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Kali: Short Range Support

falchoinfalchoin Posts: 383 Arc User
edited February 2013 in Builds and Roles
Want to keep your team alive through almost any encounter in game? Want to laugh as you stun MV or lower mobs for 9 seconds? Want to deal good damage solo, and even more while grouped? Then this is the build for you!

PowerHouse (Link to this build)

Name: Kali

Archetype: Freeform

Super Stats:
Level 6: Presence (Primary)
The main stat for this build because the spec options are great and a LOT of powers in this build scale with it. You will want a lot of PRE, probably more than you'd think.

Level 10: Dexterity (Secondary)
The secondary stat for this build because crits are a good thing. Extra damage and dark lightning procs (more on that later)

Level 15: Constitution (Secondary)
Tertiary stat, mostly ignored in gear. Adds extra health to offset the hp loss while in support role.

Level 1: Divinity
Level 6: Intimidating
Level 9: Acrobat
Level 12: Finesse
Level 15: Shrug It Off
Level 18: Lasting Impression
Level 21: Prodigy
Nothing special here. Mainly PRE stacking while maximizing other super stats.

Level 1: Eldritch Bolts
The energy builder! Nothing terribly special here. If you want you could use the celestial energy builder without needing to change the build powers. Pick whichever works best for you.

Level 1: Sigils of Ebon Weakness (Rank 2, Rank 3)
The crazy damage debuff! Ebon sigils scale off PRE. If you push your PRE to extremely high values each sigil can debuff damage over 60%.

Level 6: Aura of Ebon Destruction (Rank 2, Rank 3)
This is why your damage goes up while teamed. Not only do you buff your team's damage, but any time they crit (up to twice per 6 seconds) the enemy will be zapped by dark lightning. Dark lightning procs count as your damage, so be wary of aggro on initial pulls when teaming. Also, pets have their own timers separate from players so more pets means more dark lightning.

Level 8: Iniquity (Rank 2)
In my opinion Iniquity is the best single target heal in the game, despite not being able to crit. Rank 2 because ~2k Iniquity on tap is usually sufficient given the other buffs and debuffs in the build.

Level 11: Conviction (Rank 2, Rank 3)
An instant self heal. The extra hp is mostly meaningless but the heal on a short cooldown is fantastic.

Level 14: Epidemic (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Your one and only real attack. It's hard to pass up a 25 foot PBAoE that lets you move and apply a DoT for even more damage.

Level 17: Supernatural Power
Probably the only energy return in game that functions well without requiring a moderate to heavy stat investment.

Level 20: Thunderclap (Rank 2, Collateral Damage)
The only AoE stun that procs both Sentinel Mastery *and* Manipulator stacks on tap. I prefer rank 2 w/ adv for the 15 foot sphere instead of 10 foot sphere. A 9 second stun with full Manipulator stacks and good gear isn't bad right? If you don't mind being in melee range you can stun enemies upwards of 11 seconds. Also lets you build Manipulator stacks (and energy) even if you don't hit anything.

Level 23: Protection Field (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Something to help fend off the squishiness of AoED. Effectively adds to your hp since you won't have much in the way of defenses. Required to be up at all times during Gravitar or she will 2-shot you.

Level 26: Ascension
This power would be a rez if I didn't have a Doomlord device for an instant AoE rez. I prefer Ascension in this build over other active offenses since the heal on activation is essentially a 100 foot range PBAoE Conviction that hits 10 targets.

Level 29: Summon Shadows (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Fire and forget damage. Also means more dark lightning procs.

Level 32: Pyromancer's Blades (Rank 2, Rank 3)
More fire and forget damage, that's a cone AoE. Yet more dark lightning procs.

Level 35: Masterful Dodge
Your "Oh Crap!" button. Being squishy has its drawbacks, and there are times when you'll need to use this.

Level 38: Manipulator
The form! Manipulator increases hold/confuse strength a lot and all damage about half. At high levels of PRE (or INT) you can get 19% hold str and 9.5% dmg str per stack.

Travel Powers:
Level 6: Athletics (Rank 2, Rank 3)
My preferred travel power. Decent speed overall and good combat speed.

Level 35: Flight
For those off times it's handy to fly and fight at the same time.

Presence: Repurpose (3/3)
More +healing based off your offense. Unless you're using Legion gear all offense pieces have at least a little offense on them. Might as well get more out of it!

