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Oni's Obvious Homages

oniganononiganon Posts: 155 Arc User
edited January 2014 in Costumes and Concepts
It occurred to me that I haven't actually bothered to create a thread to show the characters I actually play. So yeah... now I'm doing that.

All my characters are homages to other videogame or anime characters, because for some reason I find it far more compelling to play as my favourite characters than to play as any random thing I created myself.

They're also all women, because... spending hours playing dress up on a woman feels less weird than doing that on a man? I find more satisfaction in trying to create a beauty than a badass? I dunno, it's just how I work.

So here we go...

Backstory: Imbued with divine power to protect her kingdom, but thereby cursed with immortality, she pursues a vendetta that has spanned countless eons across countless worlds and takes the name of a sacred ideal to replace the name and identity she has long since forgotten many times over.
Build: AoRP tank/healer + Fiery Form DPSer
Inspiration: Princess Zelda of Legend of Zelda series. 'Triunity' is the archaic form of the word 'trinity' and is a reference to both the Triforce and the fact that her build can fulfill any role in the MMO 'Holy Trinity' of tank, healer and DPSer.
Costumes (Row 1 left to right, then row 2 left to right):
Princess - Main costume
Shadow - Sheik arabic/ninja costume
Captain - Tetra pirate costume
Goddess - attempted ancient Greek/Roman style goddess costume
Retro - retro comic book heroine costume
Sororitas - 40k inspired medievel/sci-fi costume
Secret - SECRET supergroup uniform
Classic - blatant Zelda ripoff costume

Backstory: Orphaned in a Gadroon invasion, she was saved by VIPER forces only to be captured and subject to their experiements for years. Having escaped in an experimental power armour, she now fights against VIPER and alien invaders.
Build: Force/Might
Inspiration: Samus Aran of the Metroid series. The shinespark is one of Samus' lesser known techniques.
Costumes (first row left to right, then second row left to right):
Shinespark - normal costume
Zero - less armored version of normal costume
Vipery - VIPER prototype gravitic power armour she used to escape
Steampunk - steampunk costume
Varia - blatant Samus ripoff costume

Backstory: A hunter from another dimension who has wandered here in pursuit of the werewolf that bit her.
Build: DB/Archery + Become Werewolf device
Inspiration: Link from the Legend of Zelda series. 'Rinko' is simply the Japanese pronunciation of Link. It's also fairly common for Japanese girls' names to end in '-ko' meaning 'child.'
Costumes (left to right):
Rinko - normal costume
THIEF - Gerudo persian/egyptian style costume
edit: New costume!

Backstory: Haven't really bothered to write her one.... >.>
Build: Munitions (dual pistol)
Inspiration: Bayonetta mixed with Dante of Devil May Cry. 'Stiletta' is a homage to Bayonetta's name (stiletto knife and stiletto heel shoes).
Stiletta - normal costume

Backstory: A gynoid built to be a servant and protector for her creator's daughter. When a previous model killed the child and the inventor, she was left with no other purpose but to pursue and destroy her 'older sister.'
Build: Power Armour
Inspiration: Anime robot schoolgirls in general, Chachamaru Karakuri of Negima! in particular. 'Marionette' is a puppet controlled by wires. It seemed an appropriate name for a robot.
Costumes (left to right):
Schoolgirl - normal schoolgirl disguise costume
Battle - battle costume without the disguise
Armour - heavily armoured costume for exteremely dangerous battles

Backstory: The avatar of a King (Queen?) of Edom who opposes the Five and seeks to drag back all that have escaped the prison of the Shining Darkness. Though greatly diminished in this dimension, her powers over illusion and nightmares are still more than enough to defeat the Elder Worms, the Bleak Ones and other Qliphothic entities, and send them back whence they came.
Build: Darkness/Telepathy
Inspiration: Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Qliphona - default costume
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