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clcmercyclcmercy Posts: 308 Arc User
edited December 2012 in Power Discussion
Okay. Concept character. No powers that do not fit the concept.

Think a cross between Judge Dredd and a Sandman from Logan's Run.

Backstory is genetically engineered in a future world that is dystopian, comes back to "modern day".

What powers would he have?


Edit: Forgot to mention, he carries a gun and knows kung-fu(from the FUTURE!!)
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  • xaogarrentxaogarrent Posts: 632 Arc User
    edited December 2012
    You could use something similar to what I'm actually using on Phantom, but with a few different powers.

    He's got the whole anti-hero thing going on. Night Warrior, with a mix of Dual Pistols attacks (two gun mojo, lead tempest, maybe bullet beatdown) and Martial Arts should do it.

    Toss in a few other things to get the whole hunter-of-men thing down, Sniper Rifle, Bolas and Grapple Gun Pull is what I'm using for that edge, though I'm also only using one melee attack, Dragon's Claw, myself. So YMMV.

    ...I just recently realized something really disturbing. We're all eating Sodapop3's "humble pie."
  • stauchstauch Posts: 38 Arc User
    edited December 2012
    Ahh, sorry, wrong thread.
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