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Slapperfish's Spectacular Selection of Superheroes

slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
edited October 2014 in Costumes and Concepts
Well I figured with everyone else posting their own character rosters, I may as well hop on the bandwagon (better late than never!), leave the procrastination station, and showcase my rather expansive and... colorful... character roster.

Be warned, I've got a lotta toons!

...So, without further ado, by no demand at all, here's Slapperfish's Spectacular Selection of Superheroes!

Slapperfish - A lungfish altered by an "evolutionary acceleration process" developed by "Project Darwin". The experiment worked; perhaps too well. Bearing proper limbs for land movement, astounding strength, speed, childlike intelligence, and the ability to speak, Slapperfish has certainly become a memorable hero to many a citizen in Millennium City.


Mashy the Speeding Train - Built in the 1920's by a dastardly engineer known as The Electric Conductor (who met his end by his creation's hand, but was succeeded by a lineage of supervillains carrying the same title), Mashy the Speeding Train is a reckless, nearly unstoppable brute who is much, MUCH faster than his immense size and bulk would have you to believe.


Junkbot - Built by a homeless hero known simply as Junkman, Junkbot once served as a trusty sidekick, loyal companion, and stunt double. After Junkman's sudden and mysterious disappearance, Junkbot has become independent and already has made a name for itself. Able to utilize any piece of junk as a tool or weapon, and with the ability to inexplicably rebuild itself whenever it's destroyed, Junkbot is incredibly resourceful, resilient, and reliable for any task you program him for.


Earthworm v3.0 - Junkbot's pet earthworm, augmented with cybernetic limbs and injected with a regenerative superserum. Small enough to squeeze through any crevice and able to burrow through solid concrete at a whopping 10 miles an hour, Earthworm v3.0 often serves as a reconnaissance unit of sorts.

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  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Desperate Housefly - She often gets infatuated with gardeners when they're around. The gardeners often get the bugzapper when she's around.


    Nerf Bat - A special species of bat, able to pick up the sonar vibrations of broken-as-hell powers and strike them down so hard that they become near useless. But who nerfs the Nerf Bat?


    James Grond - A once suave secret agent, mutated into a not-so-suave, not-so-secret agent by nuclear radiation. May or may not be responsible for the horrid influx of Grond jokes that get tossed around in Zone chat.


    Easter Island Ned - Unbeknownst to tourists and many archaeologists, Moai Island statues have bodies. However, so much time as passed that the bodies have become buried in the dirt and lost all sense of movement. Ned, however, was an ecxeption, and decided to leave the island because "Ned need vacation".

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    OH GOD NOT THE BEES - An orphaned bumblebee, found and raised by honeybees, Burt quickly became the laughing stock of the hive as he grew older. When the time came, he learned of his true heritage, but only moments before the hive came under attack by some deranged human wearing a bear suit. Saving his hive by constantly stinging the man with his non-barbed stinger (since he's a bumblebee), the other bees were forever in his debt and now offer their assistance to him in defending the world beyond the hive.


    Alpha Raptor - A vicious, cunning, feathery dinosaur that should never be underestimated, both in combat and the intelligence department.


    Jailhouse Rock - A big, brutish felon with a rocky hide, a mean left hook, and a vendetta against the New Purple Gang and anyone affiliated with them.


    Illegal Alien - After crash-landing onto Earth and being captured against his will by VIPER agents in Area 51, this little alien salvaged parts from his ship, built a small personal hovercraft, a universal translator, and an array of weapons, and escaped from VIPER's clutches.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Hot Dog - A hellhound with good taste in fashion and an odd taste for burger condiments.


    Slapstick Slippy - When a freak accident involving bleach, black ink and vanishing cream transformed revolutionary cartoonist Andy Mater into his own real-life cartoon character, he decided to use his hilarious arsenal of antics to save the world. For some reason.


    Master Chef - He can flip a tank as easily as he can flip burgers.


