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  • Thread is about design not difficulty.
  • I love the tailor part of this game. It's what made me become a LTS eight years ago, and it's what keeps me entertained to this day.
  • An aura box? With just 5 auras? You really don't want your players getting anything nice do you? An aura box is going to be worse than getting an action figure as a drop, because although it's a class A troll move to see a glowing price and then …
  • They have given away the animal logos on multiple years
  • Well the time you want to add things to the store is when the event is over and nobody can get any more coins. Bonus points for promising to wipe everyone's coins if they didn't spend them but not warning them that the throne would be added on week…
  • I think those copyright law concerns are the other way around Catsarsto, CO, like many MMOs, are worried about people claiming that they've violated people's copyright and so cloning another company's IP is against terms of service, and if you make …
  • The ones that haven't been attacked by a deathlord don't seem to take any damage though. Vanguard is at full health when the deathlord attacks him for example, but everyone slowly loses health after being attacked.
  • if that were the case all the undead heroes would be slowly dying.
  • So, quick question, for the Takofanes fight, are the undead heroes supposed to continue to lose health even after you take down the deathloard that attacked them? Or is that a new addition to the fight? I don't remember that happening last year.
  • So I've unlocked these bone armour costume pieces years ago by buying the set. I assume I'll get the peck automatically by logging into the game?
  • Fixed that for you
  • The endless supply of mobs is certainly the most annoying thing about the alert for me as well. I'm not sure what the nemesis is planning on destroying with that laser, but I'm pretty sure if they've got that many mobs at their beck and call they c…
  • Black isn't a colour it's a shade Thank you for giving us a week's notice this time.
  • I've seen people saying they didn't get credit many times so far this afternoon, I haven't yet been able to get into a deathlord fight yet so it hasn't happened to me yet
  • Yeah, farming mobs for costumes drops is just more painful these days. On the bright side I guess these guys are still good for perks.
  • So anyone notice that (35 x 7)+50=295? So if you're just doing the Trickery and the 5 mission reward, you're going to be 5 Credits short of unlocking the cheapest costume piece? Feels a bit like trolling.
  • Look, I play games to have fun and relax, that's the main reason I've completely written off GCR in the first place, I'm not interested in making contracts to buy items that I'm not willing to put the ridiculous amount of effort the devs deemed requ…
  • at 300 silver and 150 gold I'm pretty confident that I'm not going to see many at the AH and certainly not at prices I'm willing to pay.
  • These items require gold recognition and therefor are useless to me.
  • How do we report problem players that troll events?
  • Why can't we get at least a week's notice about these things?
  • I thought all currencies reset at the end of the year? Why would the training currency have reset? this event runs twice a year and we haven't had a year between the two events. I think resetting the currency in the first place is stupid but if y…
  • I can't stay connected long enough to see if this is happening to anyone else but I got connection issues again today, September 10th
  • Hmm, maybe it's just me but the random disconnects from last week seem to have returned to this event as well
  • Looks like this is an issue across all Cryptic games so at least they're aware of the problem
  • Hey it's only 625 favor in week 1 to get a rank 6 mod. That seems pretty reasonable right?
  • I made the mistake of doing Stone with my vehicle, I only ever use it for this alert really (and navigating the maps), and oh boy, are they ever useless now. Still I've very happy with the Cut scene skip. That was very nice.
  • Well it usually seems that when players are having fun with something they're very quick to nerf stuff. If something is being used because it's good the plan is always to nerf, never to buff, and the result is that everything is bad. They always h…
  • Sure, it highly depends on the costume part of course, but some of those pieces are still bringing in 100G or more. The parts that were always popular are still desirable to new players and we still get new players even these days. Some parts are …
    in Farming Gs Comment by guyhumual July 30
  • In the Q store, you need at least 2 pieces of Mercenary gear, get 3 pieces and you also get a boost to Q drops
    in Farming Gs Comment by guyhumual July 30
  • The other thing you need to do is know what's a valuable drop and what's not. There are open world items that can sell for a lot of Gs in the auction house. This is another reason why it's useful to farm open world mobs in between alerts. I recom…
    in Farming Gs Comment by guyhumual July 30
  • Alerts take time to pop, for best results farm mobs on the open world while waiting for the alerts, also there's equipment like primary gear that boosts resource drops as well as booster devices that increases your drop G drop rates and most of thos…
    in Farming Gs Comment by guyhumual July 30
  • Nope, unless that other content has as many game design sins as Save the Earth they can't possibly be worse. 1) unskippable cut scenes 2) disabled travel powers 3) never ending mobs 4) insane agro range on mobs 5) New or Unexplained mechanics introd…
  • I'd prefer them to just take STE out of rotation. It's the worst thing in this game.
  • I don't know why we just can't teleport to respawn points on the maps for free, wouldn't get you to the renaissance center but it'd get you around the maps faster.
  • The reason games censor copyrighted material is to prevent the people who own the copyrighted material from suing them (again). I know it's sucks not being able to play a copy of a character you like but they got to police or else face lawsuits. T…
  • I didn't get credit for today's run towards Patriot Costume: Victory Shoulders. Bad enough having to do this mission 3 times but now I need to do them 4 times at least.
  • Resistance is about 2 hours per run, supposeing you don't have any bugs that stalls it out Whiteout is about 1 hour per run, supposing you don't have any bugs that are game ending or stalls it out so that's about 9 hours CO expects someone to put in…
  • Just did ONE run of whiteout, took an hour, and Resistance takes even longer. That doesn't seem at all worth the effort.
  • Okay, I think I got this figured out now: It's not the weapon of the costume that you're transforming into that matters, it's the weapon of the costume you're transforming out of that matters. So if you have 43 costumes you're going to have to chan…
  • There was no queue for the last day of yesterday's Red Winter, and although I queued for it earlier there's now no queue for Save the Earth. Mind you if removing Save the Earth is by design I wouldn't mind, it's hot garbage, but I suspect that the …
  • Yeah, I noticed that too. you beat me to it.
  • I guess the answer to my question is: No, CO will not be updating for Canada Day. This is disappointing but I suppose with Covid-19 shutting down most offices the CO staff has it's hands full ruining "improving" old content.
  • Or it's not the OP, but another person that came back to the game and is justifiably upset. I think it's perfectly fair to be upset at having to pay a large sum of money upfront to play characters you put time into years ago, the only thing I'd sug…
  • Eh, I sympathize, but it's not Cryptic's choice, you want to send your anger somewhere I'd recommend aiming it at Perfect World Media.
  • So me and a friend that plays CO had issues logging on today after the update. We both got in eventually but it took about 5 tries for me, timed out a few times and got kicked after getting into the game for like 20 seconds. I'm not sure if this i…
  • Well everyone has different opinions, I don't hate the Nighthawk event, it's not my favorite event by a long shot, but I prefer running around the map and the 5 minutes of unskipple cut scenes to the stupid amount status effects this event likes to …
  • I believe it's in Canada's Northwest Territories, mostly because it's got Bear Lake on the map, which I think is a nod to Great Bear Lake, which is an actual lake in the Northwest Territories
  • Yeah, you don't have to do any of the content, but to be clear, I'm saying the event has a lot of knocks, pulls, stuns and holds and you're saying "Well that's only 1/3rd of the event"
  • Oh the knock, pull, stun, held event has returned, enjoy minutes of not being able to do anything in combat while this event is active!