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  • It's the only decent superhero MMO out there with good customization. But the main reason for me recently is the RP community, I had more fun the past year than the other 8 I played. Create plots and characters was a great way to exercize my creativity and is my favorite hobby by far now.
  • Yeah, I was taking a look into their "sons", there's a lot of options to work with =)
  • That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot, bulgarex!
  • Now that you mentioned, I've been reading a lot of Master of Kung-Fu lately, and simply got hooked by the spionage plots involving Shang-Chi and the MI6. I was thinking about: skilled fighter ends up fighting alongside spy agency because interests briefly aligned, and then reluctantly aids them from time to time. Pretty…
  • |That's good to know. I'll try to take a further look into UNTIL. Thanks!
  • Shoulder holsters! I've always wanted them for my noir/detective characters, even adding a gun option to the already existing Shoulder Harness would be enough for me: Plus, they look super duper cool B)
  • Just out of curiosity: What would be classified as rank 7 in game? Cuz 320 ego is fairly easy to achieve :p
  • Cool! I'll take a look into your Time Travel thread, thanks for the info! :)
  • Cool! I'll put some more suggestions here too :)
  • Eh, just found out "Blockdown" is a slang, and a not very relatable one lol https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Blockdown I'll try to think about some other suitable names :p
  • Curiously, Lockdown is in the restricted name list. Can't remember any comicbook character with that name, but that forced me to go with Blockdown. A bit less cooler, but still representing the character powers. :)
  • Thanks @bulgarex and @theravenforce , loved the "Stronghold accident" origin, I will certainly base Lockdown's story in it! I think it's nice to have restrictions about the negation, makes crossing paths with characters less susceptible to it way more fun and challenging RP-wise. :)
  • I would love to see Archery get a revamp, and I don't think it would be that hard. There's some cool powers already, maybe adding a few more and adjusting the overall DPS would do the trick arrow :) At least, it looks easier to fix than Earth :p
  • Nice guide, I was always afraid of CCing for lack of knowledge, now I feel confident do give it a try. Thanks :)
  • Happy new year! Thanks for the feedback, I'll test this at PH :)
  • The Danger Rangers doesn't seem to be very active these days :/ If there's enough people interested, we could create a new group :)
  • Thanks for the help, flowcyto, I'll test your suggestions :)
  • Nice report, got me hyped to try this life drain healing stuff :p That said, I made a Freeform approach: Harbinger Healer - Freeform (Support) v3.42:34 Super Stats Level 6: Presence (Primary) Level 10: Constitution (Secondary) Level 15: Recovery (Secondary) Talents Level 1: The Witch (Con: 10, Int: 8, Pre: 10, Rec: 10)…
  • How hard would it be to "open" those locations? Even if they don't offer interactions, would be really nice for RP purposes, like guyhumual said.
  • Now that's a good idea, with a flaming baseball bat :p
  • Yeah, I miss more sports-themed options for melee weapons. I would love a golf bat, and since the hockey stick is for LTS only, I won't use it anytime soon :/ About the skins, the best I could do so far was duplicating the same costume with different weapons and then switching the costume slots outside combat. It would be…
  • Been quite busy the last few days, thanks everybody for helping me out. Let's see if I understood correctly then: Just made this bad boy, it's a Casey Jones homage. His name will be Home Run or something baseball-related. [x] Hockey Mask [x] Baseball Bat [x] Punk look Since I'm not naming him "Casey Jones" and the color…
  • That's nice to hear. I was afraid to get too restrained on ideas, but that's not the case. Awesome :)
  • That's some wonderful news! Thanks :)
  • Being experimented by Moreau is definitely interesting, and in fact would help me justify a lot of stuff I have in mind right now. Thanks a lot, bulgarex, extremely helpful as always! :)
  • Hmm... Qularr abduction sounds nice to me. How feasible would be a small group of humans managing to escape from their captivity and keep living at Monster Island like an isolated tribe? I think the idea of residing in MI makes more sense if there's a group of people for my super-hero to protect.
  • I've got a sudden interest on Aquaman for no particular reason and decided to create a Half-Atlantean: Need more aquatic pieces to show up at the Auction House, but I think it's on the right direction. I don't wanna put a lot of stuff on his uniform since he's supposed to swim fast, so a more "clean and simple" look makes…
  • Cool! I'll sure do it! :)
  • Greetings, You guys still recruiting? I'm Interested, but I'm from Brazil (UTC -3 timezone), and I play mostly at weekends. If that's fine, I can apply =) What kind of characters are needed? I have a fully retconed freeform slot at 40, just lemme know what you guys are looking for so I can work on something creative B)
  • By alpha strike I mean a strong DPS power :p I should have said I haven't intentions to run this build on high-endgame content, just to have fun doing Alerts/Rampages, sorry hahaha Thanks for the suggestions, I'll test them at PH!
  • Why bestial is at top tier? I tried it a few months ago, felt a little bit clunky. Maybe I was doing something wrong? Any bestial example builds I could take a look and compare with mine?
  • I'll try both options and see if they fit what I have in mind. Thanks, flowcyto :)
  • flowcyto is truly awesome, he helped me several times already! and always with excellent builds, btw :D *moving hands to send appreciation waves*
  • That's just awesome! And since today is my birthday... best present ever!!! Time to hit 40 with my costumed vigilante :) I really hope this new kind of content goes well and we have it on a regular basis.
  • Thanks for the help, I'll try what you suggested :)
  • The 6th edition of Champions Villains Vol. 2 has a picture of every Devil Advocate. Here's how the Demonologist looks like:
  • Hmm, I'll test this. Thanks!
  • Thanks, I'll try both suggestions and see how it goes :)
  • It occurred to me that I should use this power, but I couldn't afford to cut anything from my healer build without losing it's efficiency... so I passed :/
  • hmm, wasn't considering decives as damage source... thanks for the ideia :)
  • About the AoPM Pure Healer build... Powers Level 1: Radiance Level 1: Conviction (Reverence) Level 6: Compassion Level 8: Aura of Primal Majesty (Rank 2, Rank 3) Level 11: Iniquity (Rank 2, Rank 3) Level 14: Eldritch Shield (Rank 2, Rank 3) Level 17: Redemption (Salvation) Level 20: Will-o'-the-Wisp (Guide) Level 23:…
  • That's excelent! I'll definitively work with this to build my character background :) About Supernatural, I'm probably gonna use a lot of it's lore to support my character beliefs/actions. Thanks a lot for the help guys, I'm pretty excited to work on all this!
  • Thanks @shadowfang240 , I'm gonna take a look at them :)
  • Cool, I'll take a look there, it aligns with the stuff I have in mind. Thanks for the info, Bulgarex, I never get tired of reading the pieces of lore you drop for us. :) What I have in mind is indeed a "traditional" Catholic exorcist, but he would face any kind of demons, all faiths included. Any relevant church in…
  • Hmm, didn't knew about that, interesting. It's been a good while since I don't see a bunch of Marvel clones running around MC, I hope players keep it that way. It's a very scary thought to battle Disney inside a court :/
  • I know! Just sharing some thoughts! But yeah, DC has a lot more visibility than CO, and it's only natural since it is a big multimedia brand. I hope Marvel has some plans for a MMO, I kinda miss Marvel Heroes a bit. :/
  • It's cool to play your hero inside the DC Universe, but that game got super clunky for me, at least through the years. I know it has way more content than CO, but it doesn't have nearly half the customization options CO has. I have much more fun trying to customize my hero with power/looks to achieve a specific character…
  • You could use Lightning Strike instead of Thunderbolt Lunge, it has a "Flash" visual, I guess :)