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Gear Questions

clcmercyclcmercy Posts: 308 Arc User
edited February 2013 in Items and Crafting
So, I'm approaching 25 and being able to make/fight a nemesis.
From idly scanning the boards and "listening" to zone chat (*shudder* that's hard to do!),
it seems to me that there are several kinds of gear that scale with level? Nemesis gear, to be sure...but what else? And if I'm going to look on the market for said gear, what names would I search for?
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  • flamingbunnymanflamingbunnyman Posts: 2,035 Arc User
    edited January 2013
    I don't think any of it can be purchased on the market. As far as I know, there's Nemesis gear which costs 200 Nemesis Tokens per piece and is account bound (meaning you can put it in your Hideout and use it on other characters), and 3 or 4 sets of gear in the Questionite store that can be bought for 11k Q per piece. These sets are all bind on pickup, meaning that they cannot be shared, nor sold. You can earn the Q on a high level character and use the Questionite Exchange trick to buy them early on a lowbie, though.
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  • wingedkagoutiwingedkagouti Posts: 545 Arc User
    edited January 2013
    The bunny is mostly right (Nemesis prices is the only flaw I saw).

    All the scaling gear we have available is either Bind to Account on Pickup (Nemesis Heirloom/the special Vanguard reward from the anniversary) or plain Bind on Pickup (Q gear).

    Nemesis Heirloom gear is 200 for primaries and 150 for secondaries. While that may seem like a lot when looking at the early rewards from the Nemesis missions, understand that at level 40 you're looking at 40-100 tokens per mission (I've had a mission hand out 120 once). Just don't expect to have a full set on your first character, the Heirloom gear is as the name implies meant to be passed on to your future characters. At level 40 you'll probably want to be decked out in SCR gear instead.
  • snowwallsnowwall Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    What is SCR gear?
  • vizzonevizzone Posts: 252 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    The Christmas event sets are also supposed to level with you, but they're bugged and locked into the level you got them. But like they said, all gear that levels with you is bind on pickup. The Questionite sets Bind to your character instead of your account, so I see them as a waste unless you have lots of it you don't want.

    Here's a list of gear that levels with you:
    Cyber Augmented
    Nemesis Heirloom

    There was also a set from the anniversary which I can't recall the name of. I haven't been playing long enough to get that reward. But out of the sets I listed, I suggest the Heirloom Gear. Your new characters can reuse it (unlike the three Q-Store sets), and it has an Exp bonus if you're wearing the three primaries.

    And SCR Gear is Silver Champions Recognition Gear, which has three slots. If you do Unity missions, you can have a piece every two days. If you do Unity 2 missions as well, you can buy a piece every day.
  • bioshrikebioshrike Posts: 5,491 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    I've been using the 11K Q gear on most of my recent alts. While Silver Champion Recognition Gear is great, I tend to move onto my next alt at 40, so decking out my 40's isn't a priority for me. The 11K Q gear provides a nice little buff for every 3 pieces of the same set I equip, and the gear levels w/ my alt, so I can focus on playing instead of having to keep my gear up to date.

    I find that I am perfectly able to get 6 pieces of the 11k Q gear at or before a character gets to 40, (by doing the 2000Q daily missions, the repeatable Lemuria missions, (they give 500Q each), and by taking advantage of the occasional Hi-Pan, Nemesis, Baron Cimetere Alerts, or Nemcon runs. You can also run APs/CS's for some Q.
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