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[Lore] A Truncated Timeline of the CO Universe

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This is a Champions Universe timeline I compiled for a friend, based on the one in Champions Universe (6th edition) but hewing a little closer to the Champions Online timeline, with references to most characters who aren't in the game omitted.

For a much more detailed timeline, consult Champions Universe (6th edition), which I cannot recommend strongly enough. This is but a small taste of the richness of the world that Steve and many others have created.

Note that in the CO Universe, history unfolds as it does in our timeline, with minimal variation for the presence of superhumans. Also, some legendary places and personages such as Camelot, Sherlock Holmes, and Dr. Jeckyll (ie. fictional characters in the public domain) are real in the Champions timeline.

This timeline is subject to change by Cryptic (who has and continues to make alterations).

c. 2,000,000 BC
The alien Progenitors seed the ancestors of the human race and jumpstart its evolution.

c. 500,000 BC
The Progenitors' experiments result in the creation of the Empyreans, a superhuman race.

267,584 BC
Battle of the Coreward Fields turns the Malvan-Elder Worm war in the favor of the Malvans. Some Elder Worms make their way to Earth.

c. 70,000 BC
Birth of Evil. Kul-Tarak, who later becomes Takofanes, is born.

37,523 BC
Lemuria founded by a scientist-sorcerer.

36,964 BC
The Lemurians attack the Empyreans with the Mandragalore, a powerful magical weapon. It backfires and Lemuria sinks.

c. 35,000 BC
The snake-god Nama is born in West Africa.

c. 32,000 BC
Rise of Atlantis.

c. 30,598 BC
Sharna-Gorak the Destroyer causes the destruction of Atlantis.

c17,698 BC
Lemurian sorcerers create the Bronze King to turn the tide in a Lemurian civil war.

c12,000 BC
In the Lynx's Fold of what's now Northern Canada, the spirit of the Land, aided by human shamans, defeats the spirit of the Ice. The Ice Age ends, bringing in the start of the modern age. The Inuit god Kigatilik, who sided with Ice over Land, is cast out of that pantheon. He becomes an agent of the Ice, seeking vengeance on the shamans who opposed them.

c. 30 AD
The death of the prophet Yeshua (commonly known as Jesus) enforces a Ban against old pantheons directly interfering in the fate of Earth.

c. 520 AD
Sir Giles de Morphant, a black knight in the days of King Arthur, is slain by Lancelot. He is later revived as the supervillain Black Paladin.

c. 1000 AD
Viperia is born in Africa. At the behest of local tribes, Nama places her in suspended animation to avoid the continental destruction.

1459 AD
Vlad Tepes is transformed by magic into Dracula.

1772 AD
The first Black Mask is born.

1783 AD
The Circle of the Scarlet Moon is founded by decadent French nobles.

1800 AD
The Empyrean Arvad leads a rebellion against King Hazor, but is defeated and exiled.

c. 1800 AD
The Trismegistus Council is founded to serve as guardians of white magic.

1838 AD
An American secret society known as the Patriot Lodges (aka the Hunter-Patriots) launch an invasion of Canada, to fulfill a vow to overthrow British influence in North America, launch an invasion in Canada. They're defeated, but not before swearing a mystical oath that their descendants would not abandon the cause of Republicanism and the struggle against the Crown.

1864 AD
Arvad uses his mental powers to seize control of Lemuria.

1865 AD
The Unholy Order of the Grand Reptile, the predecessor of VIPER, is founded in London.

1879 AD
The Empire Club, a staple of pulp adventurers until the Second World War, opens in New York City.

1890 AD
Vlad Tepes, aka Dracula, is killed by monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing. However, his father Vladic Dracul survives to lead many of the world's vampires into the coming age.

1908 AD
The Circle of the Scarlet Moon kills earth's Archmage. The earth goes without a major protector against occult threats for over a century.

1917 AD
Birth of Albert Zerstoiten, the future Doctor Destroyer.

1925 AD
DEMON is founded, committing the "Dog Day Murders" in New York City.

1937 AD
After the murder of her father, Princess Mara becomes rightful queen of Atlantis. Unable to get her throne, she establishes herself as the mystery woman Sea Hawk.