    S.T.O.P. Lite - A recent upgrade from the old bulky S.T.O.P. Classic, the Lite model proves to be a much more streamlined and efficient solution to traffic, trafficking, and travesties transorted by transgressors.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Brass Monkey - That clunky monkey.




    Manswatter - A mutated housefly roughly the size of a large dog. There's certainly good reason to be scared of this thing.


    Gordo Stuckman - Abducted by aliens and injected by an odd mass-increasing serum, former theoretical physicist Gordo Stuckman became so heavy that the spaceship had trouble leaving Earth's atmosphere and crashlanded. White Plateau came across the ill-fated fatman, and built him a powersuit able to contain his incredible mass. Aside from an array of nifty guns and gadgets, Gordo also wields the "Crowcoabar" a crowbar with chocolate bars crudely strapped to it for some weird reason.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Benjamin Franklinstein - Founding father, inventor, author, and now, unholy abomination back from the dead.


    Teddy Weapons
    - A Russian grizzly bear, captured and subject to inhumane tests by Soviet scientists. After a single doctor showed him compassion, giving him a gatling gun and a teddy bear as friendly gifts (and being murdered by his colleagues for his sympathy), the bear broke free from his holding pen, gunned down his captors and set off elsewhere.


    Tick-Tock - A robotic clock whose attacks and movements are all chronologically synchronized, right down to the exact second. According to Tick-Tock, it's always time for justice.


    POTT-E - A giant, mechanized porcelain construct, able to spew nauseous septic fluid stored in its belly.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Wrighteous Phoenix - Underworld Ace Attorney at Claw.


    Sturdy Serpent
    - A sentient snake fitted with a humanoid bodysuit with a knack for hiding in boxes.


    Magic Mushroom - An enchanted, psychedelic fungus who often speaks in cryptic riddles.


    Discovery Mk.II
    - An old space shuttle rebuilt into a mechanized, weaponized guardian of hope.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Sturgeon General - STURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Playing Champions Online excessively may result in loss of time, spouse, girlfriend, and/or life. Please consult your doctor if you experience an addiction lasting for more than 27 hours at a time.


    Headless Chicken - Just a chicken with its head cut off. Nothing special to see here.


    Verdos Cloudrider - A proud member of a draconic race known for their ability to ride clouds.


    Pink Elephant - Don't drink and fight crime. Trust me.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Booster Rooster - A rooster with a powersuit and plasma sword. How exactly does that make any sense? I dunno. Try asking the hippo cosplaying as a firetruck.


    Hippopotamus Prime
    - Yeah, he doesn't know how, either. He doesn't even know how to take his lame costume off.


    Oggthar Flounderfist - A technologically-inclined orc that certainly doesn't mess around. I mean, just LOOK at that mechanical bear-trap arm.


    Henry the Deaf Bard
    - If Beethoven can make music, why can't he? No one knows for certain.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Old Jimber-Jaw - A caveman that was frozen in ice and thawed out by scientists who happened across him. He's out to prove he's not a modern Stone-Age novelty.


    Rainbow Trout - This prismatic piscine perforates pesky perpetrators with powerful paranormal projectiles.


    Penguin - A superpowered penguin originally hailing from Paragon City, Penguin decided his heroic efforts and tailoring skills could be used elsewhere.


    Vlad the Impala - This bloodthirsty tyrant was infamous for torturing his own citizens and impaling them atop spears on the outskirts of his country, simply to ward off leopards, cheetahs, and lions.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Don't Fear the Creeper - That's a nice life you've got ahead of you. Would be a shame if something were to end it early...


    Mothership Rat - Similar to wharf rats on Earth, space vermin will often sneak onboard alien ships, hoard the food storages, and colonize other planets.


    Hangman - A hateful, badly-drawn stick figure that came to life and jumped off the paper after he was nearly hanged by children playing "a harmless word game".


