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Laser Pistol

cbob312cbob312 Posts: 75 Arc User
Why? Because the Munitions gun feels too street level and the laser rifles make me feel like a soldier rather than the cosmic-type adventurer I keep trying to make.

I'm currently leveling up a FF using the Gadgeteering pistols. And while they look the part, it's clearly me trying to work around the system than getting what I wanted.


  • cbob312cbob312 Posts: 75 Arc User
    If we can't get a whole new power set at least add some more options to this one. My cosmic hero really shouldn't be turning people into teddy bears.
  • spookyspectrespookyspectre Posts: 437 Arc User
    The Sci-Fi Pulp Ray Gun sounds like a good fit. They're a rare drop from the Megadestroids Rise Again open mission and are sold in the Auction House. They're a power variant device that replaces Two Gun Mojo. Same dual pistols animation but with lasers.
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