1938 AD May 1.
Birth of Modern Superhumans. A Nazi ritual attempts to endow a German cult with mystical powers. Instead, it unlocks the ambient magical powers of earth, greatly increasing the influence of magic and making superpowers possible. The first superhumans are born: Der Sturmvogel in Germany, Captain Patriot in America.

The Sirians, an alien race, invades New Jersey. Four superhumans respond. After their victory, they found the Defenders of Justice, the world's first superteam.

1940 AD
Pulp adventurer, tycoon, and scoundrel, Edgar Lancelyn Essec falls under the spell of Nama while exploring a cave in West Africa.

1941 AD
In the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack, American superhumans volunteer for war, The Defenders of Justice are among the first volunteers. The US Army sets up a secret supersoldier project in Haynesville Kansas, where Captain Patriot was created.

1942 AD
Lemuria joins the Axis side in the war. They attempt to invade California, but are repulsed by a team of heroes called the Justice Squadron.

1943 AD
The Defenders of Justice help Mara recapture the throne of Atlantis.

1944 AD
Albert Zerstoiten betrays the Nazis and flees to South America.

1954 AD
Brought together by Nama, thirty men and women, survivors and sympathizers of the Axis cause and the Unholy Order of the Grand Reptile, found VIPER, swearing an oath on the Serpent Lantern.

1959 AD
First appearance of Vanguard, the world's most powerful superhero.

1962 AD
August 22. "Green Monday". VIPER makes its first public appearance, performing numerous targeted assassinations around the globe. The United Nations sets up a tribunal on international law as a response.

1964 AD
*The supervillain Revenger conquers the Selenites, the Moon people, and uses them as tools in his plan to conquer humanity.

Kigatilik, imprisoned centuries ago by the Inuit gods, is freed. The Land empowers four people, the Mighty Canadians, in response (Celestar, Kivioq, Timberline, and Bonne Vivian).

1965 AD
The first Qularr invasion nearly destroys Tokyo.

UNTIL is founded. The US refuses to recognize them or let them operate on American soil.

1968 AD
DEMON makes its first modern appearance, stealing the Basilisk Orb and performing a ritual on the Caroline Islands. They are stopped by UNTIL.

The Star*Guard, a group of galactic police, build a base on Europa and send a representative to Earth.

1969 AD
First appearance of the All-American, a super-soldier created by the Perseus Project, an offshoot of the research done by the Haynesville Project in WW2.

1970 AD
Superheroes defeat the Revenger and frees the Selenites from his control. Revenger dies in a cave-in.

1971 AD
Lewis Frey, aka Masquerade I, is captured by Black Mask. He spends the next fourteen years in prison.

1975 AD
Destroyer Walks the Earth. First appearance of Dr. Destroyer, as his attempted conquest of California is barely defeated.

The Mighty Canadians' final battle. They seal Kigatilik in the Frost Tomb, but all of their members except Celestar are sealed with him.

1977 AD
The first Gadroon invasion is foiled by an alliance of Earth superhumans, including Dr. Destroyer.

1978 AD
Stronghold is built in the American southwest.

An accident involving a "delta bomb" transforms White Sands New Mexico into Burning Sands.

1979 AD
Dr. Destroyer allies with VIPER, but it's a ruse to allow Destroyer to get control of the Serpent Lantern. In the end, both sides lose the Lantern.

First appearance of the Slug.

1980 AD
ARGENT is founded.

Prompted by the deprivations of Dr. Destroyer, the United States passes the first superhuman registration act.

1982 AD
*The Institute for Human Advancement (IHA), an anti-mutant organization is founded.

1983 AD
ARGENT is exposed as a criminal organization. Their lawyers keep them in business, but their leaders flee the country, eventually relocating in the middle eastern nation of Awad.

Disaffected Danish politician Danar Nicole quits the European parliament, eventually founding the villain team Eurostar.

1984 AD
March 30- June 24: Reign of the Destroyer. Using mind control satellites, Dr. Destroyer seizes control of the globe. He is defeated by Vanguard and his island base, Destruga I, is destroyed.

1985 AD
The Machine Starts. First appearance of Mechanon.

Dr. Silverback is rescued from the clutches of Moreau.
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    1986 AD
    PRIMUS is founded, with Golden Avenger Robert Kauffman as its first leader.

    Stronghold institutes "hot sleep".

