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Today is the day.

pion01pion01 Posts: 758 Arc User
edited December 2012 in Champions Online Discussion
I"ll be on Guardian saying my goodbyes. I'll be the guy named Pion who looks like Pion. It will be sad.

But Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm hoping there are some plans.

If not, we the community should probably do a little something for incoming players. I haven't heard any plans being made lately.

Personally I'm not very good at organizing stuff, but if some of the more prominent members of the community were to organize stuff, I'd like to help out. If anyone knows of any events being planned, be a friend and point me that way?

Also, I have a couple of hawkwing prototypes that I was going to try and get a refund for, but I'm thinking that if there are events, I wouldn't mind donating a couple as prizes.

Let's welcome our cousins from our sister city!

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