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The Cognatus

megaskullmonmegaskullmon Posts: 313 Arc User
Hello there folks greetings from the leader of The Cognatus. We are a heavy to light Rp SG..Do mostly rp from Pve. We are a very laid back Sg. That has been around for the past four years. Our rules are as followed.

No ooc drama.
Be kind those inside and outside of the SG
Biggest rule be creative and have fun.

The Cognatus Latin for The Blood..The family and the Kinship. Saying i use from time to time. If there is ever peace in life...In hope and in the dreams of my soul..Then there is nothing but the end of my night. I am but the sword the blade is my voice..If i wish to have the voice of the bullet i would have given my heart to the gun. But my heart is in what i hold dear..My family my kinship my life.

To join us look for the leaders @Gunarm @Veraldriz @Caden2112 and @Thadrax. Officers:@Taz @dryleaf @P9iko0 @Kardes @zero_wrathos and @TheKillaim @Tekkaman-Blade
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  • megaskullmonmegaskullmon Posts: 313 Arc User
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  • megaskullmonmegaskullmon Posts: 313 Arc User
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    Yeesh its been awhile since I updated this.

    The Cognatus Latin for family or kinship. The Cognatus is A heavy to light Rp Sg. The story of The Cognatus went from being a tribe for outcast and those that diden't fit in. To after a few years of story work. It became a tribe of heros to work on protecting the city and the world from the minons of Dr Destroyer and who ever else wishes to harm it. The Cognatus considers each other family to the point they will work together as one..

    We welcome deep story to poetic story. Now as for one that know's it's not easy. But creativity and thoughts of stories can bring anything to light and allow anyone to enjoy.

    But yes the leaders to contact if intrested or wish to know more contact me in Game.

    Leaders: @Gunarm @Veraldriz @Caden2112 @Kardes @Chibidragon @Lucifers.lady666 and @Strypewolf.

    Officers: @Thekillaim @Tekkaman-blade. @Tau41 @Jessyprankster

    Alot of us are on at diffrent times. So you might not be able to contact all of us. So if needed poke me in the pidgon system or hunt me down in steam.

    Take care folks and have a wonderful day month year.
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