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Power Replace Items + Legacy Items= Legacy Power Replace Items

ngeluzngeluz Posts: 60 Arc User
edited July 2012 in Suggestions Box
Power Replace Items + Legacy Items= Legacy Power Replace Items: :eek:

- It can be place in the 3rd equipment box that we don't have any more, as a unique item that not only adds the original benefits but it also changes the color, appearance or even the sound of the power.

- It can have a different benefit even if the same item depending where is equip Example:

Utility: Its adds a support type buff, support effect all types (Dmg, Def, Support) of powers, constant set aura that displays when as long as its equip or could activate when fighting (the effect can appear as you cast powers or when powers detonate or finish the effect)

Defense: It add a dmg type resistance, def buff, constant set aura body type as long as its equip or could activate when fighting (shadow aura FX, regeneration FX, Arcane aura FX, etc)

Offense : It adds a dmg type, dmg buff, constant set change look on power depending on dmg type long as its equip or could activate when fighting (power stays the same just change look like color black, glow FX, etc.)

- The items will unlock unique aura FX and costumes, they can also be sold in store as a costume full set or separated, that when completed unlocks a unique or existing Ultimate Power, normal powers travel power and switchable (on/off) Aura, Translucent Aura transformation visual FX, triggers a Limited Customizable transformation or Unique customizable summon minions.

NOTE: The translucent Aura transformation FX can be customize with your existing costume pieces if it's a silhouette form, with the only difference that they are translucent or glowing effect that mimics your Champions moments or can act independently with its own set or powers that you give it that you unlock for it. You can even alter its look and shape or Aura visual FX. (Example of this can be seen in the item Demonic Avatar given by "Warden Arcana in Resistance") Also if the effect is more than visual it will have conditions to be maintain or will be temporary at best.

NOTE: Limited Customizable transformation will give you the ability to have a customizable transformation (like Shadow Destroyer, the Vampire Devise etc) with a buff up, unique, existing set powers or a few Ultimate power built of your choosing. Since its a Transformation its limited to the Type of Customization you can give it depending of the set put together from your existing costume closet pieces or they can be all unique. Also some transformation will have supernatural effects of not only boots your stats that will let you have the benefits of a different Role that you currently have (Tank, Avenger, Healer, etc), boots your powers as it in that Role but with none of the weakness or even Stack up for double the effect. Transformations consume vast amounts of energies to be maintain or are simply temporary.

NOTE: Unique Customizable summon minions this will work like a mini tone down nemesis customize system but will act as minions or one controllable summon pet that u be able to customize the looks (Aura included) and Set the Powers from existing power archive sets. This is limited to the Type of Customization you can give it depending of the set put together from your existing costume closet (aura and visual FX included) pieces or they can be all unique. Some minions will stay until slain, others consume energy to main or are simply temporary.

- This items can be combine to unlock other Power Replace Items that you may add to your collection, but beware as it could get destroy so you will need a Mod to boosts your chances of success unless is a purchase store item.
-This equipment items are soul bound and with good reason as it benefits from the super stats, Talent Table and Roles.
-This items is a almost living symbiotic by nature and needs to level as you. To do this depending on the Set or separate items for it to be upgraded you will need:

Perk Points
Lore Completion
Quest Completion
Veteran Reward
Cryptic Points
Vanquished Cosmic/Nemesis/Signature Villains
Crafting Items and/or Mastery (This can be the main way to upgrade or Craft the items themselves that are needed)
Silver Membership (As they purchase store sellable)
Gold Member (As they purchase store sellable or stay subscribed)
Lifetimers (Specials Extras and same as Gold and Silvers)
Hide Outs
Super Group
Adventure Packs
Comic Series
Costume Unlocks
Tier Sets
Equipped Item Sets
PVP Matches and events
PVE Open Mission and Events

NOTE: This are EXAMPLES of way to make this but your opinion, criticism or if you want to add up is welcome in other for this to work. :rolleyes:
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