    Data Miner - A two-dimensional, 8-bit video game character who, normally tasked with saving his beloved Princess Pixel from the evil clutches of Browser, was transported into our three-dimensional world by the Komputa King himself during their previous encounter.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    "Peep" - The accidental result of a horrible, confectionery microwaving experiment gone from bad to worse, "Peep" is a monstrous, living abomination of sugary sweetness. By changing the shape, consistency, and mass of its body, it can leap skyscrapers, smash through solid concrete, and hide inside candy shops and Easter Baskets with very little effort.


    Dragonfly - Some sort of bizarre, fire-breathing reptilian-insectoid hybrid. Is it the product of science or some magical familar conjured up by some master of the arcane? We'll probably never know.


    Clockwork Orange - A once-headless robot who mistook an orange for its missing head. Not sure how that's possible, but whatever.


    Porter - A small, strange, inter-dimensional alien, adept at causing mischief and messing with his victims' minds via teleportation.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Grondpappy - What's that, sonny? Speak up! Grond doesn't have ears...


    Renegade Black Talon Unit BT-000 - After the Black Talon project disbanded, many of the ex-pilots either turned themselves in or turned their services over to other villainous groups. BT-000, on the other hand, decided to turn over a new leaf and use his military combat skills and mechanical suit to protect Millnenium City and beyond.


    Fish Out of Water - A fish in a fishbowl in a robotic suit. Out of water.


    Ichabod Crane - After nearly getting his own head cut off by the Headless Horse, Ichabod decided enough was enough and left the Sleepy Hollow in search of greener pastures. Or something like that.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    X-25 Winterwallop Security Bot - A giant festive robot programmed to save Christmas when it needs saving the most: During the other 364 days of the year. It also doubles as a hot chocolate dispenser.


    The Mad Hat - In some parallel timeline of the classic Alice in Wonderland "story", the Mad Hatter used the untold powers of his sentient magical hat to dethrone the Queen of Hearts and take over Wonderland. The hat, wanting to rid himself of his wearer, used his powers to seal his former wearer away and teleport itself far away from Wonderland. A homeless man eventually came across the hat and agreed to wield its powers for the sake of good.


    Cluckwork - A robotic chicken that lays square eggs. Yeah. And you didn't think that was even possible.


    The Thagomizer
    - Just your average teenage Stegosaurus fighting crime.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Phlogiston - A steampunk construct able to project destructive gouts of flame.


    Fassad the Friendly - An evil, interstellar overlord masquerading as a guy in his underwear. Do not question Fassad's method for world domination!


    Tectonyx - Although he may look like a hulking, headless metal monster, Tectonyx is actually a small, extremely timid creature hiding inside a golem-like, organic metal "suit". With it, he can harness the power of the very earth itself to repel attackers.


    Impus - A king among his people, he was suddenly brought into our world by a malevolent sorcerer. He now seeks a way back to his home-realm.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Forest's Edge - Nearly slain in battle and preserved for eons underneath the shade of an enchanted oak tree harboring Mother Nature's presence, this valiant knight awoke to ARGENT goons cutting down the very thing that saved him. Wielding the remains of the felled oak tree like a living suit of armor, he seeks to protect the natural beauty of this world from those who wish to defile what's left of it.


    Assaultin' Battery - A small-yet-powerful robot able to wield both positive and negative charges of electricity at close-quarters to devastating effect.


    Owl on a Treant - Pretty much self-explanatory.


    Close-up of the head... Err, owl.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Lovebug - Don't get bitten. Seriously. This thing has malaria.


    Moose Missle - A crazed Canadian hockey mascot seeking to defeat the Hunter-Patriots who kidnapped his teammates and are holding them hostage for ransom.


    Millennium Bug - Discharged from the ranks of the Qularr hive after questioning the chances of his race successfully taking over Earth, this high-ranking shocktrooper now uses his know-how of alien bio-technology to benefit the inhabitants of this planet.


    Tentacle Grape
    - Your own personal Stygian horror from beyond the void. Be sure to keep it away from children, small animals, and Japanese schoolgirls.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Moth Monster - Once an urban legend, not always an urban legend. This enigmatic insectoid flutters about the streets of Millennium City, sating its thirst for blood on unsuspecting evildoers.


