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  • I can't really remember, but its something i definately did with my ex-unleashed AT Tigrina, and especially in UTC, it was really fun to try pushing AT's limits with freeforms, and it was even better that those freeform players were some of the finest Pvp'ers of this game.
  • People used to execute these rules with instincts, especially before alert, if the UTC teams weren't equal in number, there would always be sitting people. It's sad to see people are just trying to farm with spawnkills etc to play only for scores or other immature reasons.
  • Well, i think you haven't known me enough yet. If you ever wish, don't ask me to the ones i play alongside, ask the ones i play against. They will be able to tell who i actually am in the most objective way. I'm pretty sure about myself and i'm pretty sure that they will return the respect i give them.
  • I never use eruption, unless the others do or try to 4v1 me. I wish you had observed how i care about game ethics.
  • Ah, Lucy, you're so nice that you can't even hurt a bug, at least with that build:) To be honest i don't have anything against you, but i'm really trying to understand what you're after. Yes you're durable, but no one feels like you're there when you get in BASH or something. I dont wish to offend you but I wish you didn't…
  • Oh, and hi, my first troll ever:)
  • Although the attitude can be questioned, i think the suggestions are right. I can completely agree with all of these.