fiery demon related. That's why I really like those level 26 demons... the Infernal, the Hellfounds etc ... would really LOVE a toon that had those for pets. :biggrin:
  • Duoed with a friend tonight and we didn't have that problem. Need to see if there's some kind of team threshold that causes the problem. Is there anyway to select a mission from someone who isn't the leader or do you have to switch leadership for that?
  • No, it wasn't Resistance. It was just regular low level missions in MC. I was the leader and I know I wasn't setting new missions until we couldn't get the star to move around. :D
  • COH Forums: BlueBattler COH Global:: @BlueBattler and @SimonMcCoy (I had two accounts!) :biggrin: