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PWE;U may want may want to do something about the item limits in the AH

almightenalmighten Posts: 32 Arc User
edited April 2014 in Suggestions Box
I love costumes & costume pieces, but a limit of 400 that can be posted at any one time in AH has some issues. There are alot of players & 400 items just doesn't come close to enough space; especially when there are countless duplicates of costume pieces. Perhaps limiting how many duplicates of a costume piece can be posted at any one time would be helpful...cause somewhere somethings gotta give.:frown:
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  • crosschancrosschan Posts: 920 Arc User
    edited April 2014
    <Looks at STO's Exchange/AH>
    Well, there's a solid start. Someone go "borrow forever" that.

    The longer solution, which would also work with the previous suggestion, is to properly color code junk. The dirt common unlocks in whiteout are not blue(rare) by any stretch of the imagination. Make common stuff green, rare stuff blue, and really rare stuff purple. Tadaa. :cool:
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  • jerax1011jerax1011 Posts: 966 Arc User
    edited April 2014
    I agree that an AH overhaul needs to be done, with proper filters and items at their actual rarity levels. I'm tired of searching for devices and stuff under categories that they should fall under, but have to use work arounds (such as the clearing the level limits and looking under all) in order to find prices for what I'd like to sell and items that I want to purchase.
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  • chaoswolf820chaoswolf820 Posts: 734 Arc User
    edited April 2014
    What would go a long, LONG way toward helping with AH costume postings, is a way to filter-out the stuff you already have unlocked, instead of page after page of junk like Heavy Taiha and Purple Gang Tommygun...
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