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Poll time! What kind of tutorial would you be most likely to view/use?

Strawpoll link! Please vote here at least, if not on both the strawpoll and this on-forum poll; I'm paying attention to the numbers there as the end results due to how few in-game players use the forums after all!

With the TTAlert week coming up this thursday unless the schedule's changed, I've found myself already starting to relive the, ahh, "trauma" from prior TTAlert weeks. The sheer number of people who'd ignore all mechanics, and then launch into lengthy profanity-filled tirades at the first person who'd make the mistake of trying to explain the mechanics or linking a guide... and, to be honest? It got me thinking. What's actually the form of learning that players on this game are most receptive to? I'd love to see a more competent playerbase as a whole in the future, even as much as it seems right now like we're doomed to have at least five people ignoring Cybermind's datarain and colored tiles for every one that knows to do what Baron says for close/far in the Alert and the opposite of what he says in the actual Lair. To that end, sharing my own knowledge of the game and getting other people more excited to share theirs seems like the right choice... but what are people more responsive to?

And that's why I'm hosting this poll! How do you go about learning, yourself? Do you do best with text guides, or videos? And in that latter case, short-form or long-form? Or are you more of the type to run it blind or near-blind, and have someone explain all the important bits on the fly? (Or do you hug cacti? I won't tell you that you can't hug cacti, but please don't hug cacti if it causes a team wipe. Thank you!)

Poll time! What kind of tutorial would you be most likely to view/use? 10 votes

Text (Steam guide, CO forum posts and/or google docs.)
peripeteiarenegade0zwipezantheromnius#0640 4 votes
Video (short-form (5-15 minutes per video.)
avianosphoenixc#0738 2 votes
Video (long-form or livestream, an hour plus of unedited footage or minimal editing per video.)
Gameplay (run it with others, ask questions in chat and get answers, etcetera.)
gradiisapphiechunegusonic#7245 3 votes
None (you're a rebel like that. Fight the power! Graffiti the bathroom walls! Hug all the cacti!)
ashildr#7700 1 vote
Defender save my soul, for I have sinned...


  • omnius#0640 omnius Posts: 146 Arc User
    Text (Steam guide, CO forum posts and/or google docs.)
    Text with pics like this excellent and current guide https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/championsonline#/discussion/1215096/visual-therakiels-temple-boss-guide
  • renegade0renegade0 Posts: 73 Arc User
    Text (Steam guide, CO forum posts and/or google docs.)
    for general guides text with pictures.
    I usually find that when people make videos, they just use text anyway instead of speaking, lol.

    but with this rampage mission specifically, i think just playing it and learning as you go with someone explaining it is the best way to go about it. Someone explained it to our group before starting and it was extremely confusing. But as we played, at least the ending part was easy to understand.

    it was still really frustrating and not fun though. We were in there for well over 30 minutes and got absolutely nothing for it, lol. I personally wont touch that mission again. I don't even see the point if the reward is RNG based. I can just grind Smash alerts and buy whatever the rewards are from others.
  • negusonic#7245 negusonic Posts: 76 Arc User
    Gameplay (run it with others, ask questions in chat and get answers, etcetera.)

    At launch we had missions like Project Awakening and Stronghold where fight mechanics were easily disseminated via cutscenes.

    They fit the theme of the game and often help devs control the ebb and flow of combat when their horrible lack of balance continues.

    Allow players to skip cutscenes after they have received the perk for beating the mission in question.
  • nbkxsnbkxs Posts: 718 Arc User
    Nothing is going to help, the game is full of CEDDs that can't, and never will be able to play the game. Mostly because they were babied for the better part of a decade, and partly because they choose not to.
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