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Please fix the professions - bugged for years.

diggotdiggot Posts: 277 Arc User

Having mystisicm, your character will still loot an overwhelmingly large quantity of sciense and arms-mods,
while at the same time being the only profession which has access to R4 nodes .

I have reported this bug for several years yet nothing ever gets sorted out. Considering that modding
the gear we get is very important and a large part of endgame, getting this fixed so that players has access
to all types of mods in equal quantity is important .

Can you please sort this bug out.


  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,721 Arc User
    When you say "loot" do you mean mods gained from nodes, Bursts, or from defeating the bad guys?

    Personally, I think that any mods below R4 are mostly useless. The only real use to ranks 1-3 currently is for leveling up one's crafting skill. It takes 78,125 R1 mods to make a R7 mod. I think all nodes, Bursts, bad guys and loot boxes should drop R4s.
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  • diggotdiggot Posts: 277 Arc User
    Arms and Sciense nodes maxes out at giving Rank 3 nodes, while Mystisicm has a few Rank 4 nodes
    on monster Island. This not only makes Mystisicm valuable for getting Rank 4 mods, but it
    also GREATLY impacts the ability to level up Science and Arms because their nodes only goes to Rank 3.

    I recently created a character with Arms and at around skill-level 330, i simply stopped getting rankups
    when either looting a node or fusing an Arms-mod.. I had to buy rankup devices to get to 400.
    While on all my toons with Mystisicm, the step from 300 to 400 is easily done in a day of flying around MI.

    Then there is the problem that ALL professions are bugged in a sense that they look mods that belongs
    to the other professions. My arms-toon has Science and mystisicm mods, my Mystisicm toon has Arms and science mods.

    When you loot a node, you should only get the type of mods directly tied to that nodes and profession.
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