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The heroes of the one sadly known as gradii, due to PWI screwup!

gradiigradii Posts: 11,716 Arc User
edited February 2014 in Costumes and Concepts
that's right folks, I woulda given myself a really cool forum name if not for their darned merger screwup.

anyway I'll be posting some of my hero pics here, starting slow with my 3rd lvl40 the All Feeling....



Primarily an empath this teenage girl also has some basic telepathic powers as well as some fairly potent telekinetic ones. but her empathic powers are, sadly too strong for even her to control. she can't EVER turn off her emotion reading powers, and constantly feels the emotions of everyone within 1000 or so feet. the range can be extended if she focuses on it, although its not something she does, as she finds crowds already an issue, feeling utterly lost among lots of people.

she fights using her empathic powers to force anger on her enemies, and uses that anger against them as they take it out on her, the more they fight her, the stronger she becomes.
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