Shuriken / Throwing knives Powerset

cbob312 Posts: 75 Arc User
I'm looking for a quick, ranged powerset that would fit within the martial arts category, but not so strongly themed that it can't fit withing a few character archetypes.

A variant could be range/melee like the earth powerset. That still fits within martial arts, but you could also imagine a tech based hero throwing little electro-charged knives.


  • warcanch
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    Gadget tree has boomerangs.​​

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  • cbob312
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    warcanch wrote: »
    Gadget tree has boomerangs.​​

    I forgot those existed but I remember not liking those (because I died a lot using it). Also they're slow and iirc, AOE focused, room for improvement I say.
  • psychicslug
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    I really hate the animations, always looks like your throwing out a baseball not a knife or star or boomerang.