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  • flowcyto is truly awesome, he helped me several times already! and always with excellent builds, btw *moving hands to send appreciation waves*
  • That's just awesome! And since today is my birthday... best present ever!!! Time to hit 40 with my costumed vigilante I really hope this new kind of content goes well and we have it on a regular basis.
  • Thanks for the help, I'll try what you suggested
  • nyghtshroude nyghtshroude#9048 wrote: » You wouldn't happen to have a picture of what the Demonologist and his team look like would you? Always wanted to create a demon summoner villain The 6th edi…
  • shadowfang240 wrote: » you could remove BCR...that's kind of redundant when you have conviction and LD for self-heals already​​ Hmm, I'll test this. Thanks!
  • kamokami wrote: » brfabeiras wrote: » About the AoPM Pure Healer build... Powers Level 1: Radiance Level 1: Conviction (Reverence) Level 6: Compassion Level 8: Aura of Primal Majesty (Rank 2, Rank 3) Level 11: Iniquity (Rank 2, Rank 3)…
  • shadowfang240 wrote: » so, uh...just out of curiosity @brfabeiras , do you have the Holy Water power? kind of hard to be an exorcist or evil-stomping priest without holy water, even though the power itself is kind of...shite​​ It occurred t…
  • hmm, wasn't considering decives as damage source... thanks for the ideia
  • About the AoPM Pure Healer build... Powers Level 1: Radiance Level 1: Conviction (Reverence) Level 6: Compassion Level 8: Aura of Primal Majesty (Rank 2, Rank 3) Level 11: Iniquity (Rank 2, Rank 3) Level 14: Eldritch Shield (Rank 2, Rank 3)…
  • bulgarex wrote: » If this was my character, given the background you suggest, I would make him a former theology student, maybe a seminarian, who suffered a tragedy due to demonic action, causing him to question his faith. Wandering without purpos…
  • Thanks @shadowfang240 , I'm gonna take a look at them
  • shadowfang240 wrote: » no idea on lore, but if champions doesn't already have one and you need ideas for an exorcism chant, you can borrow one of supernatural's - the latin actually (mostly) translates to something that makes sense and isn't dog l…
  • spinnytop wrote: » Kinda falls apart when everyone around you is also a super hero, doesn't it o3o​​ Not quite
  • jonsills wrote: » Reportedly, their first idea for an MMO is why we're all here today - this game's first iteration was nearly complete when someone at Marvel decided that MMOs were a passing fad and pulled out of the deal. Apparently Cryptic was …
  • xcelsior41 wrote: » Oh no I’m not trying to be dismissive of CO’s potential at all or what it offers! I’m simply saying that for the most part that’s what people generally think of for superhero MMOs, in a recent order at least I know! Ju…
  • It's cool to play your hero inside the DC Universe, but that game got super clunky for me, at least through the years. I know it has way more content than CO, but it doesn't have nearly half the customization options CO has. I have much more fun …
  • You could use Lightning Strike instead of Thunderbolt Lunge, it has a "Flash" visual, I guess
  • Thanks a lot of the help! I'll test it at PH
  • My idea was a hybrid build, with ok DPS using FC and some utility with shields and Redirected Force. Looking at it again, it might be better if I actually focus on something (DPS or Healing), right? Is there any healing build with shields? Or at …
  • No problems! I figured it was supposed to be the debuff haha
  • Thanks, I'll test this at PH
  • Aussie ninja, lol
  • Who's Seeker? I'm curious now lol
  • That's a really cool background history. Now I like him even more Thanks again!
  • There's a lot of them, I'll read more about it to pick up some ideas for a potencial bird-themed hero. Now about Nighthawk, any info you can share? What books should I look? Thanks!
  • Not able to login since today Sometimes I can even start the launcher, sometimes it starts and keeps "Waiting for the account server response...", sometimes it retrieves my list of characters, but when I click "Play", the map doesn't load
  • Now that's what I'm looking for! I'll take a look into Ivo in Champions Worldwide, thanks again bulgarex
  • Hmm, electric arrows... sounds interesting Thanks again!
  • Hmm, would be awesome if the identity was open Already have enough to think on something original, thanks for the help @bulgarex !
  • Thanks a lot for the info Any books where I can check more about this Scarlet Archer mantle?