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Costume Suggestion: Kilts, Sporran, Bagpipes, and other Scottish things

As of right now, if you wanted to make a character in a kilt, you can select a medium skirt, add a plaid, and that is about it.

We need more! Heck, maybe a lockbox full of Kilt related or Scottish or Irish accessories that could be put in a lockbox or key pack or whatever.
Oh and before anyone decides to jump my crap about not knowing anything about Kilts or Scottish history or Irish history or anything, let me just say this: You're right. So, if I get something wrong here, please help out. The end result is we want new fancy kilts and the stuff that goes with it.

So to start off, How about a nice pleated, fancy looking kilt, the kind that looks like you could wear in to battle or as part of your Scottish Metal Band. Cloth tartans with unique tartan patterns or Leather Kilts would be cool. Not only would this be a Legs>Clothing item, but from what I understand, if you wear "The Great Plaid" your kilt is part of this big wrap around thing that also covers the upper torso, so that might be needed.

Also, a nice formal jacket can go with Kilt. Great for in game formal RP stuff. Chest> Chest Items

The Sporran isa pouch that performs the same function as pockets on the pocketless kilt, is made of leather and hangs in front of the kilt. It could be a Legs> Belt or Legs> Belt Accessories. This could come in a couple different forms.

For foot wear, you could Add in Ghillie brogues, which are a fancy shoe similar to wingtips but with varying patterns. Since a lot of modern folks like to rock boots with their Kilt, maybe a new combat style boot could be included. Also, you need woolen socks (solid color and with patterns) that are turned down at the knee and have little "Flashes" that look like short cloth book mark coming out of the fold on the sock. And with this is
sgian-dubh which is a small, single-edged knife sheathed in the hose (so maybe a handle sticking out of the sock as well as a weapon skin of the whole knife). There could be multiple sgian-dubh styles people could use. I'm sure you could figure out what is Legs>Feet and Leg Foot Acessories.

And there are some fancy bonnets and head gear that go with the tradition Kilt. This includes the the Glengarry, the Balmoral, and Tam o' Shanter, as well as the flat cap. I suppose the cockade on the left side of the Glengarry could be either an option for the headgear or included as a top item.

And then comes the Bagpipes!
Now I realize that bagpipes might not be the most practical costume item. Sure, one could have it as a chest or back item. But what would be really cool is Bagpipes as an Ultimate!
I imagine it would be similar to Power Chord, but with a bagpipe and animations and sounds to fit (maybe you could use the animations from that guy playing the sax behind Dr Ka's place in Vibora Bay. And then the damage could be similar to power chord, but maybe with options to shoot flames out of it (fire damage, clinging flames, whatever)

And then the last suggestions I have are for a Claymore weapon skin and maybe that face paint pattern Mel Gibson had in Braveheart. Oh, and if this was like a lock box, you could make some braided hairstyles for women and men.



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