    The Demonflame Incident. Luther Black raises a tower in Boston in an attempt to summon and absorb the power of Sharna-Gorak the Destroyer. He is defeated by superheroes, and by VIPER, who are instructed by Nama to defend humanity against Sharna-Gorak.

    Thomas Cassidy founds SNN, the Super News Network.

    The United States creates the Department of Superhuman and Paranormal Affairs (DOSPA), a cabinet level agency to regulate supers.

    Dr. Silverback wins British citizenship rights, becoming the first known non-human citizen of a terrestrial country.

    First modern appearance of Takofanes in Oklahoma. He raises an undead army and marches for the east coast, but is stopped by superheroes in Kentucky. Several heroes are killed in the process.

    Day of the Destroyer. Doctor Destroyer threatens to eliminate 90% of humanity with death-ray satellites, but is eventually defeated by an alliance of superhero teams.

    UNTIL founds its own official superteam, UNITY.

    *Eurostar first appears, releasing its Eurostar Manifesto as a statement of intent. Eurostar, Europe's most powerful villain team, is born.

    First Human Star*Guard. Star*Guard Brin Rei Tarn is slain by Mordace. He is replaced by the first human Star*Guard, Andre Almena.

    William Carl Eckhardt succeeds Juan Martinez as Secretary-Marshall of UNTIL.

    The first of only two known breakouts from Stronghold.

    Dr. Destroyer raises his second island base, Destruga II, and attempts to gain statehood. He is rebuffed, and Destruga is destroyed by superheroes.

    July 23 The “Battle of Detroit”: Dr. Destroyer is (apparently) killed battling Earth’s superheroes, but activates a device that destroys most of Detroit. Vanguard is killed defending the earth from Destroyer's asteroid weapon. Fourteen other superheroes are killed, fighting various monsters summoned by Destroyer or Destroyer himself.

    The American government, several major corporations (including ACI and Harmon Enterprises), and numerous charitable foundations form the Millennium Project to rebuild the city.

    Seeing that VIPER needs guidance, Nama wakes Edgar Lancelyn Essec from slumber and christens him as VIPER's Supreme Serpent.

    The United States signs the Tribunal treaty, allowing UNTIL to operate on American soil.

    Eurostar hires Teleios to clone them an army, which they use in an unsuccessful invasion of Poland. Teleios becomes known to the general public.

    First appearance of Foxbat, who tries to steal the Empire State building.

    The Gadroon invade northern Canada. Forceknight III founds the third Northern Guard to stop them. He's soon joined by Justiciar, who's rescued from cryosleep in the lab of a cybernetic villain.

    Project Sunburst takes place.

    First appearance of Black Mask X.

    Project Greenskin inadvertently creates Grond.

    Lewis Frey, the retired (and allegedly reformed) villain Masquerade I, opens Club Caprice in Millennium City.

    UNTIL completes construction of its Gateway space station.

    VIPER goes to war with Eurostar to control Europe's criminal networks (and conquer the continent in general).

    Robert Johnson succeeds Robert Kauffman as Golden Avenger of PRIMUS. Kauffman doesn't retire, and eventually takes a position to clean up the mess at Project Greenskin.

    Istvatha V'Han, so-called Empress of a Billion Dimensions, launches her first invasion of Earth.

    In her first modern appearance, VIPER unleashes Viperia against Eurostar, forcing that group to withdraw and ending the VIPER-Eurostar war.

    Construction on Millennium City is completed.

    UNTIL completes Moonbase Serenity.

    Two years after the breakup of the Northern Guard, Celestar and Forceknight III found StarForce, Toronto's official superhero team.

    Defender founds the Champions, according to some "the world's most powerful superteam". The original team is Defender, Nighthawk, and Sapphire; Ironclad (who arrives on earth early in the year) and Witchcraft join soon afterwards.

    *The Malvan supergladiator Firewing comes to earth, challenging any worthy superhuman to trial by combat.

    *First appearance of the time travelling villain Captain Chronos.

    *Software billionaire Horatio Goodman founds the Goodman Institute, a privately-funded organization that provides scientific assistance to superheroes.

    A faction of Lemurians reject Arvad's authority and revive the cult of the Bleak Ones. They use a magic ritual to transform their shape into something that can survive on the surface and seize control of the ancient Lemurian temple of Andrith on Monster Island. Arvad, who's been a brutal tyrant and a villain for most of his life, experiences a change of heart at seeing his people in danger. He attempts to reconcile with the heroes of the surface world, not an easy process after decades of being "the menace from beneath the waters".

