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Release Notes 10/07/2021

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,710 Cryptic Developer
  • For the next week the Therakiel Rampage and Baron Cimetiere, Valerian scarlet, Black Fang and Vladic Dracul alerts will be running.


  • spookyspectrespookyspectre Posts: 435 Arc User
    Awwwww... I was hoping Bloodmoon was starting :'(
  • No bloodmoon? Wth is this?
  • evilvillainsevilvillains Posts: 53 Arc User
    Awwwww... I was hoping Bloodmoon was starting :'(

    My guess is that it will start next week.
  • ansemthedarkansemthedark Posts: 606 Arc User
    Next week, probably, and I actually welcome some break between events. I not get people wanting content 24/7 honestly, like no life outside this or other games. I enjoy the customizations a lot with new costumes, but sometimes it can burn me out, honestly.

    And I already skipped some events here and there normally. But then some issues is like leveling with the Dev's still putting event enemies and OM's in the way of escort missions, shows again they never played their own game. But besides the point now.

    I personally as said not mind some break between events. I want a game to be a game and not a second job I feel like I have to do out of FOMO or pressure with friends or Guilds/Supergroups/Clans/etc.
  • kjodellkjodell Posts: 82 Arc User
    well if your going to short us a week of bloodmoon again this year, please remember to adjust the store this time
  • rb74#3001 rb74 Posts: 51 Arc User
    I don't get it, how come there is no BM yet? Is it going to be 2 weeks long or go a bit into November? I figured it would just be the one week break since the last event. This is so unexpected, like I was almost sure BM would have started by now.
  • guyhumualguyhumual Posts: 2,307 Arc User
    Guess this means Takofans will be appearing after Halloween or we'll have a shortened Halloween event
  • I feel keypack or lockbox on it's way. Most likely something wasn't ready in time for first week.
  • kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,710 Cryptic Developer
    Bloodmoon runs 3 weeks this year. Takofanes will be up on the 28th.​​
  • metalheart#4270 metalheart Posts: 624 Arc User
    edited October 2021
    Sounds good. As long as the slow first week is fused with the second.
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