    Army Ant - One of thousands upon millions of black ants fighting a war against their eternal enemies, the communist Red Ants.


    T-Wrecks - A robotic replica of the ever-popular Tyrannosaurus rex. Its bite can tear through the hull of a tank, penetrate solid iron, rip through sheet metal and still cut a tomato.


    Meta-Mantis - A mutant superhuman with a lifelong affinity for insects.

  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Human Man - A sentient space rock piloting a robotic superhero suit in an attempt to "blend in".


    Arcanis Lupus - Albus Lindon, a proud member of the Trismegistus Council, nearly lost his humanity one evening after a high-ranking Dogz member known as Willy "Jowls" Joelson bit him, transforming him into a werewolf. Unwilling to fully succumb to lycanthropy, he traveled to a pocket dimension to isolate himself the outside world. There, he began to control the beast within through a combination of discipline, arcane practices, and readily available food sources.


    And here's his human form:

  • chaosdrgnz43chaosdrgnz43 Posts: 1,675 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Oh My God! You're costumes are FRIGGIN' AMAZING!
    Your Costumes give the illusion of another image. Making it look more epic!

    I like the T-Wrecks, Owl on a Treant, Fassad the Friendly,
    Fish out of water, porter, and Headless Chicken. The thought you put in them is pretty entertaining!^^

    You have quite a creative mind there, my friend. Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see what else you come up with. :D
    Lord Sans (Full Healer FF)/Axel Leonard (Crowd Controller/Off-Tank)
    - - - - - -
    Feel free to visit my websites!^^:
  • diplomacymandiplomacyman Posts: 88 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    These are epic!!! Agree with chaos, I also really like Tick-Tock and Moth-Monster
  • baroness1980baroness1980 Posts: 268 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Holy F....

    Those are really awesome... great designs and wonderful color use... impressive beyond words
  • thecobra22thecobra22 Posts: 33 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    mothership rat is awesome i really like that one same with Impus thats great to
    Ichabod Crane and Fassad the Friendly are silly but thats good ^^

    keep up the good work :)
  • cheelanghocheelangho Posts: 88 Arc User
    edited May 2013

    Do you take disciples? :eek:
  • oniganononiganon Posts: 155 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    I've long been a fan of yours, man. Whenever I see a totally crazy looking toon at a costume contest based on some ridiculous pun, I just know that I'll find your name in the @ tag. You've easily got some of the most creative (read: insane) costumes I have ever seen.

    Fassad the Friendly had me laughing for a good minute or so.
  • primusdatabaseprimusdatabase Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Great costumes.

    Just wondering what are top and jaw costume pieces for "T-Wrecks"?
  • oniganononiganon Posts: 155 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Those look like Serpent Lantern helmet and jaw pieces.

    I uh... I actually don't know how you'd go about getting those, now. Used to be you just bought them with Until Tokens that dropped in all Adventure Packs.
  • jasinblazejasinblaze Posts: 1,360 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Glad to see you properly documented fellow alt-monster
  • jasinblazejasinblaze Posts: 1,360 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    oniganon wrote: »
    Those look like Serpent Lantern helmet and jaw pieces.

    I uh... I actually don't know how you'd go about getting those, now. Used to be you just bought them with Until Tokens that dropped in all Adventure Packs.

    They are available in the q store these days
  • d0m1nusdrak3d0m1nusdrak3 Posts: 242 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Wow...someone really knows how to play withe costume creator. These are amazing!!! Fassad the Friendly just made my day. Keep up he good work slappy, your creativity with these is just, give me a sec to make a possibly horrible pun, Slap Happy Awesome.:biggrin:
    Dominus Drake Primus Database ,Also @Pyromasher ingame
  • cascadencecascadence Posts: 505 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    YEssssss hahaha I've been wanting for awhile to see pics of your roster. You are just amazingly creative and I've told you so when I see you ingame.