    A cyberpathic villain, Interface is defeated by the Champions. His ties to ARGENT is exposed and the company is nearly wiped out. It takes over five years for ARGENT to fully recover from the scandalous revelations.

    Descendents of the Hunter-Patriots perform a magic ritual to gain powers and become active in the modern world, using a telepathic link, abandoned teleportation experiments and stolen UNTIL weapons to advance their cause.

    Nighthawk leaves the Champions, replaced by Kinetik.

    The Gadroon invade Canada and create a beachhead not far from Force Station Steelhead.

    *Marsbase Ares I is established.

    The Qularr invade Earth. A plucky hero helps the Champions shut down all of the beacons to prevent Shadow Destroyer's signal from driving the Qularr crazy. Ironclad launches himself at the Qularr mothership, sinking it in the Detroit River.

    Takofanes causes the Bloodmoon to rise over Millennium City, and brings 13 of the 15 heroes who died in the Battle of Detroit to a mockery of life. Local heroes eventually lay them to rest.

    Stronghold Breakout. Menton escapes from hot sleep, triggering a breakout in Stronghold.

    Mordace attacks CONTROL, nearly crippling the Star*Guard.

    At the behest of Shadow Destroyer, Rakshasa frees Kigatilik from the Frost Tomb.

    In a confusing episode involving time travel, the fallen angel Therakiel attempts to conquer heaven and hell, but is thwarted by Juryrig, Robert Caliburn, and a group of superheroes. Caliburn becomes the new Archmage of Earth.

    The Supreme Serpent attempts to use the Serpent Lantern to unite quarrelling factions in VIPER, but UNTIL, aided by a plucky superhero, destroys the Lantern before he can do so.

    The Fall of Black. Luther Black imprisons five of the Kings of Edom in an attempt to elevate himself to godhood. He is foiled by Witchcraft, Project Hermes, and a brave superhero, who enters the Qliphothic to free the Kings. The freed avatars are not kind to him.

    Takofanes perfects the Bloodmoon ritual, making it appear (almost) monthly over Millennium City.

    Foxbat defaces signs around Millennium City on April Fool's Day.

    Heroes defeat Shadow Destroyer in Multifaria, though they're forced to free the long missing Albert Zerstoiten to do so.

    UNTIL forces mysteriously vanish near Camp Lantern in Africa, eventually leading to a showdown with weakened avatars of the Kings of Edom.

    Working for a mysterious patron (who has freed them from Malvan enslavement), a Roin'esh shìp is shot down by the Star*Guard and crashes in Canada. The Roin'esh attempt to steal an artifact secured in Force Station Steelhead, but are foiled.

    * This entry indicates a team, individual, or organization that presently exists in the Champions Universe, but has yet to appear in Champions Online (though they may do so in future.)
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    Thanks so much for this it really helps with planning characters and is very insight full in seeing which events helped shaped champs.
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    This was quite interesting and very informative. Would you recommend purchasing any of the Hero Games Champions sourcebooks for Online reference, or are there too many conflicts with Cryptic's interpretation of the IP?

    I used to own one of the early edition Champions rulebooks, but haven't played the PnP version in many years. It was the version with a guy swinging a sword and a villain shooting some ray at him (Dr. D, perhaps?). I wish I knew what happened to that book.

    Little did I know then that I would be playing an online version someday.
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    Helbjorn wrote:
    This was quite interesting and very informative. Would you recommend purchasing any of the Hero Games Champions sourcebooks for Online reference, or are there too many conflicts with Cryptic's interpretation of the IP?

    I used to own one of the early edition Champions rulebooks, but haven't played the PnP version in many years. It was the version with a guy swinging a sword and a villain shooting some ray at him (Dr. D, perhaps?). I wish I knew what happened to that book.

    Little did I know then that I would be playing an online version someday.

    If you can afford it, pick up Champions Universe, 6th ediiton. It's pricy, even for the PDF, but it's still a gread read. There are a few conflicts between CO and PnP, however they're fairly minor.

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    For some reason, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that Foxbat's first public action was attempting to steal the Empire State Building. It isn't any less funny, but it's not surprising.
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