Presence: Selfless Ally (2/2)
Helps to offset the HP cost of Iniquity, and gives a bit of extra healing from Sentinel Aura.

Presence: Dominion (2/2)
Make those stuns last even longer, because beating up bad guys who can't fight back is fun.

Presence: Moment of Glory (3/3)
Extra crit based on secondary super stats. While Iniquity and Prot Field can't crit, your damage can which is important for proccing dark lightning.

Sentinel: Torment (2/2)
Even longer stuns!

Sentinel: Caregiver (3/3)
Your shields and heals work even better on others. Living teammates are happy teammates.

Sentinel: Sentinel Aura (3/3)
Passive healing is great for filling in the gaps or small hits. Lets you keep dpsing without worry.

Sentinel: Wither (2/2)
10% resistance debuff to targets hit by stuns/holds. Despite the lack of icon, this spec does work. Gives more of a reason to use Thunderclap even on enemies immune to holds.

Commander: Evasive Action (1/2)
Slight buff to pet resistances to AoE.

Commander: Rapid Response (2/2)
The main reason to use the Commander spec for this build. Lowers the charge times on Summon Shadows, Pyromancer's Blades and even Ebon Sigils.

Commander: Create An Opening (2/2)
More crit chance for your pets for more dark lightning! Sensing a theme yet?

Commander: Durable (2/3)
Extra hp and healing effectiveness so your pets live a bit longer.

Commander: Savage (3/3)
More pet damage!

Mastery: Sentinel Mastery (1/1)
THE lynchpin for this build. Stun/paralyze/incapacitate powers debuff enemies such that allies striking the debuffed enemies are healed 2% of their max hp, up to once per second. However! Thunderclap can hit up to 5 targets which means up to 10% of max hp healed per second, or even more due to Thunderclap's low cooldown.

See it in action: Click Here

This is not a leveling build, though you could probably retcon into it around level 20 with a couple power order changes.
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  • l1ghtstarl1ghtstar Posts: 189 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    Yo!! Friendly bump.

    Is this the 3rd edition of Kali?!!
    Light Star Alliance (my toons with build guides & videos)
    Nature Powerset
  • falchoinfalchoin Posts: 383 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    No idea how many editions Kali would have by now. A lot more than three. She's been around since the game first came out in 2009.
  • monsterdaddymonsterdaddy Posts: 738 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    I'm a little lost on the Dark Lightning proc. Maybe Wiki isn't up to date. How does that work?

    P.S. Thunderclap procs Manipulator? Nice feature, could have used in my Ghost Operative build.
  • falchoinfalchoin Posts: 383 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    I'm a little lost on the Dark Lightning proc. Maybe Wiki isn't up to date. How does that work? ...
    Basically the more pets and players affected by Aura of Ebon Destruction, the more the damage increases due to dark lightning procs.

    Every entity (players and pets) will proc the dark lightning effect while under the effect of Aura of Ebon Destruction on crit up to twice per six seconds. The damage from dark lightning counts as damage for the aura user.

    If there are multiple Ebon Destruction auras on the same team the +dmg suffers diminishing returns BUT the dark lightning procs do not.

    The dark lightning proc is single target damage that scales with +dmg, not sure if ranged or melee tagged... most likely ranged if tagged at all.

    AoED doesn't play nice with Ego Sleep as Ego Sleep can "crit" and proc dark lightning which wakes the target immediately.
  • monsterdaddymonsterdaddy Posts: 738 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    Thanks. BTW is Thunderclap stun 100% or the 20% listed in wiki? Thanks again.
  • falchoinfalchoin Posts: 383 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    Thanks. BTW is Thunderclap stun 100% or the 20% listed in wiki? Thanks again.

    It's a 100% stun.
  • monsterdaddymonsterdaddy Posts: 738 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    Just thought of an interesting question. Will this dark lightning proc a sentinel mastery heal for yourself?
  • falchoinfalchoin Posts: 383 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    Just thought of an interesting question. Will this dark lightning proc a sentinel mastery heal for yourself?

    It can, yes. It's not unusual to see the game resolve a crit and proc dark lightning before the actual hit's damage number appears. Just remember Sentinel Mastery can only proc once per second per target. More afflicted targets means more healing for those using AoE damage.

    Or I suppose in this case you could be healing, bubbling or picking your nose and still get Sentinel Mastery heals so long as your teammates are critting against afflicted targets.

    That reminds me. Crit heals will proc the dark ligntning effect but deal zero damage on friendly targets.
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