    Great, great, great job in here =)

    And echoing what most have said... yeh.... Fassad the friendly made me laugh for quite some time lol.

    Click up there if you want to find more about the costumes behind my heroines.
  • cellarrat33cellarrat33 Posts: 399 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    ** Looks at Slapperfish's pantheon of incredibly creative toon costumes and names. **

    ** Looks at own paltry and plain toons. **

    I hate you!

    ** sob **


    CellarRat33 :: formerly Bsquared

    "The great thing about glory unending is that it's dirt cheap!" - Tateklys
    From the Adventures of Thundrax (canadascott)
  • sockmunkeysockmunkey Posts: 4,504 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Ive always felt that when I grow up. I wanna be just like Slapperfish. I have no idea if that is a compliment or even a good thing. But I figure, fish smell aside, amazing is still amazing!
  • kharma23kharma23 Posts: 403 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    You sir, are a silly man, and I applaud you!:biggrin:

    You're a lunatic with a mad man's dream of a milk proof robot!

  • chaoswolf820chaoswolf820 Posts: 734 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    I wholeheartedly approve of this madness.
  • leihngweileihngwei Posts: 164 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Madness? MADNESS!?!

  • zedbrightlander1zedbrightlander1 Posts: 3,797 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    The Charatcter Creator is Slapper's personal *****. Yup. That's right. Zed used the "B" word so better pay attention.

    None but he could conjure a Fish Out of Water or Ichabod Crane. None but he has ever had the patience or guile to conjure a Fassad the Friendly which is a visual masterpiece. Both James Grond and Grondpappy are pure fun. But anyone who is dedicated to a hero enough to spin out this YT trailer should have the right to say, "This is my Best/Fav hero right here."

    ...now with even more Slapper goodness than ever before.
  • clawsandeffectclawsandeffect Posts: 155 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    And I thought *I* could pun with the best of them.

    Alas, I have been bested.

    My sword is yours, good sir. Be careful not to filet yourself with it.

    (Seriously, those costumes are amazing.)
  • iceih03iceih03 Posts: 204 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    wonderful costumes
  • chemkchemk Posts: 42 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    Im a speechless... Really fantastic imagination and great use of the costume creator!
  • digitaltwistdigitaltwist Posts: 80 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    Fassad wins all my internets.

  • zedbrightlander1zedbrightlander1 Posts: 3,797 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    Fassad wins all my internets.

    Don't give away ALL your Internets. If you do that you'll have none left to play CO on. :eek:
  • lavoszxlavoszx Posts: 76 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    slapperfish, your stuff is the best XD

    ill never forget Fassad the Friendly XD
  • ussnighthawkussnighthawk Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    Nice! Nerf Bat and Peep had me rolling. :biggrin:

    No relation to "the" Nighthawk.

    Refugee from Paragon City. :(

  • leatherhead0leatherhead0 Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    I always did like your costumes.

    This sig is more useless than my last one.
  • slapperfishslapperfish Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    I always did like your costumes.

    LEATHERHEAD! Where the heck have you been!? I've been waiting FOREVER for ol' Junkman to make a return! :O
  • leatherhead0leatherhead0 Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    LEATHERHEAD! Where the heck have you been!? I've been waiting FOREVER for ol' Junkman to make a return! :O

    It kind of just sucks you in and doesn't let go of you with it's pointy fangs.

    This sig is more useless than my last one.
  • zedbrightlander1zedbrightlander1 Posts: 3,797 Arc User
    edited January 2014
    Time for something new, Slap.
  • zedbrightlander1zedbrightlander1 Posts: 3,797 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    I said,

    Time for something new, Slap.
  • zedbrightlander1zedbrightlander1 Posts: 3,797 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    { sigh }

    Slappy can't hear me. :-(
  • zedbrightlander1zedbrightlander1 Posts: 3,797 Arc User
    edited October 2014
    Just realized something...

    If Data Miner had an underage sidekick, we'd have to call him - Data Miner Minor.
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